HDR Camera

HDR Camera – How to Use HDR on Digital Camera/iPhone/Android/Camera App

Exposure compensation should be the essential feature for digital cameras to make HDR photos. For the cameras that enable to take RAW image files and has automatic exposure bracketing (AEB), the kind of cameras are knows as HDR camera.

The continuous shooting modes for the HDR Cameras shoot all frames continuously with holding the shutter release down, which helps to reduce ghosting. Some HDR cameras/ DSLR cameras / Mirror- less cameras also empower you to choose the order of bracketing as well.

HDR for Camera

However, nowadays, not only DSLR and mirrorless digital cameras are the devices capable of capturing HDR images, but also the most basic smartphones. Both Android and iOS offer HDR shooting modes in their stock camera applications, while third-party mobile apps are also implementing HDR editing as well. Let’s start to talk about HDR using on digital camera, iOS devices, Android devices and camera app separately below.

Part 1: HDR Digital Camera – How to Create HDR Image

In order to take the best HDR photos as required, you may need to have an HDR camera, a tripod and HDR photo-blending software. Let’s talk about them one by one.

HDR Camera

An HDR camera, better with Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB) function is the first significant part to take an HDR photo. Here we would like to introduce top 10 HDR cameras in 2018. Let’s check the list below.

1. Canon HDR Camera - Canon 5D Mark III

Camera HDR parameters for Canon 5D Mark III

  • Auto-bracketed frames: 2,3,5 or 7
  • Max EV step increment: 3
  • Max EV range in AEB: 18
  • Max burst rate: 6fps

Canon 5D Mark III

This Canon HDR camera has no fewer than 50 Megapixels, the highest resolution and the best sensor on the market with incredible color accuracy. And it is an easy to use HDR camera. It should be one of the best choices for HDR cameras.

2. Canon HDR Camera - Canon EOS T6i

Camera HDR parameters for Canon EOS T6i

  • Auto-bracketed frames: 3
  • Max EV step increment: 2
  • Max EV range in AEB: 4
  • Max burst rate: 5fps

Canon EOS T6i

This Canon HDR Camera has core spec of 24 Megapixels, 19-point AF, 5FPS burst shooting, penta-mirror viewfinder, fully-articulated touchscreen and 1080p movies. It should be a good step up over the entry level.

3. Canon HDR Camera - Canon EOS 7D Mark II

Camera HDR parameters for Canon EOS 7D Mark II

  • Auto-bracketed frames: 2,3,5 or 7
  • Max EV step increment: 3
  • Max EV range in AEB: 18
  • Max burst rate: 10fps

Canon EOS 7D Mark II

As for the experts or without consideration for the budget, you can try the toughest, fastest and the most confident DSLR camera/HDR camera, which is able to handle movement targets with ease.

4. Nikon HDR Camera - Nikon D7100

Camera HDR parameters for Nikon D7100

  • Auto-bracketed frames: 5
  • Max EV step increment: 1
  • Max EV range in AEB: 4
  • Max burst rate: 6fps

Nikon D7100

The HDR camera is able to combines two exposures to produce a single image with a wider range of tones for high contrast subjects. The versatile HDR camera also provides composition option outside the camera.

5. Nikon HDR Camera - Nikon D750

Camera HDR parameters for Nikon D750

  • Auto-bracketed frames: 2 to 9
  • Max EV step increment: 1
  • Max EV range in AEB: 8
  • Max burst rate: 6.5fps

Nikon D750

Nikon D750 should be the HDR camera for HDR fans, which is able to alternatively combine two or three different exposures into one image with automatic gain if desired.

6. Nikon HDR Camera - Nikon D800E

Camera HDR parameters for Nikon D800E

  • Auto-bracketed frames: 2 to 9
  • Max EV step increment: 1
  • Max EV range in AEB: 8
  • Max burst rate: 4fps

Nikon D800E

The HDR camera offers 2-9 frame exposures bracketing with increments up to 1EV apart and exposure compensation of +/-5EV. Another splendid feature should be using the excellent bracketing facilities manually.

7. Sony HDR Camera - Sony Alpha A77 Mark II

Camera HDR parameters for Sony A77 Mark II

  • Auto-bracketed frames: 3 or 5
  • Max EV step increment: 2
  • Max EV range in AEB: 8
  • Max burst rate: 12fps

Sony A77 Mark II

The HDR camera is able to set the EV difference between the three exposures between one and six stops or have it determined automatically. It should be a nice choice for you.

8. Sony HDR Camera - Sony NEX-7

Camera HDR parameters for Sony NEX-7

  • Auto-bracketed frames: 3
  • Max EV step increment: 3
  • Max EV range in AEB: 6
  • Max burst rate: 10fps

Sony NEX-7

You can select the different composite mode from the HDR camera or elect to have HDR automatically select the bracketing range, or you can specify it yourself in +/-1EV increments up to a maximum +/-6EV.

