Create Fillable Form Word

Your Complete Tutorial to Create a Fillable Form in Word 2016/2013/2010

Have you ever filled out forms before? Actually, you can create a fillable form in word by yourself. Moreover, you can also print or send your fillable word form to others, especially when you need to create a survey. So this article aims to show you the best way to create a fillable form in word. Just read and do as the following paragraphs tell.

Create Fillable Form Word

Section 1: Enable the Developer Tab

To start with, you need to enable the “Developer” option manually. Because Microsoft Word disables it by default. And this is also the reason why you fail to create a fillable form in word 2003/2007/2010/2013/2016.

Step 1: Locate Microsoft Word options

Head to Microsoft Word application on your Windows or Mac computer. Choose “File” and then click “Options” in the left panel.

Step 2: Enable the developer feature

Choose “Customize Ribbon” in the left side of “Word Options”. Then you can check the small box before “Developer”. Well, this option locates in the right side of the main window. You can find it under “Customize the Ribbon” and “Main Tabs”. Finally, click “OK” to confirm this change.

Enable the Developer Tab

Section 2: Open a Template or Blank Document to Base the Form

It is supported to make an existing word document into a fillable form. And you can also set a new document and save it as your template for further usage.

If you Have a Form Template in Word Already:

Step 1: Search your form template

Choose “File” and then click “New” to start with a form template. Later, you can search for Forms in the “Templates” search field.

Step 2: Choose the form that matches the type you need

Select the form you need, then click “Download” (Word 2010) or “Create” (Word 2013, Word 2016).

Step 3: Set the name for your new form template

Click “Save As” in the “File” left panel. Rename your new template if you need. Then click “Save” to apply your change.

Open a Template Document

If You Want to Create Your Personal Form Template in Word:

Step 1: Head to Microsoft Word File list

After you have created a form document, choose “File” tab. Then click “Save As” under its list.

Step 2: Save the new document as a template

Select “Word template” from the drop-down “Save as type”. Later, rename it to distinguish from others. And click “Save” to finish.

Open a Blank Template

Section 3: Insert Any Content You Need to the Form

During this section, you can add many content and elements to create a fillable form in Word 2010/2013/2016. Of course, there is no need to apply all contents.

Step 1: Prepare to insert the controls you need

Click the place where you want to insert the control. Head to “Developer” section and locate the “Controls” group. Then you can click “Design Mode” option besides.

Step 2: Insert contents to create a fillable form with Microsoft Word

Insert a text control in a fillable form in word:

Choose “Rich Text Content Control” or “Plain Text Content Control” options. Both of them have the similar “Aa” icons.

Add a picture control in a fillable form in word:

Find and click “Picture Content Control” besides “Design Mode”, which looks like a picture icon.

Add a building block control in a fillable form in word:

Choose “Building Block Content Control” or “Building Block Gallery Content Control” in the second line of nine different icons.

Insert a combo box or a drop-down list in a fillable form in word:

Click “Combo Box Content Control” or “Drop-Down List Content Control”. Choose “Developer” in the content control. Later, click “Properties” in the “Controls” group on the top. If you want to create a list of choices, then you can select “Add” under “Drop-Down List Properties”. Then fill in the required information in “Display Name” and other options.

Insert a date picker in a fillable form in word:

Click “Date Picker Content Control” that looks like a calendar. Then you can simply choose the date just like surfing an airline booking site.

Add a check box in a fillable form in word:

Find and click a square icon with a check inserted, which names “Check Box Content Control”. For instance, you can add a check box before the certain text to make an easy choice.

Insert Content in Word

Note: You can set or change “Properties” after choosing any content control. Well, just as steps of how to insert a drop-down list to create a fillable form in word mentioned above show.

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Section 4: Add Instructional Text & Protection to the Form

By changing the instructional text, you can enhance the usability of your fillable form in word you newly-created easily.

Step 1: Add Instructional Text to the fillable form in word

Navigate “Developer” tab. Click “Design Mode” in the “Controls” group. Later, you can customize the default instructional text like placeholder text and format.

Step 2: Add protection to your form

Back to the “Home” tab. Then choose “Select” in the “Editing” group. And you can click “Select All” or press the keyboard shortcut to select all your content. Choose “Group” in the “Contents” section when you locate the “Developer” tab. At last, click “Group” to confirm if you are prompted.

Add Instruction to Form

Section 5: Protect Your Fillable Form from Others’ Customization (Optional)

By now, you can create a fillable form in word successfully. So it is OK to save your fillable form to the hard disk directly. And you can also add one more restriction to protect the document.

Step 1: Request for restrict editing

Just click “Restrict Editing” or “Protect Document” under “Developer”. After that, you can set formatting/editing/enforcement restrictions from this popping-up dialog freely.

Step 2: Set a password to lock your fillable word form

Choose “Filling in Forms” and check “Allow only this type of editing in the document” box. Then choose “Yes, Start Enforcing Protection” option. Now you can set a password to prevent your fillable form from any change without your permission.

Restrict Editing in Fillable Form in Word

So if other people want to customize your fillable form, he or she has to enter the correct password you have set first. Well, that’s all for how to create a fillable form in word 2016, word 2013 or word 2007. Please share this post to your friends if this article works.