Christmas Photo Frames

How to Make Christmas Photo Frames

Christmas is one of the most important moments a year. Many people prefer to take funny, touching or interesting photos related to Christmas, like family gathering, travelling, Christmas gifts, and so on. It is boring to simply save or share these pictures. Making a Christmas photo frame is a good idea to beautify your photos. Although you can create a photo frame with professional photo editors, like Photoshop, it is more convenient to utilize the online photo frame services. Some photo editors are not only free to charge, but also having plentiful Christmas photo frames. So we will introduce some best Christmas photo frame makers to help you polish your photos.

Christmas Photo Frames

Part 1. Photo Fun Maker

As its name said, Photo Fun Maker is a fun frame photo maker. It has extensive photo frames, including Christmas photo frames. And you can customize and redesign the frames by yourself.

1. When you are ready to make Christmas photo frames, you can visit in your browser.

2. In its home page, type Christmas in the search engine and press Search button with magnifier icon to go to Christmas photo frames page. Or you can scroll down frame category area and choose Christmas Photo Frames.

3. In Christmas photo frame page, Photo Fun Maker displays the effect of every Christmas photo frame. You can choose your favorite one to continue.

4. When the editing page opens, you can upload your Christmas pictures by clicking on Upload image option or hit the fill area.

5. Photo Fun Maker allows users to input their words on the frame. You can enter your blessing words in text field and customize the Font from drop-down list. Then press Add Text button to save the words on the frame.

6. Finally, tap on Save image button to download the output to computer.

Part 2. LoonaPix

LoonaPix is an online photo editor with plentiful image frames. If you want to make Christmas photo frames and share the output on social media, you can use LoonaPix without paying any penny.

1. Input in the address bar of your browser and press Enter key to access LoonaPix.

2. When the home page shows up, choose Photo frames on the top ribbon to go to frames page.

3. Then locate to left side menu area and select Merry Christmas under Effect Then all the Christmas photo frames will appear on the right panel. You can choose your favorite one to go on.

4. In Christmas photo frames making page, tap on Browse button to import your photo from local hard drive to LoonaPix. Then you can make some basic editing work, like rotate and zoom.

5. When the Christmas photo is done, click on SAVE IMAGE button to save the changes and Download or Share the output.

Loonapix Screenshot

Part 3. Photo Funny

Photo Funny is another photo frame database with hundreds of photo frames. Although Photo Funny does not have gorgeous skin, it provides easy-to-use features related to making Christmas photo frames.

1. Go to in any browser to beautify your Christmas photos before sharing them online.

2. You can search Christmas in Photo Funny’s search engine in upper right corner or scroll down to the category area and choose Christmas.

3. Then all the Christmas image frames will show up in one page. You can select a photo frame and press Start button to start editing.

4. Tap on choose photo to upload your Christmas photo from computer. If you want Photo Funny crop your photo according to the frame, you can check the box of Automatically adjust.

5. After uploaded, tap on Next button to go to preview page. If you are satisfied with the output, tap on Finish to go to save page.

6. Finally, you can decide to Download image to your computer or Share image on social media.

Part 4. De-noise Christmas photos

When you make Christmas photo frames online, you may discover that the frames are all high solutions. If your Christmas photos have noise or grains, the output will be poor. It is unnecessary to throw the imperfect Christmas photo away, because you can de-noise these photos with WidsMob Denoise. This smart photo editor could reduce the noise and grains on photos automatically. And it has the ability to deal with multiple photos in bulk. Moreover, the usage of Photo Denoise is simple.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

1. Launch Photo Denoise and press Import button to upload the imperfect Christmas photos you’d like to enhance. You can import photos in bulk by opening a folder.

Open Denoise

2. Photo Denoise could scan and reduce the luminance noise and chrominance noise automatically. And you can modify the parameters manually.

Denoise Image Process

3. If you want to highlight the details, you can use Sharpness option.

Portrait Noise

4. When the photos are done, tap on Save button to save the outputs in high quality files.

Then you can make Christmas photo frames and enjoy the perfect outputs.


This article has introduced the best online Christmas photo frames makers. They all provide free services and plentiful Christmas photo frames. If you want to make your Christmas photo funny, you can try these Christmas photo frame makers. Before making Christmas photo frame, you’d better enhance and de-noise the photos with WidsMob Denoise. The high quality photos produced by Photo Denoise are more likely to get the effect you wish.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version