9. Olympus HDR Camera - Olympus OM-D EM1

Camera HDR parameters for Olympus OM-D EM1

  • Auto-bracketed frames: 3, 5 or 7
  • Max EV step increment: 3 (5 frames), 2 (7 frames)
  • Max EV range in AEB: 12
  • Max burst rate: 10fps

Olympus OM-D EM1

The HDR Camera provides AEB on the EM1 at 3, 5 or 7 frames at 0.3, 0.7 or 1EV apart, or for seven frames at either 0.3 or 0.7EV apart. This is a nice broad and deep range for HDR enthusiasts.

10. Pentax HDR Camera - Pentax K-3

Camera HDR parameters for Pentax K-3

  • Auto-bracketed frames: 2, 3 or 5
  • Max EV step increment: 2
  • Max EV range in AEB: 8
  • Max burst rate: 8fps

Pentax K-3

When you need to use Pentax HDR camera, Pentax K-3 should be a nice option, which offers AEB at 2, 3 or 5 frames, you can achieve a stunning HDR photo with ease.

HDR camera is just the basic requirement for a perfect HDR photo. You can find more options to make the magic of HDR happen, the tripod, tripod head and the DSLR lens/ wide angel lens. And one more important and essential thing to go with the HDR camera to make a HDR photo, it should be the HDR software. You have to align images with HDR software to apply the HDR effect on photos.

As a startup, it is not recommended for using an easy-to-use HDR photo editing software – WidsMob HDR, you can try this HDR software to edit HDR photo on your Mac or just download free HDR photos to learn more detail about HDR first. Once you are experienced with the HDR technical, you can upgrade to a better HDR camera or more professional software.

Download for Mac Version

Part 2: HDR on iPhone 5/6/7/8/X – How to Use It

The iPhone HDR feature is perfect for shooting high contrast scenes where you have both bright areas and dark areas within the frame. Just tap the HDR option and select On setting to enable HDR feature on your iPhone native camera app.

HDR on iPhone

When enable HDR, your iPhone can capture HDR photos automatically and it may take a little longer for capturing HDR photo than a regular one as the camera needs to capture three separate images at different exposure and combines them together into a single image.

It may be easy to shake or move your iPhone on the capture process due to the extra time for taking HDR photo. So you’d better hold your iPhone very still or use a tripod to take HDR pictures.

Tips: iOS can save an HDR and a normal exposure version, you can enable Keep Normal Photos by going to Settings > Photos & Camera and scrolling down to the HDR section at the bottom of the settings to ensure this feature is on.

Part 3: HDR on Android – When to Use It for Photos

Android devices also offer HDR mode. However, according to different manufactures’ design, the experience would be totally different around the smartphones on Android system. Sometimes you will find HDR shooting mode on camera app would be called something else, such as “Rich Tone”.

HDR on Android

While shooting in HDR camera mode, you Android device will capture multiple exposures in a quick sequence and automatically stitch them together to create a final HDR photo. When you should use HDR on Android? It would be a good choice when the shot you are framing has a wide range of brightness. HDR will brighten up your subject in the foreground while keeping the background the correct brightness as well.

Part 4: HDR Camera App for iPhone and Android

Best HDR Camera App for Android – HDR Camera

HDR Camera App for Android

HDR Camera is one of the best HDR camera apps for Android to feature a wide range of options and allow users to capture dynamic photos between the lightest and darkest area in an image. This app can automatically adjust to shaky and wobbly hands and detect moving objects on the scene. Moreover, it can also minimize blurring or ghosting effects. So with HDR Camera, you can make your Android phone into the ultimate camera.

HDR Camera App for Android Screenshot

Best HDR Camera App for iPhone – Hydra

Hydra HDR Camera App for iOS

Hydra can create full-resolution HDR photos with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. With Hydra-Amazing Photography app, you can shot beautiful photos against bad lighting conditions and take amazing pictures with up to 32 megapixel high-resolution. It has features like Lo-light mode to remove sensor noise by merging multiple images together, video-HDR-image tone mapping and device-specific mode for creating stunning videos, etc. You can do professional level photography with your iPhone using this HDR camera app.

Hydra HDR Camera App Screenshot

Part 5: HDR Video Camera – How to Shoot It

HDR Video Camera

As capable video cameras and compatible TV sets keep increasing, HDR video capture is possible as HDR photography. HDR Video is captured by different methods rather than capturing multiple images and merging them together like HDR photography. HDR video is captured as a single exposure either in-camera or via post-production.

Hardware (newer camera sensors being capable of capturing more dynamic range than ever before) and software (sensor technology with increasingly-capable color profiles) together make it possible for capturing HDR video.


In this article, we mainly introduce the definition of HDR digital camera, HDR camera on iPhone and Android, HDR camera apps for iOS and Android and also HDR video camera. You also learn how and when to use HDR in different situations. Hope it can help you to know more about HDR camera. Get more question or suggestion, just let us know by leaving comments.