Cut-and-Paste Photo Editor

Cut-and-Paste Photo Editor to Crop or Merge Pictures Intelligently

When you need to remove the background of an Amazon product, or change the location of the portrait, Cut-and-paste photo editor is the first choice. What should be the best tools for the Amazon shop? How to get the best result with ease? Whether you need a cut and paste photo editor for Windows or Mac, you can get the desired one from the article.

The article shares 5 best cut and paste apps on different platforms. Read the review about how to crop and merge parts of pictures intelligently. After that you can choose the desired one for your business or enjoy yourself with the funny images.

Cut-and-Paste Photo Editor

Part 1: Cut and Paste Photo Editors for Windows/Mac

If you need some professional cut and paste photo editors to erase the background of Amazon products or superimpose the images, choose the ones for Windows and Mac is important to keep the original quality of the image with ease.

Top 1: GIMP – Free Cut and Paste Photo Editor for Windows

GIMP is a free and professional cut and paste photo editor for Windows 10/8/7, which you can extract the desired parts of an image with different Scissors Select tools. Just learn more about the process as below.

Step 1: Go to the “File” menu and choose the “Open” button to load the images into the program. Then click the “Select” option to choose the whole image, you can also press “Ctrl + A” key combinations.

Import Photo GIMP

Step 2: Once you select the image, you can choose the different select tools to cut out the desired parts. It provides “Rectangle Select Tool”, “Ellipse Select Tool” and “Free Select Tool” from the toolbar.

Free Select Tool GIMP

Step 3: Then use the control points to create selection mask, you can take advantage of the “Zoom” tool to get the desired parts precisely. Go to the “Edit” menu and click the “Cut” option to cut out the desired part.

Cut Out Desired Part GIMP

Step 4: After that you can create another layer without background or return to the “File” menu to create a new file. Go to the “Edit” menu and select the “Paste” option to paste the cut out parts with GIMP.

Paste Cutout Part GIMP

Top 2: Super PhotoCut – Instant Cut and Paste Photo Editor for Mac

Is there a method to cut out the desired part intelligently? When you have difficulties to select the desired parts of an image, Super PhotoCut is the cut-and-paste photo editor to remove background with automatic cut out.

Step 1: Click the “Open” button to load an image into the cut-and-paste app, then you can click the “Target Object” to choose the object you want to extract from the background.

Select Target Object

Step 2: Use the green marker of the foreground that you want to reserve and the red one of the background that you want to remove. You can also use the “Erase” button to figure out extract edge.

Erase Background

Step 3: After that you can select and apply a desired background. You can adjust the color for a pure color background or the preset. Then tweak the other parameters to save the output file.

Change Background

Part 2: Cut Paste Applications for Android and iPhone

Just need to swap faces or background for an image, cut-and-paste apps should be the best choice you have to take into consideration. The apps can only be used to have fun. You have to use the professional tools on Windows or Mac for business purpose.

Top 3: Cut Paste Photos – Cut and Paste App to Swap Portraits for Image

Cut Paste Photos is able to change the background within one click. You can cut out people, animals, cars and backgrounds into another photo and create new photo collage with the cut-and-paste photo editor app.

1. Cut photos or extract people and other target objects from photos with AI background eraser, which remove the background and paste on another image with ease.

2. Swap face and change face by cutting photos and placing cut face over another face. It just cut out the exactly the part you want to another one image seamlessly.

3. Paste on any photo, such as some famous locations or famous people. Of course, you can also create your own collages by the cut and paste app with freeform collages.

Cut Paste Photos

Top 4: PhotoLayers – Cut and Paste App to Superimpose and Remove Background

In order to cut out the desired photos and superimpose them as a beautiful photomontage, you can take advantage of cut and paste app PhotoLayers with multiple layers properly.

1. It enables you to combine more than 11 pictures at the same time, which you can make a super photomontage with stunning effects. Moreover, you can also adjust the layers with multiple effects.

2. The advanced background eraser helps you make the unneeded area transparent. You can easily cut out the desired part of the target object to any photo within few clicks.

3. It has a useful feature to change the image’s color tone and make the photos attractive, such as the Black and white effect, blur, alpha, feather, brightness, contrast, and more.


Part 3: Free Cut and Paste Online Editors

Of course, you can also find some cut-and-paste photo editors online to remove background and merge photos as collage. But there are some restrictions for the online tools to get the desire part of a large image, or further edit the details.

Top 5: PIXLR – Cut and Paste Photo Editor Online with Lasso Tool

When you have a complex background, you can also take the Lasso tool of PIXLR to cut out a particular element of the image. Just learn more about the detailed process with the online cut and paste photo editor.

Step 1: Go to the PIXLR online and import the photo into the cut-and-paste photo editor. Click the “File” button to load the target object as well as the background into the program.

Step 2: Click the Lasso tool to cut out the desired part. When you need to get the details, you have to zoom in the target object large enough to get all the details with efforts.

Step 3: After that you can drag and drop the cut out object and part into the background image. Tweak the different parameters and export the photos with the online photo editor.

Pixlr Portrait Editor


What should be the best cut-and-paste photo editors? If you just need some free programs to remove the background for Amazon products, you can choose GIMP instead. Of course, you can also find the professional Super PhotoCut to remove background intelligently. The cut paste apps are used for some funny purposes. When you have some images with small sizes, you can also take advantage of the online programs without problem.

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