Audiomack Downloader – 5 Simple Ways to Download Audiomack to MP3 from a Playlist

Last Updated on March 22, 2023 by Jane Joe

How can you download all the music files of a playlist from Audiomack? If you use some online Audiomack downloaders, the only method is using the URLs of the music file. It means you have to enter all the URLs of the music files to get them offline. Is there an easy alternative to download Audiomack music files with the optimal quality in batch? Just learn more about the 5 simple methods from the article.

Audiomack Downloader

Part 1: How to Download Audiomack Music Files to MP3 with a Playlist

Instead of listening to the Audiomack music files online always, CleverGet Audiomack downloader is an all-in-one audio downloader you should try. It enables you to detect a playlist of music files via M3U8. Moreover, there are advanced algorithms to download Audiomack music files with up to 320KBPS. You can always download multiple audio files with a batch process.

1. Come with a built-in browser to download Audiomack music files.

2. Download audio files and music files from more than 1000 sites.

3. Adjust audio download numbers, destination folder, and others.

4. Extract high-quality music files as well as metadata of the audio.

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Step 1: Download and install CleverGet Audiomack downloader on your computer. Launch the program and log in to the account to download the music files from Audiomack. Click the General tab to select the maximum number of downloads and audio storage location.

CleverGet Settings

Step 2: Go to the official website and log in to your account. You can either enter the desired Audiomack URL in the browser column or search for the music files from the built-in browser. After that, you can play your music files directly with the Playlist button of the program.

CleverGet Audiomack

Step 3: Different from the Audiomack downloaders, it enables you to detect the playlist with the M3U8 format, which means you can download a series of music files within the URL. After that, find the Download icon to hover over the bottom right corner.

CleverGet Audiomack Playlists

Step 4: Select the desired audio format, music files, and quality before clicking the Download button to add the music to the download list. Once the whole download process has been done, you can find the downloaded Auiomack music files in the Audio tab of the Library.

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Part 2: How to Download Audiomack Music to MP3 on Android and iOS

Is it possible to download Auidomack music files as MP3 files on an Android or iOS device? Yes, of course. But the songs downloaded from Audiomack can only be played with the app. Here is a walk-around to extract the music files in MP3 with high quality.

Step 1: If you have already installed Audiomack, you can launch the app on your phone. Search for the desired music you want to download and tap on the file. After that, when you play the music files, you can click on the Share button on your phone.

Step 2: It enables you to download the Audiomack music with a subscription account directly. To download music files to another device, you can choose the Copy Link button from the pop-up list to get the link of the music file for downloading the music.

Step 3: Open an audio downloader with Safari, such as, or use a File Explorer. Paste the URL of the music into the app, which will detect the music automatically. After that, you can tap on the Download button to save the Audiomack music.

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Part 3: 3 Simple Methods to Download Audiomack Music Files to MP3

Method 1: Soundiiz

When it comes to getting the URLs for Audiomack music, Soundiiz is the all-in-one Audiomack downloader online. It provides a fast playlist transfer and downloader service to convert music playlists and tracks across platforms to listen offline.

Step 1: Go to Soundiiz on your web browser and log in to the account. Click the Start for free button and connect to the Audiomack service to locate your playlists quickly.

Soundiiz Start for Free

Step 2: Select the desired songs in the playlist and click the 3-dot button on the right side of the music. Click the Export as a File button in the shortcut menu that comes up.

Soundiiz URL Text File

Step 3: Click the URL text file button in the Export option that appears. After that, you can check the content to be exported again and click the Confirm button to export the Audiomack playlist as URLs.

Soundiiz Export Playlist

Method 2: 9xBUDDY

9xBUDDY is an online Audiomack downloader dedicated for extracting music files offline. It enables you to download videos, audio files, thumbnails, and subtitles from multiple websites for free. It is capable of grabbing audio 144P audio in M4A from Audiomack.

Step 1: Go to the 9xBUDDY on your web browser and enter the URL of the Audiomack music into the search box. Click the DOWNLOAD button to detect the music files from the URL.

Step 2: Select the Audio button you need to download from the options that appear and click the Download Now button to quickly download Audiomack music to your computer.


Method 3: Onvico

Onvico is another online Audiomack downloader and converter, which can quickly analyze the content in the URL and extract the related videos or audio files in MP3/MP4 files. It offers multiple audio downloader options with a super-fast CDN download.

Step 1: Go to Onvico on your web browser and copy the URL of Audiomack music. Paste the URL of the music into the search box before clicking the GO button to detect the music files.

Step 2: It will provide you with download options. Just select the desired audio format and you can save the audio. Of course, you can also use the playlist downloader to get them offline.

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When you want to download Audiomack music offline for free offline, here are the 5 workable methods you should know. Whether you need to get high-quality MP3 files on phones or computers, you can always find a suitable one from the article. If you need to download a series of music files with an M3U8 playlist and save them in 320KBPS MP3 files, CleverGet is the recommended audiomack downloader you should try.