AVIF Converter Review – Which should be the Best Choice to Convert AVIF Files

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AVIF is more and more popular now. It is compatible with the latest iOS and macOS and is frequently used for e-commerce websites. What are the best AVIF converters to convert AVIF to JPG, PNG, animated GIF, or vice versa? Compared to JPEG and PNG, AVIF has an advanced image compression algorithm with better picture details. But there is one major restriction. Most image editors and web browsers do not support the new generation file format. When you need to take full advantage of AVIF files, here are the 6 best AVIF converters for Windows and Mac you should know.

AVIF Converter Review

Part 1: 2 Best AVIF Converters for Win/Mac

Top 1: WidsMob AVIF – All-in-One AVIF Converter

WidsMob AVIF is a versatile AVIF converter that enables you to convert JPG, PNG, TIFF, and other file formats to AVIF, or vice versa. Different from other image converters, you can also convert animated GIFs to AVIFs. It provides multiple editing features, such as rotating, resizing, adding watermarks, and cropping. Moreover, it enables you to preserve transparency, adjust the image quality, and more.

1. Convert other photo formats to AVIF/AVIFs or vice versa within one click.

2. Rotate photos, resize images in 4 methods, add text watermark, and more.

3. Extract every frame of animated GIFs into AVIF files or animated AVIFs.

4. Provide selected photo conversion or convert AVIF files in a batch process.

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Step 1: Download and install WidsMob AVIF, you can launch the program on your computer. After that, you can click the Import button to upload the JPEG or AVIF files. Of course, simply drag-and-drop the desired images to convert AVIF photos in batches.

Import Photos WidsMob AVIF

Step 2: Click the arrow next to the Convert button and choose the Convert Selected Images option to convert the selected photos only. Of course, you can simply click the Convert button or choose the Convert All Images option to convert all photos.

Convert Single AVIF Photo

Step 3: When you go to the editing windows, enable the Resize option in the left menu and choose the desired resizing mode, such as the By Width option to resize the AVIF images. Moreover, you can rename the files, rotate and flip the photos, and add watermarks.

Edit AVIF Mode

Step 4: Once you have edited the photos, you can click the Batch Convert button to choose the destination folder. It enables you to tweak photo format, file quality, and even the duration of AVIF files. After that, click the Convert button to convert JPEG to AVIF, or AVIF to JPEG.

Choose File Format AVIF

Note: The AVIF converter also supports AVIFs and animated GIFs. Make sure you have selected the animated GIF only when you need to convert GIF to AVIFs. Or else, it will extract each frame of the animated GIF into a series of AVIF files.

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Top 2: Pixillion Image Converter

Pixillion Image Converter is another versatile AVIF converter that supports JPEG, GIF, PNG, and more. It provides multiple features, like resizing files, adding text captions, and more. But when you need to convert animated video file formats, such as AVIFs to animated GIFs, you have to download the Prism Video Converter instead.

1. Provide image conversion for more than 40 still images, including AVIF.

2. Support batch AVIF to PNG/JPEG conversion with hardware acceleration.

3. Edit photos with resize, flip, rotate, caption, watermark, and other features.

4. Update the metadata of the image files uploaded to the AVIF converter.

Step 1: Once you have installed Pixillion Image Converter, you can launch the program on your computer. Click the Add File(s) button to add the desired files to the AVIF converter.

Step 2: Click the Resize button from the Home menu, where you can choose the Custom frame size option to resize the AVIF photos. You can click the Add Effect button to add the text.

Step 3: When you get everything done, you can choose the .avif option from the drop-down list on the right side. Select the output file folder before clicking the Convert button.

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Part 2: Top 4 AVIF Converters Online

When you need to convert AVIF to JPEG or PNG, or vice versa, online AVIF converters should be helpful. But most of them do not work with AVIFs or editing features. Here are 4 frequently used online AVIF converters to get the desired photos for free.

Top 3: Cloudconvert

CloudConvert is an online AVIF converter to convert still AVIF files to multiple file formats, including BMP, ICO, JPG, PSD, GIF, PNG, and more. It provides the basic editing features to adjust the image resolution, quality as well as size of the image files. But it does not support the AVIF file formats or makes some AVIF conversion presets.

1. Convert AVIF to JPG, PNG, PDF, GIF, and more than 200 file formats.

2. Provide multiple photo quality settings, including size, fit, strip, and more.

3. Select the AVIF or other files from a computer, URL, Google Drive, etc.

4. Provide custom API integration to use and convert AVIF files with apps.

CloudConvert AVIF Converter

Top 4: Convertio

Convertio is another popular online AVIF conversion tool to convert AVIF files to PNG, JPEG, and animated GIF without downloading extra software. It supports more than 300 file formats for all devices. It enables you to convert AVIF files to PDF, AI, and even DOC files. But you cannot find the settings to adjust the output files.

1. Convert AVIF to JPG, PNG, SVG, PDF, WebP, and others, or vice versa.

2. Choose photos from a folder, Google Drive, Dropbox, and cloud services.

3. Convert AVIF or other formats up to 100MB without registering accounts.

4. Delete the uploaded and converted files after 24 hours to protect privacy.

Convertio AVIF Converter

Top 5: MConverter

What should you do if you need to convert some large files or preserve the original file quality? MConverter is desired AVIF converter that supports files up to 100MB. Moreover, you can also use the online converter to convert AVIF files in batches with hotkeys. But you have to subscribe to MConverter Premium to convert a large AVIF.

1. Convert AVIF to multiple video formats, photo formats, and PDF files.

2. Add AVIF files from a folder, paste the photos for conversion, and more.

3. Provide auto download, batch conversion, process notification, etc.

4. No account or installation is required for converting the AVIF images.

MConverter AVIF Converter

Top 6: EZGIF

EZGIF is an online AVIF converter, which you can create, resize, crop, invert, optimize, and apply some effects to AVIF files. It not only works with photo formats but also converts AVIF files from animated GIF and APNG files. But it is not fully compatible with the animated AVIF or AVIFs. You should also find it difficult to edit the AVIF files online.

1. Supports files up to 50MB for APNG, AVIF, AVIFs, HEIC, and others.

2. Create AVIF files, convert them, rotate photos, and even edit AVIF files.

3. Provide a fast and easy barcode image generator for AVIF conversion.

4. Convert the desired AVIF files or even upload a ZIP archive with images.

EZGIF AVIF Converter


If you want to convert the AVIF file format or vice versa, just choose the desired AVIF converters mentioned above. It is a complete review with detailed features. When you need the all-in-one AVIF converter, WidsMob AVIF should be the optimal choice.

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