Photo Retouching

Photo Retouching – Here is the Ultimate Method to DIY Touchup Service for Magazine

When you need an urgent request for a portrait image for a passport, or even an image for a magazine, is there a DIY touchup service for photo retouching with ease? WidsMob Portrait Pro has a whole series of portrait editing features that enables you to get a satisfied portrait image within few clicks. Just learn more details about how to retouch photos for selfies and portraits as a profession from the article.

Photo Retouching

Part 1: Features of the Ultimate Photo Retouching Service

If you are looking for a photo retouching service, there are dozens of options to remove wrinkles, reduce blemish, whiten teeth and manage the skin. Of course, you can also use the Photoshop or Lightroom to retouch photos. Why do you need to choose WidsMob Portrait Pro? Here are the excellent features of the program. Just learn more about the features and download the program to touchup portraits as desired.

How long it takes to retouch photos for selfies and portraits? If you just have 1 minute or less, how do you get a satisfied result? You might not have enough time to open the Photoshop. WidsMob Portrait Pro provides photo-retouching features that enable you to apply a series of filters within one click.

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1. Advanced AI technology for portrait detection. It not only detects the whole facial points within seconds, but also locate all the portraits within one image within the correct position.

2. Before and After mode comparison. If you need to apply a photo-retouching filter, you can have an instant preview of the effect within the program in no time with all the details.

3. Batch process to apply photo filters. Besides the batch process for all the photos with the same preset, you can also customize a preset with the desired photo retouching effects.

4. All-rounded photo retouching effects. It enables you to manage the skin, enhance the portrait and even have a makeup by yourself. There are dozens of customization to get a satisfied result.

Part 2: How to Retouch Photos for Selfies and Portraits

Step 1: Just download and install WidsMob Portrait Pro, launch the program on your computer and click the Select Photos button to load the portrait photo into the program. You can also click the Select Folder button to load images within a whole folder for retouching.

Portrait Pro Interface

Step 2: If there are multiple faces within one image, you can click the lock face icon under the left corner of the photo to switch portrait. Moreover, you can also adjust the detect points for the portrait image, or turn on the Before and After mode to view the photo retouching effect.

Lock Face Feature Portrait

Step 3: When you have already saved a preset, or just need some basic photo touching, you can choose the Preset button and select a desired one. Just take Smoothing + Multiple Effects as an example. It will apply a series of photo retouching effects within one click.

Apply Preset Portrait

Step 4: If you need to further retouch the portrait image, you can click the Edit button and choose the Skin menu. Then you can click the Adjust Skin Area button to tweak the touching area with the brush tool. You can manage the face as well as the body parts with blue highlight.

Choose Skin Area Portrait

Step 5: Once you have selected the desired skin area, you can just enable the Smoothing option with a desired degree, tweak the skin color via the Change Skin Tone option, and enable the Brighten Skin option to make a brighter skin according to your requirement.

Manage Skin Portrait

Step 6: When you click the Enhancements menu, which you can remove eye circles, remove blemishes, brighten eyes, deepen smile, lift cheeks, slim face, enlarge eyes, enhance nose, remove shine, whiten teeth and other filters with different degrees.

Portrait Enhancement Pro

Step 7: Moreover, there are some makeup features within the Makeup menu, which you can enable the blush, lipstick, colored contacts, eyelashes, eye color, eye shadow and more others. It enables you to choose the correct templates, colors and positions.

Makeup Retouching Portrait

Step 8: Of course, you can click the Save as Preset button to name a preset within the Preset Name column. After that, you can find the preset within the Preset tab, which you can apply the whole series of photo retouching effects for one or all images within one click.

Save Preset Portrait

Step 9: Preview the retouched portrait image, you can click the Export button to rename the photo, resize to a desired size, change the output format, and tweak the photo quality. Then you can click the Start button to apply the photo retouching effects for the portrait photo.

Export Photo Retouching Effects Portrait

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When you want to apply a desired photo-retouching filter for your portrait images, you can learn more about the best portrait retoucher program from the article. Besides the advanced AI technology to recognize the faces, you can also manage your skin, enhance the portrait and have an excellent makeup for the selfie. Just one click to apply a whole series of photo retouching filters with a customized preset. Free download and enjoy the program now.