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Adorama Photo Book Review in 2019

Adoramapix is a professional online photo book maker with a long history since 1996. You can get Adorama photo books, as well as photo prints, wall décor, cards and calendars. You may not get many pre-designed Adorama photo book templates. However, the print quality of Adorama will surprise you definitely. The Adorama photo book papers are thick, and the prints are gorgeous. It is a real bargain compare with other photo book creator at the same price. If you are not patient enough to personalise every detail, you can also get automatically organised Adorama photo books after uploading images.

Adorama Photo Book

Adorama Photo Book Features

Adoramapix has excellent photo book print quality with reasonable Adorama photo book prices. The Adorama papers are really thick, as well as Adorama photo book covers. You can get various Adorama photo book styles to choose, all of them are well-designed templates. Though the interface may be a little difficult to operate.

1. Adoramapix has 5 photo book covers, 18 photo book sizes, 1714 styles of Adorama photo book themes and 6 kinds of papers.

2. It is available to upload PDF files to personalise Adoramapix photo books.

3. You can get gorgeous lay-flat Adoramapix photo books than other photo book apps.

4. Adoramapix offers high-end photo paper with stunning effects, which can reflect images vividly.

5. Compare with Shutterfly photo book app, Adoramapix provides nearly 3 times more shape and size options.

6. You can get 2 methods to create Adorama Photo book, by “Quick & Simple” or “Custom & Flexible”. Later choice has less limitation.

7. The number of Adorama photo book pages varies from 10 to 100.


With so many Adorama photo book choices, you can have more create space to design unique photo books of Adorama. Meanwhile, you do not need to worry about the print quality or prices, Adorama is the proverbial real bargains.

Adorama Photo Book Price

Because of so much flexible choices, the Adorama photo book costs change a lot. It starts from US $ 24.99 to get an Adorama photo book in 6 x 4.5 inches with hard cover and luster paper. The default photo book pages of Adorama numbers are 20. You will be charged from US $1.80 for each additional two pages to US $5.00. The price seems a bit higher, but you will find it worthwhile after you get the print Adorama photo books. If you are looking for Adoramapix photo book coupon, it is easier to search on Google than find in the Adorama.

Adorama also provides other additional service for those customers who want to customise Adorama photo books more unique than others. You need to pay US $8.95 to get boutique boxes, with which you can send Adorama photo books directly to friends or families. If you need to add depth and texture to your leather Adorama photo book album cover, another US $8.00 is needed to deboss words. For those who like to add additional non-editable pages to the front and back of the Adorama photo books, you have to pay more US $2.00 to achieve. If you allow Adoramapix to print its logo on your last page, you will be free of charge about the end pages.

Adorama Price

How to Create Adorama Photo Books

Adoramapix has user-friendly interface to ensure customers can get targets clearly. Thus, the whole website is decorated with impressive images and simplify explanations. You can upload images from Facebook, Dropbox, Flickr, Instagram or other social platforms to make Adorama photo books as well.

1. Click “Get started now” or select among Adoramapix cover, size, style or paper.

2. Choose “Quick & Simple” option if you are an amateur of Adorama photo book creating.

3. Upload images up to 300 recommended.

4. Get Adoramapix photo book online automatically or edit it according to your requirements.

5. Choose the Adorama photo book delivery method and place an order.

Adorama Steps

With the two Adorama photo book creation methods, both beginners and professionals can all satisfy their demands. Thus, Adoramapix is a perfect photo book maker to get thick and sturdy photo books with high-quality photo print.

Adorama Photo Book Shipping and Support

You will get free economy Adorama photo books shipping for free accounts in 4 to 7 days if you order more than US $49.00. Or get free standard shipping over US $29.00 in 2 to 4 days for pro accounts. Actually, the average Adorama photo book delivery speed is 3 days for printing and shipping. You can also choose from overnight, two-day and international shipping according to your needs.

Adorama Shipping

If you are confused of anything about Adoramapix, you can read FAQ or contact their customer supporters by Emails or telephones. Moreover, live chat is also a not bad choice to get information more specifically.


Adoramapix may not have easiest way to create photo books online, you can still get two methods to decide whether to personalise or get Adorama photo book automatically. In addition, Adorama has the most photo book sizes for customers to choose. The print quality is superb among all those photo book editors. In a word, Adoramapix offers perfect materials with reasonable prices.

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