You may try to find an easy tool to help you create vintage photo effect to your photos. Here we would like to introduce you great vintage photo online editing tools and professional desktop vintage photo editor app to help you transfer photo into vintage effect easily in this article.

Part 1: How to use Pixlr-o-matic to add vintage photo effects online

Pixlr-o-matic is a fun and free online photo editing tool which can let you add retro effects and transform photos into cool vintage images.

Step 1: Open the online Pixlr-o-matic vintage photo editing tool
Here go to the browser and enter to start online vintage photo editing. Here you can see a very simple interface to guide you start the editing.


Step 2: Choose the photo and apply vintage effect to your photo
Click “webcam” to shoot a photo directly through your webcam or just click “computer” to choose the existed photo from your computer directly. Then after uploading the photo, choose the vintage effect you try to apply to your photo. Pixlr-o-matic offers lots of vintage filters for you to choose. And it show a very great interactive when changing the effect or your mouse touch the photo. You can also add more effects, overlays or borders to your vintage photo with the film plus button.


Step 3: Save the vintage effect photo
After finishing creating, you can save the vintage effect photo directly to your computer by clicking “Save” button. Then click the “computer” button and enter the vintage photo name to save it to your computer. After saving, you can choose to edit this vintage photo again or add vintage effect to another photo.


Part 2: How to use Photoshop to create vintage photo effects

Photoshop would be a great tool to help you add various vintage effects to your photo. If you have Photoshop program on your computer, you can check the following video guide to learn how to add vintage photo effect with Photoshop. It is especially for those who love the sepia, vintage, washed out look but don’t know how to archive it.

Part 3: How to use WidsMob Retoucher to apply vintage photo effects on Mac (macOS High Sierra included)

WidsMob Retoucher is an professional vintage photo effects editing app which is available on Mac OS X now. With it, you can add dozens of interesting vintage effects to your photos.
download widsmob retoucher mac


Step 1: Add photo to WidsMob Retoucher for vintage effect
Download and install WidsMob Retoucher on your Mac and then open this vintage effects editing program. Click “Open” to add your photo into the program or directly drag and drop your photo into the interface.


Step 2: Apply vintage effect to your photo
Click to the effect button on the right top sidebar. You can add vintage effect by changing the slider of Vignetting and change the vintage color by using the “Color Filter”. As you can see the vintage effect to your photo at the same time for your operation, you can just adjust the vintage effect until you get satisfied. You can also do other editing with De-Noise, Film Pack and other adjustment to your photo.


Step 3: Save your vintage effect photo
After editing, click the “Save” button on the top of the main interface to directly save your photo on your Mac. You can change the name and add tags to your photo. You can also choose the save destination, format (JPEG or TIFF) and photo quality before saving.


Part 4: 6 Other online vintage photo editors

vintage-photo-effects-lunapic is a free online video editor which provides various editing tools like cropping, adding text, etc. and more than 200 effects and filters to help you easily edit your images according to your need.


vintage-photo-effects-befunky is a free online video editor which provides featured rich tools to apply different effects on photos including vintage effects. Besides effects, you can also add artsy, frames, text and goodies to your photos.


vintage-photo-effects-pho-to is an instant online photo editing tool which can let you fix and enhance your digital pictures in a smooth and effective way. It offers vintage photo effects and filters, add retro frames and voila to make you images look like they were taken by old camera.


vintage-photo-effects-photofunia is an online free photo editing tool with many fun effects. With PhotoFunia, you can create and share seamless looking images in an easy way. For its vintage photo effects, it can generate an image in high resolution.


vintage-photo-effects-tuxpi is an online photo editor offers various photo effects and picture frames. With its retro photo effect, you can apply retro colors and give your photos a cool vintage look and feel. Besides, vintage photo effects, it can also let you make photomontages.


vintage-photo-effects-fotor offer photo effects feature to allow you apply exclusive and amazing photo effects online. The photo effects feature provides you the most comprehensive editing experience with its “for all seasons” filters.

Here in this article, we introduce ways to add vintage effects to your photos free online and on computer and more online vintage photo editors. You can choose the one you like to create your own vintage effects photos.