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As one of the most popular online dating apps, Bumble is not for everyone. Girls dislike making the first move and Guys hate it because they can’t comment on prompts immediately like other platforms. To successful with online dating, it’s important to make a good Bumble profile, since it is the first impression. What should be the best Bumble profile examples and how to enhance the headshot profile? There are a few steps anyone can take to build a solid Bumble profile and you can learn all of them in this guide.

Bumble Profile Examples

Part 1: 10 Best Bumble Profile Examples & Bios for Guys and Girls

It is difficult to do creativity Bumble profile that can attract more attention. The article identifies and shares a list of Bumble profile examples here. You can get some ideas and inspirations as below.

Two Truth One Lie

Two Truths, One Lie

-I accidentally attended a Taylor Swift concert in London.

-Interpol interrogated me while traveling in Morocco.

-I make the best espresso martinis.

Put All in Table

Put All in Table

-I never read software licensing agreements…just click agree.

-I’m a rebel…sometimes I wash my light with my darks.

-If you can look past all that…swipe right.

Use Emoji Expression

Harness the Power of Emojis

-I love coffee and dog. Fan of that thing called the gym. My dog will attend all my dates. So you can bring some milk bone to win him over.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons

-Pros: cats love me

-Cons: deathly allergic to cats

Describe Yourself

Describe Yourself

Nothing is more objectively to reflect who you are than the evaluation of people around you.

Show Your Hobbies

Show Your Hobbies

-I do like the occasional Netflix binge, but limited my favorite shows, while nightclubs are worth it when traveling overseas.

I am Hoping You

I am Hoping You

Write down some of your expectations with no over demanding.

I were President

If I were President

It is a good way to mix aspiration and silly views, seriousness and humor.

Grateful Things

Grateful Things

This is another open Bumble profile, and it helps others to learn important things in your life.

World Would Be Better Topic

World Would Be Better

This Bumble profile is one of the wide open possibilities for a response. You can deliver your passion, ideologies and more.

Part 2: The Professional Method to Enhance Bumble Headshot Profile

In addition to Bumble bio examples, a great portrait is important for a good Bumble profile. WidsMob Portrait Pro is one of the best Bumble headshot profile editor, which enables you to manage the skin, enhance the portrait, or even have virtual makeup. Moreover, you can apply a series of portrait filters within one click with preset.

  1. Detect and scan the Bumble headshot with advanced AI algorithm.
  2. Manage the skin area, enhance the portrait and have virtual makeup.
  3. Tweak the colors, presets, position, and more other filter parameters.
  4. Customize and apply a series of portrait filters for one preset in a click.
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How to Make a Good Bumble Profile Picture

Step 1: Launch WidsMob Portrait Pro after you install the program on your computer. Then click the Select Photos button to import the Bumble profile picture into the program. Moreover, you can also drag and drop the photos into the program for editing.

Add Portrait Image

Step 2: The thumbnail will show up at the bottom and the original photo appears in the preview panel. Go to the Preset tab from the right side and choose a proper one, such as Slight Smoothing. Moreover, you can also tweak the other parameters to polish the Bumble profile.

Edit Portrait

Step 3: After Bumble profile picture editing. You can click the Export button to trigger the save-as dialog. Write down a file name in the Save as box, and add some tags. Then click the Where option and select a folder to save the Bumble profile pictures to your computer.

Export Portrait Bumble

Note: Bumble supports you to upload a profile from online services, like Google Drive.

Part 3: FAQs about How to Make a Good Bumble Profile

1Should You Choose Group Photos as the Main Bumble Profile?

No. When you use a group photo as the main bumble profile, others should be confused with your profile. It is the first impression of you, instead of the group members. As for the case, you’ll have enough hurdles to jump over later, keep this one simple.

2How to Choose the Best Bumble Profile Picture?

When you need to choose the best bumble profile pictures, you have to pay attention to the light, wearing, expression, and more others. Just treat the bumble profile photo like an ad campaign, or else, you are only as attractive as your worst photo.

3What Should Be Included for Bumble Profile?

To make a successful Bumble profile, you can create some topic that others can talk to you about. You can get the conversational ball rolling by asking others a question in your Bumble profile. Moreover, you can create go to messages as you write your profile.


Based on the sharing above, you should understand that it is not as difficult as you through to make a good Bumble profile. The article shares the 10 best Bumble examples you should know. Moreover, you can also make your profile pictures perfect with WidsMob Portrait Pro with the guide. Just free download and use the step-by-step guide and practical tips from the article.

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