EasyHDR Review – Is it Worth to Use & What Other HDR Software to Use

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HDR photography refers to images with very bright and dark areas. However, most digital cameras are limited in the fixed dynamic range. You cannot expose the highlights and shadows at the same time. To make an image shows as much as human eyes can perceive, you can use HDR software to overcome this problem. It is EasyHDR that can help you recreate HDR photography on Windows and Mac. Want to know whether EasyHDR 3 is worth buying? Just continue reading to find your answer.

EasyHDR Review and Alternatives

Part 1: EasyHDR Review

EasyHDR can recreate an image that is close to what you see with naked eyes. With the advanced HDR image processing techniques, you can merge the differently exposed images into an HDR photograph with ease. The latest EasyHDR 3.14.1 version also minor bugs and release new features for HDR editing. You can merge and enhance HDR images by using EasyHDR 3 software with ease.

EasyHDR Pros:

1. Make realistic and dramatic HDR images with the tone mapping algorithm.

2. Update lens connection, chromatic aberration correction, and other HDR parameters.

3. EasyHDR can work as a standalone HDR photo editor or Adobe Lightroom plugin.

4. Fast process a large number of images into HDRs in batch.

5. 3D LUT color grading support.

6. Compatible with images in JPEG, TIFF 8/16/32-bit, PNG, FITS, Radiance RGBE, OpenEXR, and almost all digital camera RAW formats.

EasyHDR Cons:

1. EasyHDR lacks the undo feature in HDR editing.

2. There is no post-processing tool in EasyHDR HDR software.

3. The EasyHDR demo version doesn’t allow users to save HDR in TIFF format.

EasyHDR HDR Software

EasyHDR Price:

EasyHDR 3 is available for both Windows and Mac computers. The single EasyHDR license is $33. You can use the EasyHDR 3 Home license for non-profit use or try the EasyHDR 3 Commercial version with $55 instead. Before you buy EasyHDR 3 full version license, you can download EasyHDR 3 demo to try its free version first. Don’t forget to search for EasyHDR 3 coupon code.

Part 2: Top 5 EasyHDR Alternatives

If you are not satisfied with EasyHDR 3, you can find an alternative HDR software from the following recommendations.

Top 1: WidsMob HDR

WidsMob HDR is an easy-to-use HDR maker for Mac users. You can merge a set of bracketed images into HDR photographs in clicks. The advanced tone mapping algorithm will analyze and combine photos into HDRs automatically. Later, you can adjust HDR effects to create natural or extreme HDR images with ease. Well, compared with EasyHDR 3, it is an auto-HDR maker for Mac.

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OS: Mac

Price: $19.99


1. Reduce the ghost-like effect caused by moving objects in your images.

2. Enhance HDR effects with tone mapping parameters, including tone length, tone saturation, and more.

3. Save HDR images as JPEG, PNG, or TIFF formats in high quality.

4. Apply HDR presets with art effect or b/w effect.

5. Intuitive and user-friendly interface.

6. Free updates.


1. The Windows version is not available yet.

2. You need to upgrade to its full version to remove the watermark.

Adjust Effect HDR
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Top 2: Aurora HDR

Aurora HDR is an advanced HDR photo editor for professional photographers. Compared with HDR software, Aurora HDR is a little expensive. You also need to pay for the Aurora HDR update to get the additional upgrade. Meanwhile, the EasyHDR upgrade is completely free.

OS: Windows, Mac

Price: $99


1. Edit HDR images with layers and masks with a Photoshop-like interface.

2. Aurora HDR can work as a plugin in Photoshop and other photo editing software.

3. Get the HDR preset without halos or ghosting.

4. Advanced HDR presets and LUTs.


1. Aurora HDR is incompatible with some graphic cards.

2. The on-off payment is a little expensive.

3. The Aurora HDR is not free.

Aurora HDR Software

Top 3: Luminance HDR

Luminance HDR is a free and open-source HDR software for desktop users. You can read RAWs and merge images into HDR for free. The batch HDR merging and tone mapping are helpful for HDR creation.

OS: Windows, Mac

Price: Free


1. Merge JPEG and HDR images into HDR images for free.

2. Get the basic editing filters to crop, resize and rotate images.

3. Export HDR into GIMP and other photo editing software directly.

4. Luminance HDR is a free EasyHDR 3 alternative to create HDR images.


1. The HDR merging speed is slow.

2. The initial controls in Luminance HDR need to be improved.

3. Require a steep learning curve.

Luminance HDR Software

Top 4: Photomatix Pro

You can create an HDR image with a single or plenty of photos within Photomatix Pro. Photomatix Pro offers various HDR presets. You can adjust the HDR effect with other options manually as well.

OS: Windows, Mac, Linux

Price: $99


1. Photomatix Pro 6.2 update and add a plugin for Capture One.

2. Photomatix Pro can work as a Photoshop or Lightroom plugin.

3. Offer fast distortion and noise correction.

4. Add natural HDR effects by painting with color effects.


1. The HDR export options are few.

2. The learning curve in Photomatix Pro is complex.

3. The HDR batch plugin in Photomatix Pro costs an additional $49 to run in Adobe Lightroom.

Photomatix HDR Software

Top 5: Picturenaut 3

Picturenaut 3 is also a free HDR editor for creating and editing HDR images. You can merge PNG and RAW images into HDR files with the built-in auto-cropping feature to crop unwanted parts automatically. Thus, you can regard Picturenaut 3 as your EasyHDR free alternative as well.

OS: Windows, Mac

Price: Free


1. Install plugins into Picturenaut 3 to expand HDR features.

2. Convert tones in a short time with the multi-threaded and consistent architecture.

3. Create an HDR with auto-alignment, cropping, de-ghosting, and more tools.

4. Picturenaut 3 update is free.


1. The interface of Picturenaut 3 is outdated.

2. Cannot save HDR image as JPG format with Picturenaut 3.

3. The hand-held images cannot merge into HDRs.

Picturenaut HDR Software

That’s the latest EasyHDR 3 review and its five alternatives. You can read and compare to get the best HDR software for your Windows or Mac computer. There are six free and paid HDR editing programs for different levels. Whether you want to make a quick HDR image or create extreme HDR effects, you can get a satisfying result. By the way, you can also get HDR freeware here to have a try. If you still have other questions about EasyHDR 3 or HDR photography, you can feel free to contact us or leave messages below.

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