CR3 to JPEG/JPG Converter – 5 Easy Method to Convert Canon CR3 to JPEG

Last Updated on August 31, 2023 by Peter Wood

CR3 is the latest RAW file format of Canon digital cameras, such as EOS M6 Mark II. It not only saves graphics and metadata captured but also provides high-quality photos. But how to convert CR3 to JPEG/JPG when you need to upload the photos to social media sites or even share them with others? Just learn more about the 5 easy CR3 to JPEG/JPG converters without losing the original quality from the article.

CR3 to JPEG/JPG Converter

Part 1: All-in-One CR3 to JPG Converter for Windows/Mac

When you need to convert CR3 files to JPG without losing the original quality, WidsMob ImageConvert is always the initial choice to save the Canon RAW to other file formats. It supports most RAW file formats, including CRW, CR2, CR3, DNG, and others. There are multiple editing features to resize photos, rotate them, add text/image watermarks, and more. Besides, you can also use the AI resolution upscaling feature to enhance the photos.

1. Custom presets to convert CR3 RAW files with a series of editing features.

2. Provide AI resolution enhancement to upscale files to 4X the original size.

3. Rotate/flip photos, resize in 4 different modes, and add watermarks easily.

4. Convert CR3 to JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF, GIF, and others in a batch process.

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Step 1: Download and install WidsMob ImageConvert, launch the program on your computer, and click the Import button to add the CR3 images you want to convert. Moreover, you can also drag-n-drop all the photos for conversion with a batch process.

Import CR3 Files ImageConvert

Step 2: Once you have imported the CR3 files, you can double-click any file and edit it before conversion. Enable the Resize button and select the desired resizing mode, such as By Width to determine the pixels for all the images. It also enables you to add watermarks and more.

Edit CR3 Files ImageConvert

Step 3: If you need to convert CR3 to JPEG frequently with the same pattern, you can click the + button under the Presets menu and name the preset. It will save the preset to your program and you can simply choose the preset to apply a series of editing features in one click.

Set Up Presets ImageConvert

Step 4: When you get everything done, click the Batch Convert button to save CR3 to JPEG. After that, you can choose the destination folder, select the output format as JPEG, and tweak the photo quality before clicking the Convert button to save the photos on your computer.

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Part 2: 2 Best Methods to Convert CR3 to JPG Free Online

If you need to convert CR3 to JPG for free, the online Canon CR3 converters should be the optimal choice. But there are some file size limitations you can take into consideration.

Method 1: How to Convert CR3 to JPEG with Imageconvert

Imageconvert is more than an online CR3 to JPEG converter, which provides methods to compress, crop, sketch images, resize, and more. It will also preserve the original image quality when converting the files. But it takes a long time to process the large CR3 images.

Step 1: Go to on your web browser and click the Browse (or) Drop your file here button to upload the CR3 file you need to convert.

Step 2: Once you have uploaded the CR3 image, you can click the Convert button to convert CR3 files to JPG/JPEG. Just process one image at a time because it is time-consuming.

Step 3: When the CR3 files are successfully converted, you can simply click on the Download button to save them to your computer or use other editing features to polish them online.

Imageconvert CR3 to JPG

Method 2: How to Convert CR3 to JPG via CloudConvert

CloudConvert is another frequently used CR3 to JPG converter, which can save photos to the desired width, height, and other parameters. It has an advanced compression technique that can reduce the image size without losing the image quality.

Step 1: Head to and click the Select File button to upload the CR3 image you want to convert. If you need to convert CR3 to another file format, tweak the file format accordingly.

Step 2: Enable the OPTIONS button and tweak the different parameters, like width, height, scale, stripe, and more. Moreover, you can also tweak the photo quality, which you can save the original quality with 100.

Step 3: Confirm the adjustments before clicking the Convert button to convert CR3 to JPEG on your computer. After that, click the Download button to save the image after previewing the output.

CloudConvert CR3 to JPG Win Download Mac Download

Part 3: Top 2 Methods to Convert CR3 to JPG on Android/iOS

Top 1: Adobe Express

If you are looking for Adobe CR3 to JPEG converters, Adobe Express is the desired one you should choose. It is an excellent tool to make special photos for your social media sites. Of course, you can simply import CR3 to the app and export it as JPEG or other file formats.


1. Convert and edit CR3 as well as other RAW file formats on smartphones.

2. Provide batch processes to convert a large number of CR3 files instantly.

3. Sync the CR3 files from your Lightroom and Photoshop on your computer.


1. Take a large space and consume much RAM for converting CR3 RAW.

2. Difficult to manage, convert, and edit the CR3 files from the camera directly.

Adobe Express Android

Top 2: Photo RAW Conversion

Just as the name of the application, Photo RAW Conversion is the desired CR3 to JPEG converter, which enables you to take photos on your digital SLR camera and convert them to a readable TIFF, JPEG, and others for ingestion by other photo applications.


1. Support converting multiple RAW file formats from most DSLR cameras.

2. Convert CR3 to TIFF and JPEG, which is readable for photo editing apps.

3. Provide multiple editing features to enhance and edit CR3 photos, etc.


1. Converted TIFF files are about 150 megabytes or larger for most devices.

2. Lack of batch process to handle a large number of CR3 at the same time.

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When you need to convert CR3 to JPEG, here are the 5 workable methods you should know. To get a nice CR3 to JPEG companion with your Canon camera, WidsMob ImageConvert is always the initial choice. Of course, you can also use online converters or converting apps according to your requirements.