How to Make Double Exposure Photography in Photoshop/iOS/Android/Online

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As an analog technique, the double exposure effect has been around for a while. In theory, the double exposure effect means to blend two images (e.g. a portrait and a landscape) and allows for deep, meaningful, and fascinating combinations. In the photography industry, double exposure is about a double or multiple-exposure photo involving blending two different pictures to make a single one. This technique uses in films. The second picture becomes superimposed into the first one, creating unique effects.

Can you create double exposure photography by yourself easily? Here check the following guide to learn how to make a double exposure effect to your photo.

Make Double Exposure Photography

WidsMob Retoucher

  • Remove luminance noise and chrominance noise for all images.
  • Apply gorgeous analog film presets and camera profiles.
  • Support JPEG, TIFF and most RAW formats.
  • Preserve high quality of digital photographs with easy operations.
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Method 1: Best Way to Create Double Exposure Effect on Windows 11/10/8/7 and macOS

If you want to create double exposure effect easily on your computer, you can choose WidsMob ImageConvert. It is an easy-to-use editing tool. Even novices can process images in high quality with ease.

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Step 1: Download and install WidsMob ImageConvert. Launch it on your computer. Drag and drop the photo you want to add double exposure effect to the program.

Import Photo ImageConvert

Step 2: After adding one photo, click the Stamp icon on the right sidebar and enable the Image Watermark by sliding the Slider to the ON.

Overlay Photo ImageConvert

Step 3: Click Open and add the photo to the background photo. You can adjust the photo size, opacity, angle, and position according to your need.

Adjust Overlay Photo ImageConvert

Step 4: Click Start Convert on the bottom right corner. Set the destination folder. Specify the output format as JPEG or more. You can also change the image quality from the least to the best freely. Later, click Export to save the double exposure effect image.

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Method 2: How to Make Double Exposure Effect Using Photoshop

Step 1: Select an image to Photoshop

Launch Photoshop on your computer and add the image to make a double exposure effect to the program. Ensure the image you select does not have a complicated background to make it easier to create.

Step 2: Cut out the subject from the image background

As the image needs to have a clean photo background, we need to cut it out from its photo background. Use Magic Wand Tool and click anywhere on the photo background to select it.

Then go to Select > Inverse to make the subject selected. Then use the Refine Mask to make the edge smoother and more blurred and save it out on its layer with a layer mask.

Step 3: Make a double exposure effect by blending two images

Select the second image for composition. Drag the second image above the first image layer and adjust it according to your need. You can use the Blend Mode option to make the blend image double exposure effect.

You can also make another adjustment like Hue & Saturation for this double exposure photography to make it more vivid. After adjustment, you can save your double exposure effect photo from Photoshop.

Check the video tutorial for more detailed instructions:

Method 3: How to Create Double Exposure Photography Online

There are many online double exposure effect photo editors on the internet. You can choose one of them to create your double exposure effect photography. Let's use to make double exposure photography online.

1. Enter the on the browser and find its double exposure effect section on its effects. You can see the introduction of the double exposure effect (combine two photos into one sophisticated picture).

2. Choose Upload a photo to select an image from the computer or add a photo by URL or from Facebook. You can also use its sample photos to make the double exposure effect to check how it works. After choosing images, click the Process button to start the combination.

3. After applying, you can click Save & Share to directly download the double exposure effect photo, get the link or share it to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, VK, or Dropbox. You can also do another editing before saving such as adding frames, stickers, custom text, etc.

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Method 4: How to Make Double Exposure Effect on iOS or Android

In this mobile world, a Smartphone can do many things include the double exposure effect. There are indeed many photo editors who can blend two images and create a double exposure effect.

And we are going to share the top 10 double exposure photo apps for iOS and Android devices and take two as examples to explain the process of making double exposure effect in this post.

1. Fused - Overlay Photo Blender

Fused Icon

You can use Fused Photo Editor & Double Exposure Video Blender on your iPhone or iPad to make the double exposure effect. This app allows you to blend videos, photos, or a combination of both.

Platform: iOS

Fused is another versatile double exposure photo app for iPhone. Its features include:

1. Blend two pictures, two videos, or picture and video to make double exposure effects.

2. Adjust the color and other parameters of the picture on each layer.

3. Include 20 real-time blending modes with editable options.

4. Map out masking area using erase tool.


1. This app could produce high-quality outputs.

2. It has extensive custom options.


1. It only supports iOS devices.

Create double exposure effect on iOS

1. Import a Background and a Foreground by choosing video clips or images from your Camera Roll or Artists Collection packs.

2. Swipe to preview and choose the Blend Mode for your project.

3. Make color adjustments to each layer and export your double exposure image to your Camera Roll or directly share it to the social network.


2. Diana Photo

Diana Photo Icon

Diana Photo can help you make double exposure effect photography on Android. And it also works on iOS.

