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How to Insert a PDF into a Word Document in 2020

- “How do I insert a multiple page PDF into a word document? I’m using Adobe Acrobat WI Pro and Word 2010.”

- “Recently I had to take a few pages out of a PDF document and put them into a word document. However, the output word document seems to be strange…”

- “How do I combine a PDF and word document?”

In most cases, Microsoft word documents are widely used due to its flexible and easy-to-operate features. And many people want to convert PDF to word for further editing because of its high compatibility. So this article introduces smart ways to manage PDF and word formats. Thus, you can insert PDF to word freely and quickly here.

Insert PDF to Word

Part 1: Detail Steps to Insert a PDF to a Word Document (2010/2013/2016)

You can insert a PDF file into Microsoft Office files as an attachment directly, including word, excel and other formats. However, you are not able to open, view or edit the inserted PDF file during the whole process. And it is not supported to insert PDF into word only first page. In a word, you can only import PDF to word of the entire file within Microsoft Office.

Step 1: Ask for Inserting files

Run Microsoft Word and locate the document you want to insert a PDF. Find and click “Insert” option on the top toolbar besides “Home”. Choose “Object” in the “Text” group. So where is the “Object” option? Well, you can see three small icons displaying in a straight line. Click the down-side icon in the third one. Then you can select “Object…” from its list.

Note: If you are an Outlook user, then you can click any item inside the body.

Step 2: Insert a PDF file into a word document

Choose “Create from File” in the popping-up “Object” dialogue box. Later, click “Browse” to select the file in PDF format. And click “Open” to confirm your change. At last, choose “OK” to insert PDF to word Mac or Windows PC.

Insert a PDF to a Word Document

In addition, if you want to use the pure content from a PDF file, you can copy and paste a short passage into your Word document as well. Though you can only get the plain text without formatting. Moreover, you can follow the similar operations to insert PDF into excel 2013 and other versions quickly too.

Part 2: Easy Way to Insert a Multiple Page PDF into a Word Document

What if you need to edit or read the PDF file before or after inserting PDF to word? And how do you insert multiple page PDF into word without losing formatting? To import PDF to word document in high quality, you had better use WidsMob ConvertPDF to convert PDF pages in advance.

It is one powerful PDF converter that can help people convert PDF to word, excel, image (JPG/PNG/TIFF/EMFF) and other formats. And you can convert any selected pages from PDF to word within 5 pages per time. Thus, things will be much easier than before to insert PDF to word as separate pages or other requirements.

Benefits about WidsMob ConvertPDF

  • Convert PDF to word, ePub, HTML, XML, TXT, excel and image without losing formatting.
  • Offer the advanced OCR algorithm.
  • Convert the selected PDF pages up to 5 pages.
  • Provide a clean, safe and user-friendly interface.
Download for Mac Version

Steps to Convert PDF Pages before Inserting a Multiple Page PDF to Word

Step 1: Add PDF file

Free download and install ConvertPDF software on your Windows computer. Launch this powerful PDF converter. You will be in the default “PDF to Word” page. Click “Add Files” on the toolbar to import PDF file. And you can also drag and drop the target PDF file to its main interface directly as well.

Add PDF to ConvertPDF

Step 2: Set the output extension

Choose “Settings” below to get a new window with the name of “Option”. Click “Word” in the left panel. Now you can get two options including “Convert PDF Files to Word(*.docx)” and “Convert PDF Files to Word2003-2007(*.doc)”. So you can choose before one option to get the specific extension. Click “OK” to move on.

Manage PDF Output Settings

Step 3: Manage with page range (optional)

Right click over your PDF file to get the “PageRange” window. During this time, you can choose before “All Pages” or “Specified Page Range” to set the converted PDF pages. If you choose the latter option, then you can set the start page and end page up to 5 pages manually. Later, click “OK” to save your change.

Adjust PDF Page Range

Step 4: Convert PDF pages to word

Choose “Same as Resources” to convert PDF file to word in the same destination folder. Otherwise, you can click “Browse” below to set a new output place. At last, click “Convert” option on the lower right corner. Sooner, you can get a word document converted from PDF.

Convert PDF to Word

After that, you can copy and paste any PDF content to your word document freely. It is also a good way to insert PDF to word document.

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Part 3: Tips and Tricks to Insert PDF to Word (Adobe/Google Docs)

Here are other two programs you can use to export PDF as word format on Windows and Mac computer. If you are an Adobe Acrobat user, then you can insert a PDF into a word document by Acrobat as well. However, it charges people a lot per month. As for Google Docs, it supports people to free convert PDF to word online. However, you will be limited with Wi-Fi speed, tech support and many other restrictions.

Compared with above solutions, obviously ConvertPDF does a better job than others. No matter you need to insert PDF to word or edit the converted PDF file, ConvertPDF is always your first choice. Just free download it to have a try. And you can also share your experience or advice about this program in the comments below.

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