HEVC Player – 5 Best Programs to Play 4K Videos with H.265 Codec

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What is an HEVC player? HEVC/H.265 is a cutting-edge compression format that you have never heard of. Just in simple, the HEVC standard is more advanced than H.264 codec. In this regard, a common question is how to play the 4K videos with the HEVC video codec. Can you play 4K videos with HEVC codec on any media player? What are the best HEVC players? Find out by reading this article for HEVC H.265 video codec.

Best HEVC Player

Part 1: Is It Possible to Play HEVC Directly with HEVC Codec

HEVC video has become increasingly popular. HEVC is now the default video compression format for iPhones and 4K UHD Blu-rays. When you cannot play 4K H.265 videos, can you install the HEVC codec to turn any media player into an HEVC player?

Yes, you can play any HEVC file directly with HEVC codec on your PC or Mac. Video files encoded with High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) or H.265 video is supported in Windows 10/11.

But Windows 10 does not include Microsoft's certified codecs, which the company charges for. You have to spend $0.99 to play the high-quality video format.

For apps like Microsoft's Movies & TV video player (included with Windows 10) and other PC apps that take advantage of the built-in codecs, HEVC codecs are required to turn any media player into an HEVC player.

You'll need the codecs to enable built-in support. These are not included with the most recent versions of Windows 10, but must be purchased separately from the Microsoft Store. These codecs are also necessary for applications that use your PC's system codecs to encode video in the HEVC (H.265) standard.

HEVC Video Extension Win Download Mac Download

Part 2: All-in-One HEVC Player to Play iPhone HEVC and HEIC

Is there a method to open HEVC and HEIC from iPhone without an extra video codec? Instead of the camcorders, you might simply take videos with iOS devices now. WidsMob Viewer Pro is one of the best HEVC players that enable you to browse all files from iPhone and iPad, manage the videos in the media library, and save the video to another video format.

  1. View the HEVC videos in MP4, HEIC photos, and JPEG from iOS devices.
  2. Provide an easy and simple method to view and manage HEVC videos.
  3. One-click any HEIC or HEVC to open the media files in the same folder.
  4. Manage the HEVC files, select files, remove the movies or share them.
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Step 1: Once you have installed WidsMob Viewer Pro, you can launch the program and locate the HEVC files from your computer. It enables you to browse the HEVC videos in thumbnails. Double-clicking on an HEVC file will allow you to view it in full-screen mode.

Browse Video in Thumbnail Viewer

Step 2: Click the Play button to browse the HEVC video. It enables you to adjust the audio volume during the playback process. Moreover, you can navigate to another video by clicking the slider and play all the HEVC videos from your iPhone or iPad easily.

Playback Video Viewer Pro

Step 3: Just click the Trash icon to remove the HEVC files to the trash bin within the program. Moreover, you can also drag-and-drop the video to the desktop or another folder. Of course, you can also click the Share button to send the HEVC files.

Delete Photos on Viewer Win Download Mac Download

Part 3: 5 Best HEVC Players on Windows and Mac

Top 1: 5K Player – Free H.265 HEVC Players for 4K/5K Videos

5K Player is an authentic HEVC H.265 video player, which plays 1080P or 4K videos within the original video quality. The H.265/HEVC player is free to download and use to play your H.265 encoded 4K/5K/8K 360-degree super HD videos naturally and without effort.

  1. Play HEVC H.265 video in any format, including MKV, MP4, and AVI.
  2. Wirelessly stream audio/video via AirPlay & DLNA, zero quality loss.
  3. Provide hardware acceleration to play HEVC video with original quality.
  4. Manage playlist to build your personal multimedia library within clicks.
5K Player HEVC Player

Top 2: PowerDVD – Professional HEVC Player for 4K Vidoes

When you need to have the best audio-visual experience, PowerDVD is the best HEVC player. It not only provides the capabilities to easy organizational tools, but also manages your complete media library in this application. You can enjoy, enhance, and share all HEVC videos.

  1. Support HEVC codec 4K and 8K videos with HDR10 compatibility.
  2. Play high-quality HEVC from Blu-rays, ISO files, and Ultra HD videos.
  3. Seamlessly continue watching from the exact point where you left off.
  4. Compatible with Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Fire TV, and more devices.
Cyberlink PowerDVD HEVC Player

Top 3: DivX Player – Play and Convert HEVC Files for Free

DivX Player is a superb HEVC player that supports DivX HEVC video with the HEVC plugin, as well as regular DivX and DivX Plus. It flicks through different soundtracks to hear features like the director’s commentary, or convert HEVC to MP4 with ease.

  1. Play HEVC codec DivX, AVI, MKV, and others in up to 4K-resolution.
  2. Provide a fast and efficient HEVC playback and without a codec pack.
  3. Create HEVC/music playlists and make them easy to open albums.
  4. Apply GPU-assisted acceleration and enhancement for HEVC playback.
DIVX Player HEVC Player Win Download Mac Download

Top 4: GOM Player – Find Codec and Repair Damaged HEVC Player

If you cannot play an HEVC video file, the GOM player is the right HEVC player you should try. It allows you to find a codec for the unsupported video format and play damaged files or a file being downloaded. Moreover, you can also play 360-degree video in a high level of immersion in 360-degree mode.

  1. Support most video codecs and video formats, including HEVC.
  2. Play high-resolution, 4K UHD videos smoothly without buffering.
  3. Search and sync subtitles for the movies being played automatically.
  4. Provide a simple user interface to play videos for free without any Ads.
GOM Player

Top 5: WidsMob MediaVault – Browse, Hide, and Manage HEVC Videos

When you need to playback videos secretly without any track on your Windows or Mac, WidsMob MediaVault is the HEVC video player to enjoy some private videos and images with an excellent audio-visual experience. One-click or switch to another app to lock the playback window.

  1. Play private photos and videos within the all-in-one HEVC player.
  2. Hide the imported videos that are not searchable from your PC/Mac.
  3. Provide different security levels to protect media files from others.
  4. Manage the photos with different folders, delete files and export them.
Sort the Media File MediaVault Win Download Mac Download

Part 4: FAQs about HEVC Player You Should Know

1Can I play HEVC videos with VLC Media Player?

The HEVC codec is compatible with VLC Media Player, and some HEVC modules should be included by default. Just open VLC Media Player and select the Tools button. Click the Plugins and Extensions option to download the HEVC codec for VLC Media Player.

2Where can I download the HEVC codec?

On the site free-codecs.com, you may download the HEVC Video Extension for Windows 10 and later for free. Newer Intel 7th Generation Core processors and GPUs can use the HEVC codec to playback 4K and Ultra HD videos with the original quality.

3Is HEVC H.265 better than MP4 H.264?

A worthy successor to H.264 is the HEVC codec, or High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC). At the same level of video quality, this newer standard offers 25% to 50% better data compression. At the same bitrate, it provides high-quality films.


Here are the 7 best HEVC players to enjoy HEVC-encoded 1080P, 4K, or 8K videos. Whether you download the HEVC video online or capture live videos from Facebook. Choose the desired H.265 players to make high-quality playback a breeze. WidsMob Viewer Pro is highly recommended because it can play the most popular video and photo formats without installing additional codec packs.

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