Add Stickers to Photos

How to Add Stickers to Photos on Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter

The humdrum selfies are not enough to stand out, and show others how fashion and creative you are. So is there any solution to make pictures to be attractive? Well, you can try to add stickers to photos, just like putting cute hair clips to decorate yourself without too many difficulties. And now, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram has supported users to add the Emoji keyboard and other stickers on photos. You can upgrade your social platform app to get latest stickers. What’s more, many online image editors provide free stickers as well. Each of them has some creative stickers, with which you can stick on images. So the followings are tips to put stickers on photos in different platform.

Add Stickers to Photos

Part 1. Add Stickers to Photos on Facebook

Many people prefer to make friends on Facebook, and update selfies and pictures, to share and store something. But have you ever notice that Facebook allows users to put stickers within third party software.

Step 1: Go to News Feed to find Photo/ Video, and then upload your images to Facebook.

Step 2: Hover your mouse or move your finger on the picture, to select the draw pen icon.

Step 3: Choose stickers you like, to rotate and resize with customize choices.

Step 4: Click Save option after you finish stickers putting to Facebook, finally, tap Post to upload.

There is one thing you need to know that, once you are uploading images to Facebook, you can only add stickers to photos on Facebook, no other photo edit tasks can be done.

Add Stickers to Photos on Facebook

Part 2. Put Stickers to Photo with Instagram

Instagram has sticker library too, with which users are able to Boomerangs, videos and images. Moreover, Instagram supports users to take shots and add stickers to photos on Instagram directly. And the limitation of stickers is little. So feel free to add a photo with stickers.

Step 1: Run Instagram and tap the camera icon on the top left corner.

Step 2: Take pictures with the huge button below.

Step 3: Open the sticker library by choosing the smile square below.

Step 4: Tap the sticker to add on Instagram, and you can resize, rotate and move the sticker by your finger.

There are time stickers, location stickers, and temperature stickers in Instagram. Thus, users can get more selections to post pictures with different stickers to Instagram.

Put Stickers to Photo with Instagram

Part 3. Add A Sticker to Picture via Twitter

Twitter has upgraded stickers since 2016. At present, you are able to get accessories, words, phrases, special events and etc. Of course, the traditional Emoji keyboard is also in Twitter, with different themes. Therefore, it is very convenient to add stickers to photos on Twitter.

Step 1: Select the New Twitter option, and then click the Camera icon the take shots.

Step 2: Open sticker list by choosing the smile option below. You can choose stickers by the themes they belong.

Step 3: Edit stickers to resize, rotate and move within Twitter.

Finally, you can edit pictures with Edit option to get further decoration, or to tap Save button and then Tweet photos with stickers.

Add A Sticker to Picture via Twitter

Part 4. Online Photo Sticker Editor – Canva

For people who transfer photos to desktop and seek online sticker add on editors, Canva is the top choice for them. You can get numerous sticker sheets and filters to paste all over your pictures for totally free. Not the simple sticker apps from smart phone, but well-designed logos and slogans to apply. It means you can get larger room to design and create special stickers to put on photos online for free. What a fantastic job you can do.

Step 1: Click the long green sentence to start to add stickers to photos online.

Step 2: Tap Create a design in green box too, and then you can see doubles presets to choose from.

Step 3: Load your picture by Uploads in the toolbar, and search Sticker, there are many free stickers online.

Step 4: Put stickers on photos online. You can adjust its location, size and direction with customizable filters.

In addition, even though you choose the certain sticker, you can still change its document colors and default palettes. Or you can paste texts with selected word format and write down by yourself, just like a postcard creating. Canva offers free background and filters, for users to improve images to higher level.

Canva Stickers


When you wanna add stickers to photos, you can check the above solutions to find the desired stickers for your photos accordingly. If you have any query about the stickers, you can share more detail about your problem in the article with us.

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