Convert HEIC to JPG Online and Free – 6 Efficient Methods You Should Know

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Is it possible to convert HEIC to JPEG online? HEIC is an excellent file format that small in file sizes while maintaining the same quality. When you want to store more photos on your iPhone, you might save shots in HEIC. The problem is that HEIC files are not yet universally compatible by the ecosystem outside of Apple. To convert HEIC to JPEG online, you can learn more about 6 most efficient methods from the article.

How to Convert HEIC to JPEG Online

Part 1: 5 Best Methods to Convert HEIC to JPG Online

Top 1: How to Convert HEIC to JPG by HEIC Online

HEIC Online is a free HEIC to JPG converter online, which there is no option related to payment or signup. It allows you to upload up to 100 HEIC images at online time. Plus, it provides basic options, like resize.

Step 1: Go to HEIC online in your browser to open the home page directly.

Step 2: Click the blue Add HEIC files button and upload the HEIC images that you want to convert.

Step 3: Choose the JPEG option from the drop-down list, and then tweak the Quality option.

Step 4: Hit the Convert button and then download the JPG image results.

HEIC Online

Top 2: How to Save HEIC as JPG on Convertio

Convertio is another online HEIC to JPG converter. You can process up to 5 HEIC images per time with the maximum file size is 100MB. Different from the other online converters, this web app dose offers any custom option.

Step 1: Open Convertio in any browser, then pull down the dropdown box to select the JPEG option.

Step 2: Click the Choose Files button to upload HEIC images, or even upload images from Google Drive, Dropbox or URL.

Step 3: Hit the Convert button to convert HEIC to JPEG online. Download or share the JPG images after the whole process.

Convertio HEIC to JPEG

Top 3: How to Convert HEIC to JPG via OnlineConvertFree

OnlineConvertFree can convert a HEIC to JPG online one time. Rather than a simple photo converter, it provides a wide range of tools for free, like photo compress, crop, rotate and more.

Step 1: Access to Online Convert Free in browser and choose the CONVERT menu to convert HEIC to JPEG online.

Step 2: Find the target HEIC image on your computer, select it, and drag and drop the file. Choose the JPEG option from the format dropdown.

Step 3: Click the Convert button. When the download page appears, get your JPG image to your computer.


Top 4: How to Change HEIC to JPG with IMG2GO

IMG2GO is another HEIC to JPG converter online free to use. It allows you to upload HEIC images from computer, Dropbox, Google Drive or even a URL. Moreover, you can polish your image before converting.

Step 1: Visit IMG2GO in your browser. Find the HEIC images within Explorer window, and drag and drop them into the online photo converter.

Step 2: If you want to customize the photos, you can go to the Optional Settings section to tweak the settings.

Step 3: Click the Start button to begin the process. Wait for it to done and save HEIC as JPG on your computer.


Top 5: How to Convert HEIC to JPG Using OnlineConverter

Since OnlineConverter has an easy user interface, which can meet your basic need on HEIC to JPG conversion online. It is able to process a HEIC image up to 200MB at one time.

Step 1: Open Online Converter in a web browser and click the Choose File button to upload a HEIC image that you need to save as JPG.

Step 2: If you want to resize the image, check the Options icon and tweak the settings directly.

Step 3: Click the Convert button to convert HEIC to JPEG online. When prompted, download the JPG image to your hard drive.

Online Converter

Part 2: The Best Alternative to Convert HEIC to JPG Online

Besides the file size limitation, the online HEIC to JPG converters are not stable. Moreover, it is not a good idea to upload your private HEIC images to websites although they promise to delete your photos after the conversion. WidsMob HEIC is a versatile method to browse and convert HEIC files. It enables you to rotate the image, resize the files, or even convert the HEIC files to JPEG/PNG/TIFF/GIF.

  1. Batch convert unlimited HEIC images to JPG/PNG/GIF in one click.
  2. Extract multiple JPEG files or a GIF file from a HEICs or HEIFs.
  3. Rotate the images, resize the HEIC files or rename the photos.
  4. Keep or discard the metadata after converting photos as desired.
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How to Batch Convert HEIC to JPG on Desktop

Step 1: Launch the HEIC to JPG converter after you install WidsMob HEIC on your computer. Click the Import button to open the HEIC files that you wish to convert. Alternatively, drag and drop the HEIC photos into the home interface to add them directly.

Add HEIC Photos

Step 2: Once you have imported the HEICs, you can double click any HEIC file to view the full-screen HEIC file. Moreover, you can also rotate the images, resize the HEIC files in 4 different modes, or even convert HEIC to multiple photo formats.

Open HEIC in Windows

Step 3: Select the desired HEIC files and click the Start Convert button to trigger the convert dialog. Pull down the Format option and select the JPEG option. Then adjust the Quality by moving the slider. Click the Export button to begin saving HEIC to JPG.

Convert HEIC to PNG WidsMob Win Download Mac Download

Part 3: FAQs about HEIC to JPG Converter Online

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1What is a HEIC File Format?

HEIC is the container or file extension that holds HEIF images or sequences of images. By default, the photos shot on iPhone or iPad are saved in HEIC since iOS 11.

2Is Convertio HEIC Converter Really Free?

In depends. Convertio enables you to convert HEIC photos online for free with some limitations, such as file size, the number of images, and more others. To remove the limits, you have to pay for a plan.

3Can MS Paint Convert HEIC to JPG?

MS Paint cannot open HEIC images directly. On Windows 10, you have to install Microsoft HEIF codec extension. After that, you can open HEIC with Photos of Windows and save HEIC to JPEG instead.


Based on the sharing above, you should understand how to convert HEIC to JPG online. If you care about the output quality, WidsMob HEIC is the best choice to convert multiple HEIC files. It is not only easy to use, but also able to protect quality.

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