Top 8 Best Aviary Photo Editor Alternatives in 2020

Using Facebook to post images is the common method people use to share daily life. No matter you wanna share video recordings of your daily life, or the large amount of the travelling images. Most people cannot take photos as good as the photographers do. So using the photo editor is the common way to achieve the certain photo effect.

Moreover, even though you can shoot something in high resolution or using the specific skill. Using a good photo editor can solve the problem easily. You can even get better photo effect than before. For most Facebook users, using Aviary photo editor is the top choice. Both Android and iPhone users can get numerous filters from Aviary app.


Part 1. Overviews of Aviary Photo Editor

Aviary app is the one-stop photo editor that enables users to achieve almost everything you ever want on smart phone. Once you install Aviary app on your iPhone or Android devices. It seems that your digital camera has been useless. Not everyone can be the good photographer, and not every digital camera can take the photo successfully. However, Aviary photo editor can achieve all your goals without too much effort. You can get the target photo effect in the quick way.

There is the one-tap auto enhance you can enjoy. It is the most popular feature most people will choose. There are also gorgeous photo effects, filters and frames you can choose from. Moreover, you can use fun stickers, color balance, crop, rotate, adjust brightness, contrast and do other more settings. Furthermore, you can enjoy color splash, different themes, color temperature and other more filters from the Aviary photo editor directly. The process to edit your images is as easy as draw with the pen with your hand.

Aviary Photo Editor

Part 2: Top 8 Aviary Photo Editor Alternatives

If you wanna find the replacement of Aviary app to do the similar job, then you can read the following part. There are also easy to use filters and numerous photo effects you can handle.

Top 1: Loupe

Loupe is the collage maker app that enables you to combine any photo to collages online. Or you can install Loupe on iPhone and Android devices if you prefer. The whole interface of Loupe is clean and simple. Once you have chosen the shape of your collage, you can upload your photo collection immediately. Thus, you can use the Aviary photo editor alternative app to create any photo collage for free.


Top 2: PicMonkey

PicMonky is the online Facebook photo editor that offers more professional filters than other online editors. You can create, edit and collages any photos online. There is the free trail you can experience before purchasing. You are able to use auto adjust to customize your photos. After that, you can save photos back to computer. Or you can also share those photos to Facebook, Instagram and etc.


Top 3: AfterFocus

AfterFocus app allows users to create the blurry background on iOS and Android devices. You may not get as much photo effects as other photo editors do. But AfterFocus allows users to get more fun features available. You can handle photos to AfterFocus for further editing work. It is the quite good Aviary photo editor alternative you can turn to. Moreover, you can use AfterFocus as the Facebook photo editor to process images with ease.

AfterFocus Blur Background

Top 4: Facetune

If you are the person who loves to take portraits and selfies, then you must know the importance of having the smooth skin. Facetune allows users to retouch your photos easily. You can smooth complexions and blemishes and adjust light. Your entire outlook can be fixed through filters from Facetune. Actually, the Aviary photo editor application alternative can make your photos really different. You can install Facetune on both iOS and Android devices.


Top 5: PicsArt

PicsArt allows you to get creative photos with the help of numerous photo-editing tools. You can adjust photo effects easily to create the quite good photo effects. It is perfect to create your Facebook cover and other objects without too much effort. For instance, you can use the well-designed templates or combine two pictures together to get the certain photo effect. PicsArt is available for iOS, Android and Windows phones.

PicsArt Photo Studio Screenshot

Top 6: Snapseed

Snapseed can work both on iPhone and Android tablets. You can get a bunch of filters and tools to perfect your artwork. Moreover, there are numerous photo effects you can manage with. You are able to tune image, edit details, crop, rotate, transform, brush and do other more editing tasks with ease. The Aviary photo editor alterative supports users to beautifier all your images easily.


Top 7: Autodesk Pixlr

Compares with above photo editor applications, Autodesk Pixlr allows users to process images with numerous filters. You can get the solid tool set to edit images on Windows, OS X, Android, iOS and web. Though the Aviary photo editor offers large amount of filters. It is still easy for most people to edit with. If you wanna get the whole version of Autodesk Pixlr, you need to pay a $15 per year. All in all, Autodesk Pixlr can offer you good photo-editing experience and numerous filters. Just feel free to use the Facebook photo editor.

Pixlr Photo Editor

Top 8: WidsMob ImageConvert

WidsMob ImageConvert is a batch photo editor which can help you convert various photo formats including RAW with the 6x speed and resize photos by width, height, percentage and free in batch. You can also use it to rotate, rename, add border, insert text/image watermark with bulk photos and get an instant preview window to check the photo-editing result immediately. This Aviary photo editor alternative supports importing various image formats including JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF and famous RAW format from Nikon, Canon, Sony, etc. and batch convert them into widely used JPG, TIFF, PNG, and BMP files.

Free Resize ImageConvert

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