How to Get the Desired Photo Stickers – 14 Best Methods You Should Know

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When you need to make a desired photo sticker, what should be the best photo editor or sticker maker? If you just need some easy stickers to decorate the photos, you can get the photo sticker apps to select the desired one for you accordingly. The article shares 5 apps for Android phone and iPhone to get a suitable photo sticker.

What should you do if you still cannot find the photo stickers? In order to customize a photo sticker for your child or your lovely puppy, you can find 5 more methods to customize the sticker with printers with ease. And you can also learn how to add stickers to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with ease. Just read on the article and get the desired one accordingly.

Add Sticker to Photos

Part 1: The Ultimate Method to Custom Photo Stickers

When you want to make some beautiful photo collage with stunning stickers on Windows and macOS, WidsMob Collage is the all-in-one photo collage maker. It has dozens of templates, frames, and colors to personalize the photo stickers. Moreover, you can also tweak the frames, templates, stickers, and more others.

  1. Design some slideshows with dozens of collage presets.
  2. Provide beautiful stickers, frames, filters, effects.
  3. Edit the photos with the rotate, crop, resize, adjust, and more toolkits.
  4. Export the photo collage with the desired quality for multiple channels.
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How to Make Photo Collage on Windows 11/10/8/7 and macOS

Step 1: Once you have installed WidsMob Collage, you can launch the program on your computer, you can select the Plus icon and import the desired photos into the program. After that, preview the imported photos from the bottom of the user interface.

Add Christmas Photos

Step 2: Go to the Collage icon, you can select the template collage or poster collage to make photo collage. There are some stunning templates. Just choose the desired one and add the photos into the related columns accordingly.

Poster Christmas

Step 3: Click the Save button to export the photo collage. You can also edit the collage files, including the noise filters, texts and more. After that, you can also customize the photo size accordingly.

Add Sticker Christmas Win Download Mac Download

Part 2: 5 Best Photo Stickers App for Android and iOS

Top 1: My Photo Sticker

My Photo Sticker has gained thousands of customers because of its numerous and unique photo stickers effects. You can get so many stickers to use on Android on the freeway. It is a platform with over 500 stickers gathered together. To edit and share to Facebook, Twitter, and many other social platforms, the full-screen editing and preview features enable everyone to enjoy the fun of image editing by adding photo stickers on Android. Moreover, the photo sticker app offers many cute and lovely characters for you to choose from. Really easy to operate and no extra photo editing professional skills necessary. All you need is to download it on your Android phone and find out the benefits of those image stickers.

My Photo Sticker

Top 2: PicLab

PicLab is the premier all-in-one image editor with over 50 million installations already. Once you have installed PicLab on your iPhone, there are so many filters you can use. For instance, typography is the tool for people to choose fonts from numerous selections. The photo stickers part is maybe the most meaningful part for you, to choose from delightful photo stickers collections. Well, the artistic stickers are updated monthly. So you can use the latest image stickers once you install the PicLab photo sticker app on your iPhone. As for other image editing features, well-designed templates, photo effects, drawing tools, collage tools, and so many other filers are also worth a try.


Top 3: Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is the professional representative photo sticker app, with which you can manage photo editing on smartphones, to pretend the high-quality equipment. There are many controlling filters for you, to crop, flip, straighten, rotate, color, hue, and do more picture balance processes. Adobe Photoshop Express offers more advanced editing filters and effects than as mentioned above. Compares with other photo stickers apps, you can enjoy the Photoshop Mix feature, which most photo editors cannot offer similarly. And raw images are also supported, for you to edit and export raw photos without changing image formats.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Top 4: Pixlr

Pixlr is a free photo stickers application, which not only works on iPhone and Android but also Windows and Mac computers. Because of its well-designed interface, high-quality templates, powerful filters, and good photo stickers, you can create photo collages with various layouts and numerous background settings, to balance most image settings. Then you can enhance photo qualities, by removing certain parts, which seem not to be as good as the other parts. You can also highlight with filters any aspects you like. Furthermore, you are able to stylize pencil drawings and ink sketches, with so many image editors here.

