AirMagic Review – What You Can Get and Not Get from Skylum AirMagic

Last Updated on November 12, 2021 by Peter Wood

If you are tired of endless photo editing, you can use automated photo editing software to do the work instead. It is Skylum AirMagic that can help users minimize imperfections and enhance details automatically. After that, you can apply other presets to make your photograph look better. It sounds pretty good to edit photos with AirMagic. Everything can be auto-fixed by AirMagic. All you need to do is adding your raw images into AirMagic. Well, AirMagic can be your all-in-one photo editor. Is it true? Do you need AirMagic? You can find the answer here.

Skylum AirMagic Review

Part 1: AirMagic Review

AirMagic is a fully automated photo editing software created for aerial photography. Thanks to advanced algorithms and Artificial Intelligence, the program can analyze your picture in seconds. AirMagic will detect all aspects that need to be improved, and then make changes without any human involvement. Once you import RAW photos into AirMagic, it will enhance images based on the advanced image enhancement technology. Furthermore, you can apply creative styles within AirMagic.

AirMagic Pros:

1. Improve drone and aerial photos automatically with the help of AI and advanced algorithms.

2. Enhance RAW and other format images with the routine editing process.

3. AirMagic can work as a plugin for Photoshop or Lightroom.

4. Batch process images of lens correction, white balance adjustment, haze removal, color enhancement, and more.

AirMagic Cons:

1. AirMagic cannot replace common photo editors. If you want to control the output photo effects, AirMagic is not your good choice.

2. The AirMagic basic license can work on two computers only.

3. AirMagic editing options are limited.

4. If you use new AirMagic styles, you need to buy from the AirMagic marketplace at $12 for each one.

AirMagic Price:

AirMagic costs $39 to get the full version license. You can try the AirMagic free trial within 30 days. If you are not satisfied with AirMagic, you can get a refund with its 30-days money-back guarantee. By the way, you can get the AirMagic coupon code from Colormango, Offers, Madestuffeasy, and many other sites before purchasing.

How to use AirMagic:

AirMagic doesn’t require much photo editing background. You can process a picture by using an AirMagic drone with ease. Here is the AirMagic tutorial you can follow.

Step 1: Free download and install AirMagic. Click Open to import images in RAW, JPEG, DNG, TIFF or PNG format into AirMagic.

Step 2: It takes some time to auto-process images in AirMagic. So wait for a while. You can see AirMagic before and after photos in a short time quickly.

Step 3: Choose a proper preset from the Style bottom menu. You can apply an additional preset to an AirMagic image. (The basic AirMagic styles are Chinook, Cinematic, Emotional, Sandstorm, and Zephyr. You can unlock other paid ones based on your need.)

Step 4: Move the slider below to apply lens correction. You can get the real-time effect from the AirMagic preview window.

Step 5: Choose Export to save or share images. It is supported to change the output image format and quality. Here you can also share AirMagic images to Facebook, Twitter, email, and more.

AirMagic Interface

Part 2: AirMagic Alternative for HDR Photography

AirMagic is a fully automated software for photo enhancement. What if you want to create an HDR photograph automatically? Is it possible to combine bracketed photos into HDR photos? Luckily, you can use WidsMob HDR to make a sharp or HDR within a few clicks. Just import a set of 3 bracketed images into the HDR photo editor. WidsMob HDR will make an HDR automatically. Later, you can specify HDR effects and presets manually. Like AirMagic does. But you can get more customizable tools from WidsMob HDR.

1. Combine the 3 bracketed photos into HDR with the advanced tone mapping algorithm.

2. Adjust HDR photo parameters of tone length, tone saturation, and more.

3. Reduce the ghost-like effect caused by moving in one click.

4. Apply artificial HDR effects for free.

5. Wide support of input and output image formats.

6. Live preview with the resolution of HDR photos.

7. AirMagic similar interface.

Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Launch WidsMob HDR after installing. Click Import to import three bracketed images from your Mac computer.

Import Photo on HDR

Step 2: You can see the bracketed images in the main interface. Click Next on the lower right corner to move on.

Add Images HDR

Step 3: There will be an auto-merged HDR image in the display window. You can use tools in the right panel to make HDR effects as you like.

Make Changes HDR

Step 4: You can click Save on the lower right corner to export this HDR photo directly. Or you can click Next to move into the next window.

Step 5: Adjust the color opacity, saturation, contrast, and more parameters. You can get the HDR effect instantly. At last, click Share or Save to export your HDR image.

Adjust Effect HDR
Win Download Mac Download

This article mainly talks about AirMagic and its Mac alternative. You can get the automated photo enhancing and HDR-creating features with ease. AirMagic is a beginner-friendly photo editor. You can save time on repeating photo editing effects. AirMagic can detect the camera type you use, then make lens correction and other related photo enhancing effects automatically. But there are no extra options. The main drawback of AirMagic is that all your images look in the same style.

It’s okay if you want to post images on Instagram and other platforms. But if you still need to use other photo editors, AirMagic is not worth using. Different from AirMagic, WidsMob HDR offers the auto-HDR-creating tool and other customizing presets and parameters. You can create and edit HDR photos on Mac in one stop.