Delete iPhone Photos

Deleted Photos from iPhone X/8/7/6, iPad and iPod Touch in Easy Steps

You can use iPhone or iPad to record the interesting things happened in your life. So there may have many photos on your iPhone or iPad. Photos on your iOS devices will occupy a lot of storage of space. At this point, deleting photos from iPhone is a way that can directly free up your iPhone. There are multiple methods to remove photos from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, and you can know the different approaches before erase some certain photos from iOS devices.

In addition, pictures store in iPhone can be divided into mainly two parts. One is photos that you add directly to your iPhone including using iPhone camera, screenshot function or downing them from iPhone. The other is adding photos from your computer using iTunes. Hence the different sources of photos have different way to erase. When you finished reading, you can find an effective way to delete photos from iPhone X/8/7/6. And you can also apply the feasible way to delete photos from iPad or iPod Touch.

Delete iPhone Photos

1. Delete a Single Photo from iPhone

It can be much easier if you attempt to delete photos from iPhone which you added directly to it. You can remove a single photo from your iPhone 8 just with a few taps.

1. Go into your Photos.

2. Find the photo you want to delete and open it.

3. Tap on Trash icon in lower of the screen.

4. Confirm your decision.

Delete one Photo from iPhone

This should be the simplest way to delete one single photo from iPhone. And photos on your Camera Roll will be deleted from device only. But if you want to remove mass photos from iPhone in a short time, you can choose another way.

2. Remove Multiple Photos from iPhone

When you find out that you wish to clean out a plenty of old photos on your iPhone or iPad, you should know how to remove mass photos from iOS devices.

1. Open Photos.

2. Find Photos tab along the bottom and hit it. And then you will see the whole photos are divided into three categories.

3. You are able to select one of the collections you want to remove. And click on the collection. Then you can go to Moments.

4. Tap on the Select option in the top-right of the screen in Moments.

Note: You will find that once you click on Select, all photos in this Moment are selected. So if you want to keep some certain pictures, you need to hit them.

5. Select whatever Moments you want to erase. After that you can tap Trash icon to delete them. Otherwise you can tap on Cancel to deselect the action.

Delete Multiple Photos from iPhone

This method enables you to select and delete multiple photos from iPhone or iPad at once. Therefore, when you want to delete all photos from iPhone faster, it can be an ideal way.

3. Delete an Album from iPhone

You are allowed to remove any albums you created on iPhone. Also it is a good way to remove groups of photos from iPhone at the same time. Also you can learn more information about delete albums from how to delete photo albums from iPad here.

1. Launch the Photos.

2. Click on the Albums icon at the bottom-right of the screen. After that you can browse all albums on your iPhone 8.

3. Tap on Edit icon in the top-right corner. Then you can see small red icon show nearby each album.

Note: Now the entire album that you created should have a red icon to the left of the album.

4. Tap the small red icon nearby the album you want to remove and a Delete box will appear on the right side of the album.

5. Click on Delete button and confirm.

Delete an Album from iPhone

Now you delete the album successfully while all photos in that album will still appear on their original locations. Hence if you want to delete photos from iPhone 8 permanently, you should delete photos from Recently Deleted album.

4. Erase Photos from iPhone Permanently

Photos app has a default folder named Recently Deleted, which provides you either recover photos you have deleted within 30 days to Camera Roll or remove photos permanently. If your device is running iOS 8, you are able to delete iPhone photos forever from Recently Deleted album.

1. Launch Photos app on your iPhone X.

2. Select the Albums option on the lower right corner on your screen.

3. Find the Recently Deleted album from the list.

4. Open the Recently Deleted album and you can overview every photos you have erased within 30 days.

5. Choose a photo if you want to delete it forever.

6. Open the photo and then you will have two options. You can Click Delete to erase it or Recover to retrieve it.

Delete Photos from iPhone Permanently

It is really convenient for you to erase photos from iPhone X and without computer. Moreover, you can recover deleted photos from iPhone and iPad, once you accidentally deleted significant photos.

5. Delete Photos from iPhone Using iTunes

Sometimes, you may find that you try to delete photos from iPhone but the trash bin icon is grayed out. Possibly those photos are added from iTunes, which means if you what to delete them you need to “unsynced” them.

1. Open iTunes prior to connect iPhone 7.

2. Wait for iTunes to recognize your iPhone 7 and display the iPhone icon at the upper right corner.

3. Select your iPhone 7 from the Device list to open the summary page of iPhone.

4. Click Photos in the summary column. And you will see an option to Sync Photos from.

5. Uncheck Sync Photos from, and after that click Apply again.

6. Tap Apply to finish deleting iPhone synced photos.

If you find that you cannot delete photos from your iPad or iPhone, you can learn more specific detail about how to fix cannot delete photos from iPhone. The method to delete iPad or iPod Touch photos is as same as the way to remove photos from iPhone.

Delete Photos from iPhone Using iTunes


There are various ways to erase photos from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. You can choose the ideal way to remove different types of photos on your iPhone. Moreover, if you know how to delete photos from iPhone effectively, you can also know the way to delete iPad photos.