Double exposure effect, as an analogue technique, has been around for a while. In theory, double exposure effect means to blend two images (e.g. a portrait and a landscape) together and allows for deep, meaningful and fascinating combinations. Then you may wonder if you can create a double exposure photography by yourself easily. Here check the following guide to learn how to make double exposure effect to your photo.

Method 1: How to make double exposure effect using Photoshop

Step 1: Select an image to Photoshop
Launch Photoshop on your computer and add the image you want to make double exposure effect to the program. Make sure the image you select does not have complicated background to make it easier to work with.

Step 2: Cut out the subject from the image background
As the image need to have a clean background, we need to cut it out from its background. Just use “Magic Wand Tool” and click anywhere on the background to select it. Then go to Select > Inverse to make the subject selected. Then use the “Refine Mask” to make the edge smoother and more blurred and save it out on its own layer with a layer mask.

Step 3: Make double exposure effect by blending two images
Select the second image for composition. Drag the second image above the first image layer and adjust them according to your need. You can use Blend Mode option to adjust the blended image double exposure effect. You can also do other adjustment like Hue & Saturation, etc. to this double exposure photography to make it more vivid. After adjustment, you can save out your double exposure effect photo from Photoshop.

Check the video tutorial to more detailed instruction:

Method 2: How to create double exposure photography online

There are lots of online double exposure effect photo editor on the internet, you can choose one of them to create your double exposure effect photography. Let’s take for example to create double exposure photography online.
1. Enter the on the browser and find its double exposure effect section on its effects. You can see the introduction of double exposure effect (combine two photos into one sophisticated picture).
2. Choose Upload a photo to select photo directly from computer or add a photo by URL or from Facebook. You can also use its sample photos to do the double exposure effect to check how it works. After finishing choosing images, click “Process” button to start combination.
3. After applying, you can click “Save & Share” to directly download the double exposure effect photo, get the link or share it directly to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinerest, VK or Dropbox. You can also do other editing before saving like adding frames, stickers, custom text, etc.


Method 3: How to make double exposure effect on iOS or Android

Part 1. Create double exposure effect on iOS (iOS 11 included)
You can use Fused Photo Editor & Double Exposure Video Blender on your iPhone or iPad to make double exposure effect easily. This app allows you to blend videos, photos or a combination of both.
1. Import a Background and a Foreground by choosing video clips or images from your Camera Roll or its Artists Collection packs.
2. Swipe to preview and choose the Blend Mode for your project.
3. Make color adjustment to each layer and export your double exposure image to your Camera Roll or directly share it to the social network.


Part 2. Create double exposure effect on Android
Diana Photo can help you make double exposure effect photography on Android. And it also works on iOS.
1. Open the app and shake your device (or use dice icon). It will draw two pictures from your photo gallery and give you its proposition. Or you can shoot or choose photo by yourself for combination.
2. You can improve the proposition by using different filters.
3. Save the proposition or share it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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