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10 Best Big Eyes App to Enlarge, Enhance and Makeup Eyes on Different Platforms

The big eyes are playing a key role of beauty, which also considered one of the significant elements of goodliness. Just take advantage of the cosmetics that if applied professionally can make small eyes look rounder, wider and larger. If you just need to makeup a portrait for social media with enlarged eyes, here are the 10 best big eyes apps available to iOS, Android and even your computers. Just learn more details from the big eye app review and choose the desired one accordingly.

Big Eyes App

Part 1: 5 Best Big Eyes Applications for Android

Top 1: Camera 360

Camera 360 is a popular selfie photo editor with funny stickers. The big eye app contains the professional editing tools and all themed funny stickers and motion stickers, art filters, poster templates and video effects.


1. Integrate a camera for capturing selfies and portrait images.

2. Apply motion sticker, 3D sticker and more other photo stickers.

3. Real-time makeup beauty including big eyes, whiten tooth, etc.

4. Include over one hundred photo filters to create unique feel.


1. The big eyes app will not save your selfies directly.

2. The latest stickers need to purchase within the app.

Camera 360 App

Top 2: Candy Camera

Candy Camera is the big eye app that allows you to add filters and effects to your photos. It provides a diverse range of filters, which designed specifically for selfies to enlarge your eyes and optimize portrait images.


1. Take beautiful selfies and portrait anywhere and anytime.

2. Integrate a diverse range of filters for making special effects.

3. Equip additional editing tools to widen eyes, conceal eye bags, etc.

4. Release new animated stickers frequently.


1. The selfie touchup app is not available to the latest systems.

2. The photo quality is not very good as the other apps.

Candy Camera

Top 3: YouCam Makeup

YouCam Makeup provides the advanced AR makeup and selfie camera app. The big eye app enables you to try makeup look from hundreds of beauty brand products as desired.


1. Analyze your skin and score it to help you keep your skin healthy.

2. Contain the live streaming makeup tutorials to touchup portrait.

3. Apply hundreds of eye makeup options to make them larger.

4. Adjust and change skin tone and other elements within taps.


1. The advanced features require inner app purchase.

2. It is large and takes up much space on iPhone or Android.

YouCam Perfect

Top 4: InstaBeauty Selfie Camera

InstaBeauty Selfie Camera is a specially designed big eye app for selfies with its brilliant filters and stickers. Just choose and apply the desired snappy and motion stickers from a huge collection for your portrait image.


1. Contain more than one hundred beautiful makeup styles and filters.

2. Remove white heads, eye bags, acnes and more within one click.

3. Zoom in and out an area to view the comparison details.

4. Include Emoji stickers, teeth whitening and other amazing features.


1. You should purchase most items for the big eye app.

2. It is only compatible with Android operation system.


Top 5: Beauty Camera

When you have taken photos in dark room, the face or object will not look as beautiful as usual. Beauty Camera is a big eye app to optimize the dark room effects and apply more makeover magic effects.


1. Take portrait photos and apply the real-time filters simply.

2. Adjust brightness, tonal, contrast and more other options.

3. Make your selfies perfect including enlarge your eyes.

4. Share touched images via Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.


1. It is available to the Android smartphone only.

2. You have to view annoying ads to exchange free features.

Beauty Camera

Part 2: 5 Best Big Eyes Applications for iOS

Top 6: Facetune 2

Facetune 2 is the next generation of the award-winning big eye app, which is complete with a new, amazing collection of the best pro retouching features, including the eye enlarge features.


1. Provide extensive functionalities including an eye enhancer.

2. Smooth skin and remove blemishes with your fingers easily.

3. Apply filters, makeup, stickers and more other elements.

4. Tweak balance skin color and correct light automatically.


1. The unlimited access to all features is available to subscribers.

2. The big eyes app requires iOS 11 and later.


Top 7: AirBrush

When you want to remove wrinkles, blemishes, acne and other imperfections, enlarge eyes, edit the skin of your image, AirBrush is the desired big eye app to enhance and touchup portrait images.


1. Reshape your eyes, nose, face, cheek, lip and more others.

2. Select your face or any object for enlarging eyes with ease.

3. Apply filters and makeup with gestures with frequently update.

4. Get the desired photo editing tips from social media.


1. It lacks the camera functionality and other essential features.

2. The latest updates are only accessible for subscribers.


Top 8: YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect enables you to add contours to your face, remove eye bags, enlarge your eyes and allow you to connect with like-minded airbrush addicts through its social community.


1. Capture portrait images or import selfies from your camera roll.

2. Apply amazing filters and create photo collages with creative frames.

3. Offer a cloud backup functionality to access photos across devices.

4. Optimize the facial point as well as the full-body portraits with ease.


1. Cannot output photos in high quality without the premium account.

2. It requires the latest operating systems to use the big eye app.

YouCam Perfect

Top 9: Visage Lab

Visage Lab provides the professional beauty laboratory and big eye app for your facial photos that enlarges your eyes, removes pimples and wrinkles, outline the eyes and whiten the teeth in seconds.


1. Automatic detects and retouches your face in your portrait photos.

2. Enlarge and enhance your eyes though makeup with artistic effects.

3. Remove red eye, blemishes, eye bags and more.

4. Correct various elements, like whiten teeth, remove pimples, etc.


1. The advanced features are only available in the pro version.

2. The free big eyes app does not allow you to output in high quality.

Visage Lab

Top 10: BeautyPlus

BeautyPlus is the desired big eyes app that will get rid of your acne, make you taller and slimmer, and make your eyes look brighter among a host of other photo-retouching options.


1. Include over 30 editing tools for retouching your portrait photos.

2. Resize your eyes with your fingers and gestures within clicks.

3. Detect and makeup your face in the photo with simple steps.

4. Share the output photos to social media websites.


1. Items need to purchase in the big eyes app though it is free to use.

2. It may crash if your mobile phone does not have enough space.


Part 3: Best Big Eyes Program for PC/Mac

Is there a professional big eyes app that enables you to make the eyes larger, brighter, or even make up the eye colors, eyelashes, eyeliners and more? When you want to edit the eyes as a profession, WidsMob Portrait Pro is a desired method to enlarge eyes as desired. Moreover, you can also manage the skin, enhance the portrait, or even makeup portrait with ease.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

1. Detect your portrait in the photos automatically using the AI technology.

2. Resize and enhance your eyes, nose, lip or other elements with ease.

3. Provide the enlarge eyes, brighten eyes, optimize eyelashes and more.

4. Create and modify presets for applying to multiple photos at one time.

Portrait Enhancement Pro

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version


Nowadays, reshaping your eyes in the photos is not a difficult task if you are using a powerful big eyes app. Just choose a desired one for your Android phone or iPhone. Of course, you can also use the best alternative to enlarge eyes as profession with WidsMob Portrait Pro.

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