Pixlr for iOS

Top 5: Camera+ 2

Camera+ 2 has the advanced photo stickers feature and stabilizer-shooting mode, which enables you to share photos and helps you zoom in up to 6x. Moreover, the clarity photo-editing feature is also the intelligent setting, which enables users to take photos even in dark situations. Moreover, there are so many scene modes, for people to suit different situation requirements, like food, sunset, night, portrait and etc. You can pick it out according to the theme of your photographs. As for beautiful photo stickers on iPhone, Camera+ 2 is the tool to help you shoot images as a profession, with over 30 powerful one-touch customizable filters.



Part 3: 8 Methods to Custom Photo Stickers

1. How to Make a Digital Sticker on Snapchat

Snapchat is more than a social media website to share photos, it also includes the dedicated photo sticker-making feature, so you can create a sticker with your picture easily. Just learn more detail about how to personalize the photo stickers.

Step 1: Run the Snapchat app from your home screen. Then tap the circle icon at bottom of the screen to shoot the object you want to make as a sticker.

Step 2: After shooting, you will be taken to the photo editor screen. Here tap on the Scissor icon on top of the screen. Then draw on the object in the picture using your fingers to cut unwanted parts.

Step 3: Once your finger is lifted, you can find your made photo sticker on the Stickers screen. The usage of custom stickers in Snapchat is similar to native emoji.

Note: The photo stickers made by Snapchat are digital ones. When you make a sticker on Snapchat, you’d better capture the object with clear borders.

Make Photo Stickers Snapchat

2. How to Add Stickers to Photos on Facebook

Many people prefer to make friends on Facebook, and update selfies and pictures, to share and store something. But have you ever noticed that Facebook allows users to put stickers within third-party software?

Step 1: Go to News Feed to find Photo/ Video, and then upload your images to Facebook.

Step 2: Hover your mouse or move your finger on the picture, to select the draw pen icon.

Step 3: Choose stickers you like, to rotate and resize with customizing choices.

Step 4: Click the Save option after you finish stickers putting to Facebook, finally, tap the Post button to upload.

There is one thing you need to know, once you are uploading images to Facebook, you can only add stickers to photos on Facebook, no other photo edit tasks can be done.

Add Stickers to Photos on Facebook

3. How to Put Stickers to Photo with Instagram

Instagram has a sticker library, with which users are able to Boomerangs, videos, and images. Moreover, Instagram supports users to take shots and add stickers to photos on Instagram directly. And the limitation of stickers is little. So feel free to add a photo with stickers.

Step 1: Run Instagram and tap the camera icon on the top left corner.

Step 2: Take pictures with the huge button below.

Step 3: Open the sticker library by choosing the smile square below.

Step 4: Tap the sticker to add on Instagram, and you can resize, rotate and move the sticker with your finger.

There are time stickers, location stickers, and temperature stickers on Instagram. Thus, users can get more selections to post pictures with different stickers to Instagram.

Put Stickers to Photo with Instagram

4. How to Add A Sticker to Picture via Twitter

Twitter has upgraded stickers since 2016. At present, you are able to get accessories, words, phrases, special events and etc. Of course, the traditional Emoji keyboard is also in Twitter, with different themes. Therefore, it is very convenient to add stickers to photos on Twitter.

Step 1: Select the New Twitter option, and then click the Camera icon the take shots.

Step 2: Open the sticker list by choosing the smile option below. You can choose stickers by the themes they belong to.

Step 3: Edit stickers to resize, rotate and move within Twitter.

Finally, you can edit pictures with the Edit option to get the further decoration, or tap the Save button and then Tweet photos with stickers.

Add A Sticker to Picture via Twitter

5. How to Make a Sticker with Microsoft Word

Do not take it for granted that making custom photo stickers is complicated and needed a lot of time and money. Some commonly used software in your daily life, such as Microsoft Word, could help you to do this job simply. If you have a home printer, you can make custom stickers at home.

Step 1: When you have an MS Word on your computer, sticker, you can connect a home printer to your computer and prepare some sticker papers. A scissor is necessary for cutting the printed stickers. Plus, you’d better draw a blueprint before making a sticker in MS Word.