Platform: iOS & Android

Diana Photo is an all-in-one photo editor and double exposure photo app. Its easy-to-use features include:

1. Capture pictures with the built-in camera for editing further.

2. Import or take two photos for creating dual exposure effects.

3. Adjust the parameters to make a result.

4. Add texts or emoji on the dual exposure pictures.


1. This photo editor supports both iPhone and Android devices.

2. The interface is straightforward.


1. The iOS version is paid, while the Android app is free of charge.

Create double exposure effect on Android

1. Open the app and shake your device (or use the dice icon). It will draw two pictures from your photo gallery and give you its proposition. Or you can shoot or choose a photo by yourself for combination.

2. You can improve the proposition by using different filters.

3. Save the proposition or share it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


3. Blend Editor - Double Exposure

Blend Editor Icon

Platform: iOS

Blend Editor is a popular double exposure photo app for iOS devices. Its key features include:

1. Blend two photos in Camera Roll to create the dual exposure effect.

2. Contain 5 artistic photo collections with extensive blend modes.

3. Preview the effect in real-time.

4. Adjust foreground and background using finger gestures.

5. Save the results in high quality.


1. The interface is intuitive.

2. All features are free of charge.


1. It is not available to Android.

Blend Editor Screenshot

4. Pic Blender Photo Eidtor

Pic Blender Icon

Platform: iOS

Pic Blender is a versatile tool to make double exposure photos. Its overall features include:

1. Blend two photos into one to create double exposure effects.

2. Include hundreds of backgrounds and other pictures for creating dual exposure photos.

3. Adjust the transparency level, brush size, and other options.

4. Save the result to Camera Roll or social networks.


1. This double exposure photo app offers extensive custom options.

2. It is freeware.


1. The output quality is not very good.

Pic Blender Screenshot

5. Double Exposure

Double Exposure Icon

Platform: iOS & Android

As its name said, Double Exposure is a dedicated double exposure photo app. Its main features include:

1. Take two pictures and combine them.

2. Or import two photos from a mobile phone to make dual exposure effects.

3. Apply filters on the result in one tap.

4. Save the results to memory or share to social media.


1. This photo editor is simple.

2. It is compatible with both iOS and Android.


1. It lacks some necessary photo editing tools and custom options.

Double Exposure Screenshot

6. Studio MX

Studio MX Icon

Platform: iOS

Studio MX is another popular double exposure photo app for iPhone. Its principal features include:

1. Load two photos from Camera Roll or Album.

2. Blend photos automatically after loaded.

3. Adjust and match the quality of two pictures spontaneously.

4. Export the dual exposure photos to iPhone or social media.


1. It can make dual exposure effects in one step.

2. This photo editor is free of charge.


1. It does not have any custom options.

Studio MX Screenshot

7. Photo Mixer - Blend Pictures

Photo Mixer Icon

Platform: iOS & Android

Photo Mixer is a photo editing app. Its attractive features include:

1. Import one or two pictures from your smartphone for creating dual exposure effects.

2. Contain many background images.

3. Adjust the color, transparency level, and other parameters.

4. Take pictures using the built-in camera tool.


1. This double exposure photo app is free to use.

2. The interface is user-friendly.


1. There are too many annoying ads.

Photo Mixer Screenshot

8. Photo Blender

Photo Blender Icon

Platform: iOS & Android

Photo Blender is a powerful double exposure photo app. Its pro-level features include:

1. Upload two pictures from your smartphone for blending.

2. Offer dozens of blending modes to create unique dual exposure effects.

3. Use a brush to erase the double exposure effect on specific parts.

4. Adjust the opacity, size, and other options.


1. It is available on both iOS and Android.

2. This photo editor provides extensive custom options.


1. Beginners may be confused without guides.

Photo Blender Screenshot

9. Instant Blend - Double Exposure IG frame Blender

Instant Blend Icon

Platform: iOS

Instant Blend is a quick way to make double exposure photos on iPhone. Its key features include:

1. Quickly combine multiple pictures to create a double exposure style.

2. Apply filters on the dual exposure picture or each layer.

3. Contains various blending modes.

4. Write stylish texts on the results.


1. It is a simpe way to make fun with your pictures.

2. This app is lightweight and fast.


1. Some features are only available to the pro version.

Instant Blend Screenshot

10. Dual Exposure

Dual Exposure Icon

Platform: Android

Dual Exposure is a dedicated double exposure photo app for Android handsets. Its main features include:

1. Choose your pictures from Photo Gallery and create double exposure art.

2. Include dozens of background pictures.

3. Adjust blend effect using finger gestures.

4. Integrate photo editing tools, such as rotate, crop, and more.


1. It is a free-to-use photo editor.

2. This app provides more tools.


1. The ads are annoying.

Dual Exposure Screenshot


Based on the introductions above, you might learn about the 10 best double exposure photo apps for iOS and Android in this post. Attractive photos generally catch people’s attention, especially on social media.

If you post regular pictures, you can try the double exposure effects. And the double-exposure photo apps shared above could help you do this job easily and quickly. If you have better recommendations, you can leave a message below.

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