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That’s All You Need to Convert Pages to Word

- “I’ve created my resume on Pages. A lot of online job posting require resume’s to be emailed in a Microsoft word .doc format. Is there any way to convert a Pages document to word?”

- “How do I open Mac Pages in a Microsoft environment?”

- “How to convert .pages to .docx without a Mac?”

Actually, Microsoft word document format is widely used on Windows-based platforms and other devices. Though Pages is also a popular word processing program on Mac OS X. Pages files are not as popular as word documents do. So it is quite common to convert Pages to word for further usage.

Pages to Word

Part 1: 2 Ways to Convert Pages to Word on Windows/Mac PC

Well, it is not difficult to convert Pages to word on Mac and Windows. Due to the incompatibility issue, Windows users cannot open Pages files directly. Fortunately, you can access Pages files on your Windows computer without converting Pages to word .doc or docx as well. Just read and get the solution you need.

How to Convert Pages to Word on Windows/Mac

Step 1: Open Pages file

Open Pages and find the Pages file you want to convert to word format. Later, click “File” option on the top toolbar. Choose “Export To” from its drop-down menu. Then you need to click “Word…” from the submenu list besides.

Step 2: Set word .doc or .docx as the output format

Click “Word” in the “Export Your Document” dialog. Find and click the triangle icon besides “Format”. And you can find “Advanced Options” to get this option as well. Later, click “.docx” or “.doc (Word 1997-2004) compatible” as your output word extension. Choose “Next” to save your change.

Step 3: Convert Pages to word on PC

Now you can rename the new word document in the “Save As” blank. And you can set a destination folder as well. At last, click “Export” to store Pages as word format on Mac.

Convert Pages to Word on Mac

How to Open an Apple Pages File on Windows PC without Converting

Step 1: Sign into iCloud

Open your web browser and search for Sign in iCloud account with your Apple ID and password. It does not matter if you do not have an Apple ID. Just follow the on-screen instruction to register it quickly. And you can get 5GB free storage space.

Step 2: Open a Pages document on a PC

Find and click “Pages” from the following icons. When you locate Pages window, click “Settings” icon on the top. Later, select “Upload Document…” to import a Pages file. Now you can open and edit this Pages file through the in-browser filters directly. Be aware that you cannot access all Pages function here. Well, it can be a good solution to convert Pages to word on Windows in some degree.

Convert Pages to Word on PC

Part 2: How to Convert Pages to Word Free Online

You can also choose many Pages to word cloud converter programs, such as Zamzar, Cloudconvert and more. During this time, this article will take Zamzar as an example. Thus, you can convert Pages to word online for free quickly. To start with, check if your Wi-Fi runs fast.

Step 1: Open an online Pages to word converter

Search and open Zamzar on your browser, like Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox and more. You have better head to its Pages to word convert site. But it’s OK if you stay in Zamzar office website too.

Step 2: Add Pages file to Zamzar

Click “Choose Files…” to add a Pages file from your computer. Well, you can drag and drop this pages file from desktop to Zamzar directly as well.

Step 3: Convert Pages to word in email

Select “doc” or “docx” under “Document formats” from the drop-down “Convert files to” list. Later, enter your email address to receive the converted Pages to word files. At last, click “Convert” to convert Pages file to word document online.

Convert Pages to Word Online

Zamzar is friendly to Windows users who can hardly open Pages files. And you can batch convert Pages to word online with Zamzar. Though it may take you some time to complete the process.

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Part 3: How to Convert Pages to Word on iPhone/iPad

You can also store Pages file to word format on iOS devices without any third-party app. Thus, if you need to save a copy of Pages file in word docx format, you can try the following steps to complete the process.

Step 1: Prepare to export Pages file

Open your Pages document on iPhone or iPad. Find and click the three-dot “More” option. Then you can choose “Export” to set an output format. Currently, Apple allows users to export Pages to word, PDF and other formats to fix the incompatibility issue.

Step 2: Convert Pages to word on iPad or iPhone

After you have set word .docx as your output format, you can choose which method to get your word document. To be more specific, it is supported to send, save and post the converted Pages to word document on Apple devices. So just choose a location or provide the information to finish the process.

Convert Pages to Word on iPhone

Of course, you can convert Pages to PDF, ePub and RTF (Rich Text Format) formats with above operations too.

Well, you can get complete answers about how to convert Pages to word on PC and iPhone from above paragraphs. At last but not least, if you still have anything hard to understand, you can write down your difficulty in the comments below. And please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any good advice. We are glad to help you solve any problem whenever you need.