Step 2: Launch MS Word on your computer, you can go to the File menu and the New option to create a blank Word. Then click the Image command in the Insert menu to import the background image for the sticker. Right-click on the background image and choose the Advanced Layout option. On the pop-up dialog, go to the Text wrapping tab and select the Behind text. At this time you can write something on the background image and use the custom options, such as Font, Size, Color, and so on, to stylize the photo sticker.

Step 3: If you are satisfied with the photo sticker, go to the File menu and choose the Print option and fill out the form on the print dialog. Once you click the Print button, you can get the product on your printer. Then cut unwanted parts with the scissor.

Photo Sticker Word Microsoft

6. How to Customize a Photo Sticker in Photoshop

Photoshop is one of the most popular photo editors on market. Of course, it has the ability to make a photo sticker and realize your ideas. It should be a little difficult to make photo stickers with Photoshop. Just learn more details about the process as below.

Step 1: Before making a photo sticker in Photoshop, you should draw the sketch on paper. That could save you a lot of time to scan the sketch into Photoshop. Or if you are a proficient user, you can sketch in Photoshop directly.

Step 2: Start your Photoshop and create a new file. You can customize the Width and Height as you wish. Make sure to pick up CMYK Color from the Color Mode menu and input 300 in the Resolution field.

Step 3: After importing or drawing the sketch in Photoshop, you can use the Paint tool to colorize each part of the sticker. Then adjust Levels, Saturation, and Layer Styles to enhance the sticker. If you want to print the sticker, move to the next step. Otherwise, save it in a digital file.

Step 4: Duplicate the photo sticker to make copies and arrange them on the photo background. Then you can print the photo stickers using your home printer and stick paper.

Photo Sticker Photoshop

7. How to Design a Photo Sticker Online

Online Photo Sticker Editor – Canva

For people who transfer photos to desktops and seek online sticker add-on editors, Canva is the top choice for them. You can get numerous sticker sheets and filters to paste all over your pictures for totally free. Not the simple sticker apps from a smartphone, but well-designed logos and slogans to apply. It means you can get a larger room to design and create special stickers to put on photos online for free. What a fantastic job you can do.

Step 1: Click the long green sentence to start to add stickers to photos online.

Step 2: Tap the Create option to design in a green box too, and then you can see doubles presets to choose from.

Step 3: Load your picture by the Uploads in the toolbar, and then search Sticker, there are many free stickers online.

Step 4: Put stickers on photos online. You can adjust its location, size, and direction with customizable filters.

In addition, even though you choose a certain sticker, you can still change its document colors and default palettes. Or you can paste texts with selected word format and write them down by yourself, just like a postcard creating. Canva offers free background and filters, for users to improve images to a higher level.

Canva Stickers

Online Photo Sticker Editor – Sticker You

Even you do not have photo sticker papers or a home printer. There are many tools available to make a sticker for you. Sticker You, for example, is a professional sticker maker online. You can design wall decors, roll labels, labels, temporary tattoos, magnets, patches, and more.

Step 1: Access in your browser and press the Create Now button. When order options prompt, choose a pattern according to your demands and press Continue to open the sticker maker page.

Step 2: Click the Upload option from my computer button to import the background picture from hard drives. Choose a basic shape for the photo sticker. The sticker maker will cut your picture automatically. Then press the Edit menu to open your picture on the photo editor page. Here you can the Add Text option on the background image, customize the text, and resize the sticker.

Step 3: When editing is done, click on the Done Editing button to back to the sticker maker page. If you want to decorate your sticker with borders, art, brands, and other icons, you can tab Browse on the right side. Here are hundreds of elements free to use. All you need to do is drag and drop your favorite element on your sticker.

Step 4: Click the Duplicate menu to create more photo sticker copies on the paper. And then press the Done Page Design button and fill in the order form to print the sticker online.

Sticker You Customize Stickers


When you want to add stickers to photos, you can check the above solutions to find the desired stickers for your photos accordingly. If you have any queries about the stickers, you can share more detail about your problem in the article with us.

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