3 Easy Methods to Convert HEIC Images to PDF [Step-by-step Guide]

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If you have already taken some business presentations with your iPhone, how do you convert HEIC to PDF? Both HEIC and PDF are popular file formats, but the extraordinary flexibility and security make PDF a standard in various industries. Most of the PDF converters only support JPEG, PNG, and more other formats. By default, both Windows and Mac do not provide the capacity involved. Just learn more about the 3 most efficient methods to convert HEIC to PDF from the article.

How to Convert HEIC to PDF

Part 1: 3 Methods to Convert HEIC to PDF Online

If you need to convert one or two HEICs to PDF, the online PDF converters should be the initial choices. You do not need to install extra programs to convert HEIC to PDF. It only changes the HEIC file format but does not provide any bonus features.

Method 1: How to Convert HEIC to PDF on CloudConvert

CloudConvert allows you to convert several HEICs to PDF online for free. It only enables you to convert 25 HEIC images per day. Moreover, you can use the options to control image resolution, quality, and file size.

Step 1: Go to CloudConvert HEIC to PDF in a browser. Click the Select File button to upload the HEIC images. You can upload HEIC images from Google Drive and Dropbox.

Step 2: Make sure to select the desired PDF files from the format dropdown list. Optionally, click the Tool icon to change the size, such as Width, Height, Fit, and Stripe.

Step 3: Click the Convert button to begin converting HEIC to PDF online. After that, you can download the converted PDF documents to your computer for further editing.

CloudConvert HEIC to JPEG

Method 2: How to Convert HEIC to PDF via FreeConvert

As its name indicated, FreeConvert enables you to convert HEIC files to PDF online for free. But if you want to remove the limits, like file size, the number of conversions and ads, you have to pay for a plan.

Step 1: Head to online FreeConvert HEIC to PDF converter in your browser, click the Choose Files button to upload HEIC images. The maximum file size is 1GB. It supports Google Drive, Dropbox, and URL.

Step 2: Pull down the Convert to list and then choose the PDF option as the output format. After that, you can click the Convert To PDF button to initiate converting HEIC to PDF online.

Step 3: When prompted, download the converted PDF files to your computer. It provides 256-bit SSL encryption and is automatically deleted after 2 hours to protect your privacy.

FreeConvert HEIC to PDF

Method 3: How to Convert HEIC to PDF by AConvert

AConvert is a simple HEIC to PDF converter online, which is easy to use for beginners. Moreover, there is no requirement for signup or payment. But it does not have advanced settings for the output file.

Step 1: Go to the HEIC to PDF Converter online in a web browser. Click the Choose File button or choose online desired HEIC file from a URL, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

Step 2: Choose the desired output format as PDF. It enables you to convert HEIC to other formats, such as DOC, DOCX, HTML, TXT, SWF, PNG, and more other files.

Step 3: Click the Convert Now button to start converting HEIC files to PDF. Wait for the process to finish and download the documents. The output files will be listed in the Conversion Results section.

Aconvert HEIC to PDF

Part 2: The Ultimate Method to Convert HEIC to PDF

When you want to convert HEIC files to PDF in a batch process, extract HEICs to multiple PDF files, WidsMob HEIC is an alternative method to browse, convert, and manage the HEIC files. If you cannot convert HEIC files to PDF directly, it should be the best alternative you can take into consideration. It enables to rotate images, resize HEICs, and even convert HEIC images to JPEG/PNG/GIF/TIFF formats.

  1. Convert HEIC to JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, and more in batch process.
  2. Extract HEICs to multiple JPG and PNG files with an advanced algorithm.
  3. Preview HEIC files in both thumbnail and full-screen modes easily.
  4. Rotate the images, resize HEIC in 4 different formats, and more.
Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Start WidsMob HEIC on your computer once the installation is complete. Then go to the File menu and choose the Import option and open all HEIC images that you want to convert to PDF. Alternatively, drag and drop the HEIC images into the home interface to open them directly.

Add HEIC Photos

Step 2: Before converting HEIC to PDF, it enables you to rotate a HEIC image, for example, select the Rotate tool from the very right side. Toggle the switch to ON and select Rotate left, Rotate Right, or 180. Moreover, you can also resize the HEIC files with 4 different methods.

Open HEIC in Windows

Step 3: Click the Start convert button to open the conversion dialog. Set the destination folder by hitting the Folder icon. Pull down the Format option and choose JPEG. Adjust the Quality option and set the options below. As long as you are ready, click on the Export button.

Convert HEIC to PNG WidsMob Win Download Mac Download

Part 3: FAQs about Converting HEIC to PDF

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1Is PDF Better than HEIC?

PDF files are not only more compatible, but also take less storage space compared to HEIC. However, HEIC works very well on iOS, Mac, and other Apple devices.

2How to Open HEIC on Windows?

Double-click on a HEIC image, so that you will know whether your computer supports the format. If not, you can download a third-party HEIC viewer to open and manage your images.

3How to Convert HEIC to PDF on iPhone?

You cannot convert HEIC to PDF on iPhone directly. Alternatively, you have to install a HEIC to PDF converter app. Of course, you can transfer and convert the HEIC on your computer.


Based on the sharing above, you should understand how to convert HEIC to PDF on Windows, Mac, and online. Of course, web apps are a portable way to do the job anywhere with a good Internet connection. If you have a lot of HEIC images and mind the output quality, you’d better try WidsMob HEIC. It is pretty easy to use and keeps the image quality.

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