Discovery+ Download – 4 Easy Methods to Watch Movies Offline for Any Device

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Discovery+ is one of the most popular video-streaming sites with more than 50,000 episodes from its various networks. It has excellent video quality, such as Animal Planet, you should be familiar with it if you are a fan of shows related to nature and animals. How do you download Discovery+ videos with the original quality? It is a pity that Discovery+ does not offer offline downloads. When you want to find some alternatives to download the videos from Discovery+, here are the 4 workable and easy methods.

Discovery+ Download

Part 1: How to Download Discovery+ Videos via CleverGet

CleverGet is an all-in-one Discovery+ video downloader that enables you to extract movies from more than 1000 streaming sites. It can download videos with up to 1080P with 6X fast speed. Besides, you can save them in different file formats with corresponding audio tracks and subtitles. Whether you need to download a certain episode or get the whole series, you can download them in batches easily.

1. Download Discovery+ videos and TV shows with up to 1080P high quality.

2. Save movies in the desired file format, audio codec, subtitles, and more.

3. Remix and edit the audio files with the downloaded Discovery videos.

4. Intelligently remove Ads contained in the video with an excellent experience.

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Step 1: Download and install CleverGet on your computer. Launch it on your computer and choose the Discovery+ button. After that, you have to log in to the account and search for the desired movies. Of course, you can enter the URL of the video.

Hulu Downloader CleverGet

Step 2: It will fetch the different movie versions from the URL of Discovery+. Just preview the video you want to download. Instead of subscribing to the Ad-Free service, it enables you to download the video with a free trial or the Discovery+ service.

Choose Video to Download CleverGet

Step 3: Choose the desired output file format, the audio codec, the subtitle, and the other settings. Moreover, you can tick the Remix into files option before clicking the Download button. It will automatically download the videos from Discovery+ to your computer.

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Part 2: How to Download Discovery+ Movies with SteamFab

StreamFab is another way to download Discovery+ movies as 1080P MP4 files with AAC 2.0 audio. It provides a high success rate to download videos from multiple social media sites. What’s more, you can choose the desired subtitle, audio track, and file format as the output. It enables you to extract all episodes with a batch process.

Step 1: Launch StreamFab Discovery Plus Downloader on your computer, you can choose the VIP Services tab to download the videos from online streaming sites. Select the Discovery+ button from the drop-down list to locate the desired video.

Choose Discovery Plus StreamFab

Step 2: Sign in to the Discovery+ account and search for the desired files you want to download. Of course, you can also enter the URL in the search box of the built-in browser. When you find the desired file, you can play the movie before downloading it.

Choose Movies from Discovery

Step 3: It will detect the movie with different options. Just choose the suitable one with the desired language. Tweak the audio track and subtitle according to the movie. After that, you can click the Download Now button to download the Discovery+ videos offline.

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Part 3: How to Capture Discovery+ Videos with Browser Add-on

The web browser add-on is an efficient way to download Discovery+ videos. Video Downloader Chrome is a versatile way to enable you to download videos in a wide range of file formats, like MP4, MP3, FLAC, WAV, WebM, and more. It can download the video without launching the programs or signing in to an account beforehand.

Step 1: Go to the Chrome Web Store to add the Video Downloader Chrome as the extension of Chrome. Once you have installed the video download add-on, you can find the extension icon appears next to the search box of your Chrome browser.

Step 2: Make sure you have activated the video downloader before entering the URL of the Discovery+ movie. After that, you can playback the video you want to download. It will fetch the Discovery+ video of the URL and present them in the list.

Step 3: Choose the desired video and click the Download button in the upper right corner. It will download Discovery+ movies automatically and enable you to play downloaded MP4 videos via Google Chromecast on your TV. You can also play it on your Google Home.

Video Downloader Chrome Win Download Mac Download

Part 4: How to Record Discovery+ Shows via Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder is another nice choice if you cannot download Discovery+ videos directly. It enables you to capture the streaming videos with the original quality. You can customize video quality, frame rate, audio codec, recording area, and more for the recorded videos. Moreover, you can also draw on the recordings, add annotations, edit the videos, and manage them easily.

1. Record videos and music files from Discovery+ and other streaming sites.

2. Save captured videos in multiple video and audio formats with high quality.

3. Add arrows, callouts, text files, watermarks, and even draw on recordings.

4. Cut out the desired part, remix the audio with video, and manage the files.

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Step 1: Download and install the screen recorder, launch it on your computer and choose the Video Recorder button to customize the recording area according to the Discovery+ playback window. Go to the Gear icon to set up the recording settings for the output video.

Video Recorder for Netflix

Step 2: Select the Full option to capture Discovery+ in a full screen or choose the Custom option to select the recording area. To record Discovery+ movies with audio files, you can enable the System Sound option. Just disable the Microphone option to avoid noise.

Capture System Audio

Step 3: When you get everything done, click the REC button to download the Discovery+ movie. During the recording process, you can add annotations and draw on the video. When the video recording is finished, click the Stop button to save the video accordingly.

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That's all there is to this post. When choosing a Discovery+ downloader, you can learn more about the best methods from the article, especially when you need to get high-quality movies. CleverGet is a good choice, which makes sure you will not be disappointed.

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