Combine Two Documents

Combine Word – How to Merge Word Documents into One File

- “I have multiple word file created on different paths. I need to combine multiple word documents into single word document. May I know what is the best approach to combine word documents and keep formatting?”

- “In the past, I have been able to cut and paste documents and the references will update automatically. However now this is not the case. Please help!”

It is quite common to merge word documents into one single file. For instance, you can combine several individual word files into one document, like novels, books and more. Though some people try to copy and paste all content into one file, it is still a time-wasting method. So to help people combine multiple word documents together, this article offers some easier solutions. Just read and follow steps below.

Combine Two Documents

Part 1: How to Combine Multiple Word Documents into One File

Step 1: Start with a blank document

Open Microsoft Word and create a new document. Later, you can manage the page layout settings for the all documents you want to merge. Save this file manually.

Step 2: Prepare to insert word documents

Move your cursor on the place to insert your document. Choose “Insert” on the top toolbar. Click the down arrow besides “Object”. Then you can choose “Text from File…”.

Step 3: Merge word documents into one file

When you locate the “Insert File” dialog window, you can select which word document you need one by one. (Press and hold “CTRL” key while you are choosing word documents to get all selections.) Click “Insert” to merge all word documents. At last, do not forget to save your new document.

Combine Word into One

Part 2: How to Merge Two Versions of Single Document and Keep Formatting

Step 1: Open your word

Run Microsoft Word program. If you want to know the specific version of your document, you can turn on “Tracking” under the “Review” section. Well, choose “Compare” when you locate “Review”.

Step 2: Import your word document

Click “Combine…” from its drop-down list. Later, you can get a new popping-up window with the name of “Combine Document”. Select “Original document” option from the labelled menu. Then choose “Revised document” from the other drop-down list.

Step 3: Combine multiple word documents with different formatting

Choose “OK” to confirm to merge two versions into a single word document. Then you can choose “File” and then click “Save” to store the combined word document.

Merge Two Versions into One

Part 3: How to Merge Word Documents in Additional Copies

Step 1: Ask for combine documents

Head to your word document and choose “Review” on the top. Click “Compare” and choose “Combine…” from its drop-down menu.

Step 2: Import word documents

Select your target documents under “Original document” and “Revised document” options.

Step 3: Combine word documents in additional copies

Enter the name under the “Label unmarked changes with” box. Later, choose “More” and click “Show changes in”. Then select “Original document” option. Click “OK” to start to merge word documents together.

Merge Word to Additional Copies

Part 4: How to Combine Word Documents Online Free

Step 1: Locate Filesmerge website

Search and open in your web browser. When you enter into its main interface, you can see many options, such as “Merge Word”, “Merge texts”, “Merge into PDF” and more. During this time, you should click “Merge Word” in the second line.

Step 2: Free merge word documents online

Drag and drop word documents you want to merge. Make sure the single file size ups to 50M. Later, select “Yes” or “No” from the “Insert Page Break” option. Finally, click “Merge” to combine multiple documents into a single word for free online.


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Part 5: Frequently Asked Questions about Merging Word Documents

Question 1: How to combine word documents with different headers and footers?

Answer 1: If you are using Microsoft Word 2016/2013/2010, you can keep headers and footers, comments and many other contents easily. Just do as the above paragraphs mentioned. Then when you see a window with the name of “Compare Documents”, click “More” option to access all “Comparison settings”. After you have selected your preferences, click “OK” to save your change.

Question 2: Is there any program that can merge docx files online?

Answer 2: Here are other others online programs that you can use to merge word online free quickly. For instance, you can combine multiple word documents online with DocSoSo for free quickly. And Ofoct can help you merge multiple DOC and DOCX files into one single word document online free as well.

Question 3: Is it possible to combine multiple word documents into one PDF?

Answer 3: Yes, you can combine word documents to PDF online or offline easily. If you have large amounts of documents need to be converted into PDF format, then you can head to Adobe Acrobat to solve the problem.

Question 4: How do I convert the certain PDF pages to word on Windows?

Answer 4: WidsMob ConvertPDF is a one-stop PDF converter that offers powerful functions. You can convert PDF to word without losing formatting in few clicks. And this program allows users to convert multiple PDF pages to word up to 5 pages per time. And you can keep the original preservation for format and layout.

That’s all for how to combine word documents Mac and Windows PC. You can get the detail tutorial from above operations. And please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any other good solutions. Moreover, feel free to write down your difficulty in the comments below. We are glad to help you solve any problem whenever you need.