Draw on Photos

How to Draw on Photos

People increasingly prefer to communicate with emoji, pictures and other visual contents. It makes sense, when you considering that visual contents are more straightforward and impressive. But the latest fashion is to combine photos and doodle together or draw on photos. Take photos or download pictures online, draw on pictures and then post on social network to deliver humors and some ideas. If you want to catch up such fashion, you need a convenient photo editor allows you to draw on photos quickly and easily. Photoshop is apparently not a good choice to do such fashion work. In this post, we tend to share some easy ways to draw on a picture.

Draw on Photos

Draw on photos in batch

Sometimes, you need to draw personal mark on multiple photos. It is a waste of time to draw on photos one by one. Fortunately, WidsMob ImageConvert is able to deal with photos in batch. The powerful features of this photo editor include:

1. Photo Editor supports to load hundreds of photos in batch, no matter what formats they are.

2. It could read the EXIF information and organize the photos automatically.

3. You can draw on multiple photos with simple steps.

4. Photo Editor could help you to convert the pictures to social media supported formats and share online in bulk.

5. This photo editor has the capacity to protect photo quality and produce as highest quality as possible.

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How to draw on photos with WidsMob ImageConvert

1. Import photos. Install WidsMob ImageConvert on your computer. When you want to draw on photos, open this photo editor and click on the Import button to load the photos you want to draw. Photo Editor supports all picture formats, including RAW files.

Open ImageConvert

2. Draw on photos. On the right side, choose the Watermark tab. Check the Watermark box, select Image on the drop-down list next to Watermark and then import the image from your computer. Multiple parameters, such as Opacity, Size, Angle and Position, are used to make the image watermark personalized.

Image Watermark ImageConvert

3. Save or share the result. After drawing on photos, click on the Preview button to go to preview window and check the result. If the result is satisfactory, click on the Export button to save the photos or share them online.

Convert Images ImageConvert

Doodle on photos iPhone

There are many photo editors on iPhone and some of them have the capacity to doodle on photos. If you need to draw on photos without PCs, you can use these photo-editing apps to express your creativities easily. Inkboard is such a photo editor available for iPhone users. When it comes to the details to doodle on photos iPhone, you can follow the steps below.

1. Open Inkboard and permit this photo editor to visit your Camera Roll. Then you can decide to Take Photo or Choose Photo to draw on.

2. When the photo opened in Inkboard, the doodle tools will appear at the bottom of the screen. Swipe and switch the crayons, marker pens and other doodle tools with various colors. And then choose your favorite one.

3. Then draw some doodles or signals on the picture. You can touch the arrow icons at the bottom left corner to discard the doodle when you are not satisfied.

4. When the doodle is done, tap on the Save button on the top of the screen. Then you can decide to save it to camera roll by hitting Save Image or share the result online.

Inkboard makes DIY photos on iPhone funny and easy.


Draw on pictures Android

When it comes to Android devices, there are many doodle tools in Google Play Store support to draw on photos. If you are ready to express your creativities, go to Play Store and download a doodle tool to start. We use Draw On Pictures as the example. Actually, the features of these doodle tools are similar.

1. Take a picture or download one online. Launch Draw On Pictures and open the picture you want to draw on.

2. Select a Pencil style and decide the Pencil width and color. Then you can start drawing on picture. During doodle, you can change the pencil style and color at any time. If you are not satisfied with the doodle, you can use eraser tool to cancel the doodle.

3. This photo editor also provides plentiful Stickers and Emoji to customize your picture. You can choose to apply some Text on picture as well.

4. After doodle, press the Save button to store the result to Photo Gallery or share it to social network.

When you draw on photos, you’d better use no more than three colors. Too many colors will make your photo messy.

Draw On Pictures


In this tutorial, we introduced how to draw on photos on different platforms. Drawing or doodling on photos is becoming more and more prevalent in this social media-centric are. Most people are willing to retouch photos and then express their humor, personality and emotions on social networks. Instead to share pictures and text separately, Internet users are more likely to combine the pictures and doodle, text together. To meet such demands, many developers have released doodle tools for smartphone users, like Inkboard and Draw On Pictures. But if you need to draw on multiple photos, you need a more powerful photo editor, such as WidsMob ImageConvert. It not only could help you to draw on multiple pictures in bulk, but also could share the results to social media platforms directly.

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