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Top 11 MKV Viewers to Open and Play MKV Files on Windows and Mac

When you have some MKV videos, what should be the best MKV viewers for different platforms, such as Windows, Mac, iOS and Android? In order to view the MKV files, you should learn more about the MKV file format. Here are 11 MKV video players that browse the high quality videos with ease.

MKV Viewer

Part 1: MKV File – How to Open the File Format

MKV is the Matroska multimedia file, which is a video container that holds an unlimited number of audio, picture and subtitle tracks. As an open source and free container format, it is widely used for storing common multimedia content, such as movies and TV shows.

How to open the MKV files? As for Windows, you can simply double click the MKV file to launch the default MKV viewer. Most of the media player supports the video formats. Since the QuickTime does not support the MKV video file, you can also use VLC Media Player and more others to play the MKV files with ease.

MKV Format

Part 2: 11 Best MKV Viewers for Different Platforms

When you need a list of MKV viewers for different platforms, you can learn more about the 15 media players that supports the MKV formats available in Windows, Mac, iOS and Android as below.

Top 1: WidsMob Viewer Pro

WidsMob Viewer Pro is the all-in-one MKV viewer that supports most of the video and photo formats. It provides the different viewing modes, advanced editing features as well as managing functions.

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1. View and play the MKV, MP4, HEIC, RAW, JPEG and other file format.

2. Browse the MKV videos in different folder and manage them with ease.

3. Adjust the play speed, audio volume, start point and more parameters.

4. Create and customize the desired photo slideshow with your favorite files.

View Media by Folder Viewer Pro

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Top 2: VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is another free and open source MKV viewer for Windows and Mac. Not only for the video files, it also supports DVDs, audio CDs, VCDs and files that are part of various streaming protocols.

1. Play the MKV files from local folder, online streaming and other channels.

2. Convert the other video formats to MKV files or other desired video formats.

3. Record the MKV videos, as well as other video formats and audio files.

4. Add the desired watermarks on the MKV video and even create watermark.

VLC Media Player

Top 3: KM Player

In order to play 3D MKV files, KM Player is a nice MKV viewer you can play and organize the video files with ease. It has the seamless MKV playback and even split the MKV video files as desired.

1. Create different playlists for your music and movies within different albums.

2. Support 3D MKV playback from both the local folder and online streaming.

3. Control box to manage the audio files, video and subtitles within MKV video.

4. DirectX Video Acceleration support for Windows OS and Xbox 360.


Top 4: RealPlayer

RealPlayer is a single MKV viewer package that enables you to watch movies, download media, convert the files and even organize them with ease. It also includes the video bookmark and private mode.

1. Support MKV files on local folder as well as online radio sites worldwide.

2. Optimize sound with graphic equalizer and get desired picture/video control.

3. Advanced CD burning that rip, mix and burn the CD in MP3 files in 320kbps.

4. Browse the web, organize audio and video files, and create playlist files.


Top 5: GOM Player

As for the high quality MKV files, GOM Media Player is always a nice MKV viewer you can take into consideration. The program also supports the broken, damaged or even the unfinished video files.

1. Playback the MKV, audio files, videos, discs, DVDs, VCDs and more others.

2. Customize MKV videos with some stunning video effects and filters easily.

3. Extensive catalogue for subtitles to search, download and add subtitles.

4. Full control over play, pause, stop, forward, backward, playback speed, etc.

GOM Player

Top 6: Plex Media Server

Plex Media Server is more than a MKV viewer, but also an organization tool that allow you to access the music, pictures, audio and videos stored on one computer with any other computer or compatible mobile device.

1. Media server that enables you to play the MKV files with different devices.

2. Queue up content that you can watch offline via the Mobile sync feature.

3. Create the desired playlists with Plex Mix, mood mixes and more others.

4. Upload selected content to a cloud storage provider like Google Drive.

Plex Media Server

Top 7: Elmedia Player

In order to playback the MKV files on Mac, Elmedia Player is another MKV viewer for videos and audio files. You can get an outstanding HE experience with its unrivaled ability to unload the processor.

1. Create your own playlists and enjoy your videos and music as desired.

2. Speed control you can set the playback speed while watching a movie.

3. Sync subtitles or sound with your video in case original file had issues.

4. MKV viewer with Chromecast, AirPlay, DLNA streaming and more others.

Elmedia Player

Top 8: MX Player for Android

How about the MKV viewer for Android? In order to view the subtitles for MKV on Android, MX Player for Android is a powerful video player with advanced hardware acceleration and subtitle support.

1. Hardware acceleration can be applied to more videos with HW+ decoder.

2. Support multi-core decoding that is up to 70% better than the single-core.

3. Subtitle gesture to scroll forward/backward, up/down and zoom in/out.

4. Fast transfer files without mobile data usage to share music, video and file.

MX Player for Android

Top 9: MoboPlayer for Android

MoboPlayer for Android is another recommended MKV viewer that enables you to watch the MKV files without conversion. Besides the basic video play features, you can also manage the subtitles for the videos.

1. Create the desired MKV playlists and continuous play on same type files.

2. Support subtitles built in MKV, MPV, MOV, and others in different formats.

3. Videos streamed through HTTP, RTSP protocols and more other channels.

4. Media libraries that enables you to sort the desired video files by type.

MoboPlayer for Android

Top 10: PlayerXtreme Media Player for iOS

PlayerXtreme Media Player is a M4V viewer that you can watch your movies on the go. It always enables you to transfer and watch your favorite MKV videos without conversion with ease.

1. Play virtually all the video formats, including the MKV, MOV, AVI, etc.

2. Play and browse all your movies, shows and music stored on the network.

3. Fling your videos on big screens using Apple AirPlay and Google Cast.

4. Download subtitles in real time or add subtitle in multiple languages.

PlayerXtreme Media Player

Top 11: Fast Tube HD Video Player for iOS

When you want to play MKV files as well as the YouTube files, Fast Tube is the desired MKV video viewer that enables you to watch the videos from YouTube in a high quality for free.

1. Super fast, secure, and user-friendly YouTube player and MKV viewer.

2. Quick video search and endless access to all YouTube videos online.

3. Full screen mode to view the HD quality videos without cache files.

4. Fully private YouTube video watching that doesn't store previous history.

Fast Tube HD Video Player


When you want to open and play MKV files, you can learn more details about the MKV file format. After that, you can learn more about the special features of the listed MKV viewers and players. Just choose the desired one according to your requirements.

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