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What AppLock Is and Everything You Need to Know about AppLock App

AppLock should be an easy way for others to have access your Android phone without allowing them to dive into the areas that you do not wish them to see. Today, nothing is more precious than privacy. But even the latest smartphones do not provide the data a trustworthy security, from images to videos, from apps to games. If you search for app lock in Play Store, you will get hundreds of apps. This article focuses on the AppLock, which is one of the best app lockers. Read the introduction and review carefully before you install it on your Android phone.


Part 1: The Ultimate Review of AppLock

Under the help of AppLock, you can put a restricted access to your favorite apps and files on your Android device. As the one of the most popular app locks in Play Store, what AppLock can do exactly? Let’s start with the key features of the application as below.

1. Lock Facebook, WhatsApp, Gallery, Settings and more other apps.

2. Set up lock and hide password, pattern or fingerprint lock on apps.

3. Hide pictures, videos, app and others from pry eyes or friends.

4. Include an Incognito browser to surf on Internet privately.

5. Take photos automatically when someone tries to access locked apps.

6. Hide app icons from your app tray or home screen.

7. Offer a random keyboard to enhance the PIN code.

8. Enable or disable AppLock on the widget with one tap.

AppLock App Google Play

Pros & Cons of AppLock

Most of the app locker applications fail on providing satisfactory service and are full of bugs. AppLock might not be a perfect mobile app, it has a lot of useful features you should know.


1. Lock your phone from apps to photos, from incoming calls to settings.

2. Download and install this app from Play Store for free.

3. Support a wide range of Android devices running Android 4.0 and up.

4. Provides several ways to encrypt your private apps and files.


1. The free version asks you to view ads for each step.

2. If you want to remove ads, you have to upgrade to the premium version.

3. The interface is not very user-friendly.

4. The premium upgrade is tricky and cannot cancel.

5. The advanced features are only available in premium version, like virtual keyboard.

How to Set up AppLock on Android

Step 1: Go to your Play Store and search for applock and tap Install to get it installed on your Android phone. When prompted, tap the “Accept” button to accept the permission.

Step 2: Once you open it from your app tray, AppLock will ask you to set the PIN passcode or pattern. It is the only way to access the locked app or files later, so you’d better write it down.

Step 3: Then enter your primary email account in the “Security Email” screen for password recovery.

How to Lock Apps and Photos with AppLock

Step 1: After setup, you will be presented the main interface. Go to the “Privacy” tab and you can get all apps on your phone.

Step 2: If you want to lock an app, such as Facebook, tap the “Lock” icon next to the app. Then you can find the locked apps in the “Protect” tab.

Step 3: To lock photos and other documents, tap the “Vault” on the top ribbon. Then tap the Plus icon to open your Photo Gallery. For the first time, you need to permit it to access your Photo Gallery. Touch your personal photos and videos to add them the built-in photo vault.

How to Hide and Unhide AppLock

Step 1: In order to completely lock your apps, you can hide AppLock from your app tray. Open the AppLock app.

Step 2: Go to the “Settings” screen by tapping on the “Settings” icon on the top of the screen.

Step 3: Toggle the switch of Hide AppLock on to enable it. Then go back to your app tray and you will find the AppLock icon disappeared.

Step 4: When you want to unhide AppLock, you can open the Phone app and dial *#*#12345#*#*. That will open the AppLock app. Go to the Settings screen and disable the “Hide AppLock” option.

AppLock Storeplay Screen

Part 2: Best AppLock Alternative for Windows/Mac

What should be the best AppLock alternative for Windows and Mac? If you are looking for the alternative to AppLock to hide photos in different formats, WidsMob PhotoVault is a versatile method to lock and hide photos within your computer. It has the advanced AES-256 encryption to protect the photos with password protection.

1. Lock photos on Windows and Mac in secret albums with absolute secure.

2. Integrate the military-level encryption technology to protect your photos.

3. Work on all image formats including HEIC, JPG, PNG, RAW and more.

4. Edit, transfer, view and manage the locked photos with the original quality.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

How to Lock Photos on Windows 10 and Mac

Step 1: Install the best alternative to AppLock

Open the photo vault program on your Mac after you installed it on your PC. Enter and re-enter your password, and click the “Done” button to set up the password on your computer.

Photo Protected with Password PhotoVault

Step 2: Set up and tweak the parameters

To set the security level, you can click on the “WidsMob PhotoVault” menu and choose the “Preferences”. You can go to the “Security” tab to tweak the Security Level as “High”, which can protect the photos from exporting and sharing from the program.

Security Level PhotoVault

Step 3: Lock photos in secret album

In the main interface, go to the default Photos album and click the “Import” button at upper right side to trigger the open-file dialog. Then find and select your private photos. You can create a personal album by hitting the “Plus” icon under the “Album” section.

Photos Hidden on PhotoVault

Step 4: View locked photos with ease

Different from AppLock, WidsMob PhotoVault provides different modes to view your locked photos, locate the album and click the View menu and choose the “Play Slideshow” option. Of course, you can view the photos in full scree or thumbnail mode.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version


This article is the review of AppLock, which is one of the best app locking applications for Android. To lock your apps, settings, photos, videos and more on your phone, AppLock is always one of the best choices. If you want to lock your photos on Windows or Mac, WidsMob PhotoVault is the best AppLock alternative you have to take into consideration.

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