Add Lipstick to a Photo – How to Apply Luscious Lip Effects within Clicks

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How to add lipstick to a photo? As one of the most important parts of makeup, a luscious set of lips is a highly coveted feature. It indeed is one of the most significant fashion accessories that every woman cannot do without. What should you do to have a luscious lip effect for taking photos? How to add lipstick to a photo you have taken? Just learn more about the useful information from the article.

Best Lipstick Photo Editor

Part 1: 7 Best Tips and Tricks to Apply Lipstick

Tip 1: Exfoliate and Hydrate Lips

It is a disaster to apply the lipstick directly. There is a lot of preparation work to do. Without preparation, your lips may end up looking uneven, flakey, or patchy. Firstly, exfoliate your lips and then moisturize them. At this moment, lip balm or lip primer is helpful. It ensures that your lips don't have any dry spots that may flake off. Then you can create the perfect canvas for lipstick.

Exfoliate Hydrate Lips

Tip 2: Choose Correct Lip Color

Your lips are not pale and if you are worried about any kind of discoloration or an uneven tone, it’s crucial to have a base to hang onto before wearing lipstick. Here you should choose a concealer shade that matches your lip color and dab a little on with a flat brush or a small fluffy brush. Apply some compact over this to seal the base. Choose a base also makes sure your lipstick does not sink into your lips. It is a method that helps your lip color to stay on longer.

Correct Lipstick Color

Tip 3: Apply the Right Lipstick

There are oceans of lipsticks on market with different colors and compositions. Sometimes, you may want to buy lipstick. The best way is to go to the department store and test the lipstick before opening your wallet. Chances are that the color you like does not match your face tune at all. You can also swipe the stick on your fingertips if you do not like to apply lipstick on your lips directly. All in one word wipe off the last lipstick completely before testing another.

Apply Right Lipstick

Tip 4: Trace Lip with Liner

When you have the right lipstick and have added the base, can you wear the lipstick directly? The answer is wrong. You should define your natural lip line in order to prevent the lipstick from getting messy. A good lip liner can help you achieve a more defined, precise, and polished look. Even the lines on the inside are slightly imperfect, don’t worry, the outer liners are matter.

Trace Lip with Liner

Tip 5: Layer on Lipstick from Center

When putting on lipstick, you should know your own habits beforehand. But the proper way is to place the lipstick in the middle of your lips and work outward. If you have trouble making your lipstick look even, draw an X on the Cupid’s bow with your lip liner. Just add lipstick to a photo and try the best makeup according to your requirements.

Layer Lipstick from Center

Tip 6: Use a Lip Brush for a Precise Line

When it comes to wearing lipstick precisely, there are a few useful tools, such as sharp lip pencil and pointed lipstick. Of course, it is more comfortable applying lipstick with a lip brush, compared to apply it directly. That is partly because it gives you a more precise and even application.

Lip Brush for Precious Line

Tip 7: Work with Your Lip Shape

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of lip shapes, thin lips and fuller lips. When wearing lipstick, there are also differences. For thin lips, overdraw lips with a lip liner that comes close to match your lip color. For fuller lips, use a medium to dark lip liner instead.

Work with Lip Shape

Part 2: How to Add Lipstick to a Photo

If you want to apply lipstick to the photos you have already taken, WidsMob Portrait Pro is the best lipstick photo editor to customize a luscious lip. It enables you to customize the lip frame, choose the desired lipstick color, tweak the intensity and gloss, and adjust more customization features for a luscious lip effect. Moreover, it provides a full set of makeup tools covering the eyes, nose, smile, teeth, lips, and others.

  1. Add lipstick to photos with desired the color, intensity, and gloss effects.
  2. Tweak and adjust advanced parameters with a simple slider in batch.
  3. Compare the original photo and the new effect with Before and After.
  4. Customize a cream lipstick with complicated settings with Preset.
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How to Add Lipstick to a Photo

Step 1: Launch WidsMob Portrait Pro once you have installed the program on your computer. Click the Select Photos button to import the portrait image into the program. Then the built-in AI will analyze your photo and detect your face automatically.

Add Portrait Image Lipstick

Step 2: Go to the Edit panel from the right side and expand the Makeup section. Then you can enable the Lipstick option to add lipstick to the desired photo. Pick the most appropriate color in the palette or enter the parameters according to your favorite lipstick.

Choose Lipstick Color

Step 3: Then adjust the Intensity option and the Gloss options by moving the sliders to apply a luscious lip effect. If you want to have a comparison, you can go to the View option and choose the Before/After option to add lipstick to a photo.

Tweak Gloss and Intensity

Step 4: Once you have applied the desired effect, you can click the Export button on the bottom right side. Enter the filename, destination folder, image format, and quality. Finally, click the Start button to export the photo added by lipstick.

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Part 4: FAQs about HEIC File Format

This is the title

1Is It Possible to Choose the Color of Christian Dior Lipstick?

When you want to check whether the lipstick of Christian Dior fits you well, you can learn more about the color of the lipstick with a pipette, and then you can enter the color parameter into the lipstick photo editor. Moreover, you can also adjust the gloss and intensity to get the desired effect.

2What is Important to Add Lipstick to a Photo?

Never use a dark liner with a light shade of lipstick. Soften the lines formed by the lip liner by blending them out properly either by using your fingertips or a Q-tip. Moreover, you should always ensure that you have no lipstick marks on your teeth as this tends to happen when you wear creamy, transferable lipstick.

3How to Apply a Cream Lipstick Effect to a Photo?

If you want to apply a cream lipstick effect on a photo, you can choose the lipsticks with nude, pink, red, and plum shades that are rich, warm, and ultra-flattering. After that, you can tweak the gloss and intensity to get the desired effect within clicks.


Based on the sharing above, you should understand how to wear lipstick and apply it to your photos. Every girl knows that wearing lipstick is great, but it is not a simple task, even for experience ladies. Following the tips, so that lipstick can stay on your lips for longer. WidsMob Portrait Pro, on the other hand, helps you to add lipstick to photos using advanced technology. It simplifies the job and introduces the preset to make it easier. That is also a good way to test lipstick color before purchasing it.

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