Do You Need to Use AVIF for Your Website? The Ultimate Guide of AVIF for Your Reference

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As the new generation photo format, AVIF file format is used for more and more websites, such as Etsy and other e-commerce websites. Why do these websites choose AVIF? What are the benefits of the file format? When you need to learn more details about AVIF or AVIFs, or even manage the photo format, here is the ultimate guide you should know.

AVIF file format

Part 1: What is an AVIF File Format

AVIF file format is a new image format that is expected to later replace JPG in the market. It is first announced by Netflix on February 14, 2020 and is based on the open-source AV1 video codec. AVIF is a file format that has a smaller size but the same or higher image quality than JPG. It supports any image codec, and both lossy and lossless encoding. Because AVIF format also supports HDR color, it can provide higher brightness, color bit depth, and color gamut. Moreover, AVIF has both still and animation images. The animation AVIF file uses AVIFs as the file extension. However, there is one major restriction for the file format, only Chrome version 85 and Firefox version 86 currently supports AVIF format files.


Part 2: What are the Benefits of AVIF Files

Why should you choose the AVIF files? JPEG should be the most popular used photo format because of the small file size. Moreover, it works on all platforms. Should you switch from JPEG to AVIF? Here are some basic benefits of AVIF file format you should know.

1. Free and Open Source

AVIF format has an open-source codec, which means the format can be used for most platforms without extra charge. Since JPEG is also a royal-free photo format, it should be an important reason, but not the foremost one. Google, Amazon, Netflix, Microsoft, and more players are voting for AVIF as the new generation photo format.

2. Small in image size

AVIF format meets the requirements of modern image formats. Some AVIF files can reduce the image size by 50% compared to JPG or PNG, but do not cause much damage to the image quality. Moreover, it can preserve the transparent background of PNG files. Compared to WebP, which is another new image format, it can compress images to smaller sizes.

3. Provide advanced features

It provides high-quality images, like HDR images with color intensity greater than 8 bits. AVIF is also one of the first image formats to support HDR. It is supporting full-resolution 10-bit and 12-bit colors, which allows images to have better picture detail and color. Moreover, it has both lossy compression and lossless compression and extended color space.

Part 3: How to Convert JPEG/PNG/WebP to AVIF

How to convert JPEG, PNG, WebP, or even animated GIF to AVIF files? Since the AVIF has better quality with a smaller size, you can only find some limited online AVIF converters. Is there an all-in-one AVIF viewer, converter, and manager to get the desired AVIF photos for your website?

WidsMob AVIF is a versatile AVIF viewer and converter, which enables you to browse still AVIF and animated AVIFs from any website, and edit the photos via rotating, resizing, adding watermarks, and more. You can also convert JPEG/PNG/WebP/TIFF to AVIF and even animated GIF to AVIFs. It should be the ultimate AVIF toolkit you should use for your website.

1. Browse AVIF, AVIFs, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF, animated GIF, and other files.

2. Edit photos, such as rotating, resizing, renaming, adding watermarks, etc.

3. Convert JPG, PNG, BMP, and TIFF to AVIF, GIF to AVIFs, and vice versa.

4. Provide batch conversion, adjust file quality, choose file format, and more.

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Step 1: Download and install WidsMob AVIF, you can launch the program on your computer and click the Import button to upload the desired photos, such as AVIF, AVIFs, JPEG, and others. Of course, you can drag the images to the program.

Import Photos WidsMob AVIF

Step 2: It enables you to browse the AVIF and AVIFs files directly within the program. Just click the Convert button to enter the editing window. You can also click the arrow next to the button and choose the Convert Selected Images option or the Convert All Images option to edit or convert the desired photos only.

Convert Single AVIF Photo

Step 3: Click the Crop button in the upper right corner to cut out the desired part. There are multiple editing features, such as renaming, resizing, rotating & flipping, adding text watermarks, and more. Besides, you can tweak the related settings to get the desired AVIF files for your website.

Resize PNG to AVIF Win

Step 4: Click the Batch Convert button and choose the AVIF option as the output format. You can also adjust the quality and duration to reduce the file size. After that, you can click the Convert button to save the AVIF photos to your computer.

Convert AVIF or Vice Versa Win

Note: When you need to convert animated GIFs to AVIFs, you have to select animated GIFs or WebP files, or else, the program will convert each frame of the animated GIF to a series of still AVIF files.

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Part 4: FAQs about AVIF Files

1Which web browser should I choose to view AVIF files?
Both Google Chrome and Firefox support AVIF photos. More other companies such as Amazon, Netflix, and Microsoft have been supporting the AVIF format. Moreover, Apple is also thinking of joining. As time goes by, more and more web browsers will support the AVIF format.
2What are the disadvantages of the AVIF file format?
Every coin has two sides. Besides the mentioned above advantages of the AVIF file format, there are also some disadvantages of the AVIF file format, such as mobile compatibility and the AVIF decoding will consume a lot of CPU and battery.
3Is there a built-in AVIF viewer for Windows or Mac?
No. You can only browse the AVIF with Chrome or Firefox. Of course, you can also use an AVIF viewer or install the AVIF codec to browse the AVIF or AVIFs photos. But when you need to convert or manage the AVIF files, WidsMob AVIF is always the initial choice.


The AVIF format is definitely a format worth using. It's powerful, the file size is still small and the image quality is high. If you want to use it, you can choose a professional AVIF converter and viewer to help you out. Just free download WidsMob AVIF to find out whether it works.

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