What is Avast Photo Vault App and Whether It is Worth to Use

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Avast Photo Vault was released by the famous antivirus service, Avast Software. The photo vault app can hide and lock your personal photos on mobile devices. You may wonder what the photo vault app can do and if it is worth downloading. In this post, you can find the desired answers and other information that you should know about Avast Photo Vault. So, you can make a better decision before opening your wallet.

Avast Photo Vault Review

Part 1: A Brief Review of Avast Photo Vault

The Photo Vault is only one of the features of Avast Security & Privacy. It will protect against prying eyes and other intruders for the photos and videos on iPhones or Android phones. Should you choose a standalone photo vault app or Avast photo vault? Is there anything special for locking photos? Just read the review about the program as below.

Special Features about Avast Photo Vault

With more than 100 million installations, the Avast photo vault app should be a good option to protect your sensitive photos and privacy. Similar to other photo vault apps, it provides free download with in-app purchases. Its main features include:

  1. Lock and hide your photos in an encrypted vault on iPhone or Android.
  2. Protect your photos and videos with PIN code, Touch ID, or Face ID.
  3. Scan and verify the security of your Wi-Fi network automatically.
  4. Integrate with VPN service for browsing the Internet privately.
  5. Send you notifications once your passwords are leaked online.
  6. Alert or notification for you if your network is vulnerable or in danger.
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Brief Review of Avast Photo Vault

Avast photo vault app gets 4.7 out of 5 points, which is partly because the app is effective on photo-protection. However, the app is not perfect and you can learn the advantages and shortcomings before downloading.


  1. It includes extensive features, such as checking network security.
  2. The interface is intuitive and easy to use.
  3. The free version is enough to protect your personal photos on an iPhone.
  4. Updates and optimization features for iPad version.


  1. The VPN and secure browsing features are only available to the premium version.
  2. It does not work with other VPNs.
  3. If you want to lock unlimited photos, you have to subscribe to the service.
  4. It cannot back up your private photos.
  5. The app frequently asks you to subscribe to the premium account.
  6. It does not allow you to cancel the current subscription.

If you do not mind the drawback, the Avast photo vault app is a good method to protect your photos on iPhone and iPad. Compared to other photo vault apps, it provides more security functionalities to monitor your network and password.

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How to Use Avast Photo Vault App on Smartphone

Avast Photo Vault takes a large space with 60.3MB, you should make sure that your iOS device has enough space. It is available in various languages, like English, French, German and more. You can use the proper language when setup. Just learn more details about the process as below.

Step 1: Run the Avast Photo Vault app from your iPhone or Android phone. If you do not have it, download it from your App Store or Google Play.

Step 2: Go to the Photo Vault screen, tap the Set Passcode option and enter your password. You can set a PIN, Touch ID, or Face ID as your password.

Step 3: Then add the photos you want to lock from your Camera Roll into the photo vault app. For the first time, you need to permit the app to access your Camera Roll. Then your photos will be encrypted by your passcode and anyone cannot view them without your passcode.

Step 4: To protect photos, you can also host your passwords of email, game, and more to check the security. To check your network, go to the Wi-Fi Security screen and tap the Scan button. If you have subscribed to the premium account, head to the Secure Browsing screen, tap the Activate Secure Browsing button, and then surf the Internet privately.

Use Avast Photo Vault

Note: It cannot be denied that the Avast Photo Vault app can protect your personal photos on iPhone, but it is not suitable for everyone. If you need to access your photos regularly, for example, it is not convenient since the Avast Photo Vault app asks you to enter the password every time.

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Part 2: The Best Avast Photo Vault Alternative for PC/Mac

Avast photo vault is only available to iOS devices, which also takes a large space of your iOS device. Considering the computer has larger space and you are more likely to store photos on your computer. WidsMob MediaVault is the best Avast Photo Vault alternative on Windows and Mac. It uses the advanced media-locking algorithm to protect the photos and videos. Moreover, there are advanced features to mangage the media files and browse them directly.

  1. Provide advanced military-level security technology to protect photos.
  2. Support more image formats including RAW, HEIC than the Avast app.
  3. Edit the photos and videos, such as rotate, playback, and add to favorite.
  4. Manage the photos and videos in different albums and viewing modes.
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How to Lock Photos with Avast Photo Vault Alternative

Step 1: Set up the Avast Photo Vault alternative

Download the media vault software and install it on your computer. When you launch the program, you will be prompted to set up a password and confirm it to hide and lock the photos. Click the Done button to move on.

Set Up Password MediaVault

Step 2: Set up the vault parameters

Click the File menu and choose the Settings option from its drop-down menu. You can switch to the High level, which requires you to input the password again when you want to export, share pictures, or enter Preferences.

Set up the Security Level

Step 3: Lock and hide photos and videos

Click the Import Files button or the Import Folder button to import the photos and videos. Once you have imported the media file, right-click the Add To Album option or the Add To Favorites option to transfer to the desired album.

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Part 3: FAQs about Avast Photo Vault

1What should you do if Avast Photo Vault crashes?

Make sure you have installed the latest iOS or Android version. Restart your iPhone or Android phone completely. If the above solutions do not work, you can uninstall and reinstall Avast Photo Vault. Just send the detailed info to the developer if it still does not work.

2How to fix Avast Photo Vault not loading or working properly?

Open the Settings app on your iPhone or Android phone. Tap the Apps & Notifications option and click the View all apps option. Scroll down and tap Google Play Store. Tap the Memory Empty cache option and choose the Clear data option to find whether it works.

3Why does my Android phone run out of battery when I enable Avast?

Avast Mobile Security can reach maximally 20% battery usage at the peak of CPU use. When you test the application across multiple devices shows that all services by this app generally take up less than 5% of battery consumption. It takes a large storage space as well.


It is a review for one of the best photo vault apps for iPhone, the Avast Photo Vault app. If you are looking for a way to lock your photo on your iPhone, it is a good choice. Moreover, you can also find the best Avast Photo Vault alternative WidsMob MediaVault on your PC/Mac.

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