How to Take and Edit Senior Pictures – 7 Best Tips for Graduation Ceremonies

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To celebrate your graduation, how do you take and edit senior pictures for social media sites? Every back-to-back session, senior photography will become a peek. Of course, you should have some excellent ideas to take senior pictures and edit the senior portraits before sharing the excellent moment to pick up your diploma. Just learn more details about the excellent tips from the article.

How to Edit Senior Pictures

Part 1: 7 Best Tips about Senior Portrait You Should Know

Tip 1: Personalize Senior Portraits with Props

Bring favorite props to the shoot, such as your pets, hobby items, sports equipment, musical instruments, or even bring a favorite portable piece of furniture. Moreover, you can also take the senior portrait in a familiar and memorable environment.

Personalize Senior Portrait Props

Tip 2: Take Senior Portrait with Friends

When you want to take a natural senior portrait for graduation, you can simply bring your best friends to have the shoots in relaxed status. Moreover, your friends will also help with clothing changes and double-check you while you’re being photographed.

Take Senior Photos with Friends

Tip 3: Hold Flowers for Senior Portrait

It is the traditional method to take a senior portrait for teen girls. You can have the senior hold a bunch of flowers, or use a flower crown to create a feminine look. There are plenty of other ideas to explore with flowers that always get the best effect accordingly.

Flower Senior Portrait

Tip 4: Practice Your Facial Expression

To take the best senior portrait, you always practice your facial expressions, such as smiles, serious but relaxed looks, and animated expressions for action shots. Before you go to the photo shoot, you can practice your facial expressions in front of a mirror at home.

Expression for Senior Photo

Tip 5: Keep Clothing Visually Simple

Do you still need to use traditional clothing for graduation ceremonies? If you need to take some special senior pictures, you can also use the floral suite. Don’t bring outfits with words or designs, stripes or pictures, except possibly your school logo.

Formal Suite Senior Photos

Tip 6: Choose Optimal Glitter or Confetti

Get an explosion of color with some glitter or confetti. Colors that go well with a medium or dark background for close-ups include medium or dark tones of green, brown, rust, wine, or blue. Moreover, you can also choose a solid color to make you look washed out.

Sparkle Confetti

Tip 7: Apply a Nature Makeup for Senior Photos

If you have glam makeup, it will make you look like a stranger in your senior portrait. Apply your makeup as you normally look on a day-to-day basis. If you do not know how to get natural makeup, you can also leave the task to professional portrait editors.

Natural Makeup

Part 2: How to Edit Senior Photos for Graduation Announcement

Once you have already taken the senior photos, what are the best methods for editing senior pictures? WidsMob Portrait Pro is the most cost-effective solution to polish portrait images. It also enables you to enhance the portrait, manage the skin area, or have virtual makeup. Moreover, you can also tweak the different presets to apply the stunning senior portrait.

  1. Provide a wide range of presets to retouch senior pictures within one click.
  2. Retouch and polish face, blemish, eye color, lipstick, eyebrows, and more.
  3. Offer plentiful custom options, color settings, and more for each editing tool.
  4. Compare the output effect with the original senior photo in real-time.
Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Launch WidsMob Portrait Pro after you have installed the program on your computer. Click the Select Photos button to open the senior photos you want to edit. Moreover, you can click the Select Folder button to import all senior portraits into the folder.

Add Senior Portrait

Step 2: Go to the Edit panel to get a list of senior photo retouching tools. Just enable the Skin option and expand it. Click the Adjust Skin Area option and draw on the face in the senior picture. Then you can smooth the skin, change the color skin, or brighten skin.

Manage Skin Senior Portrait

Step 3: If there is any blemish on your face, choose the Blemish Removal option under the Enhancement section. You can activate the Auto slider to remove the blemish. Alternatively, choose the Manual tool to remove the desired blemishes to edit the senior pictures one by one.

Step 4: The most important of senior picture editing is to enhance your eyes. You can enable the Remove Eye Circles option, and then tweak the enlarged eyes, deepen smile, lift cheek, enhance nose, and more other options and until your senior picture looks better.

Note: If the senior picture contains the red eye, go to the Makeup section. Scroll down to enable the Colored Contacts option. You can locate dozens of colored contacts to replace the red-eye.

Makeup Portrait

Step 5: To make your smile bright, you’d better whiten teeth when editing senior pictures. Head to the Enhancements section in the Edit panel on the right side. Scroll down and find the Whiten Teeth option and enable it to get the desired whitening level, such as Low, Medium, or High.

Step 6: If you have a lot of senior pictures to edit and already open them in the best portrait editor, click the Apply to all option at the bottom. When senior picture editing is done, click on the Export button, enter the filename into the box, and set the senior picture format.

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Part 3: FAQs about Senior Photo Editing

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1What is the Best Environment to Take Senior Photos?

Finding a fun park, orchard or lake would be great for senior photos. You may want to go for something candid, but it’s a good idea to research some photos you like ahead of time for simple ideas on where to place your hands. If you waste too much time doing this, you will lose your lighting opportunity.

2When to Use Post Processing for Senior Photos?

If you took senior photos but found they are not very good, post-processing is a good idea. It helps you retouch your portraits quickly. Of course, you can simply take several shots for the same location, and then you can choose the desired ones to edit them later.

3Should I Edit the Senior Portrait with Photoshop?

Yes. If you have already subscribed to Photoshop, you can always use it to edit the senior photos. But compared to the professional portrait editor, it should be too difficult to edit and touch the images, or hard to get a satisfactory portrait image.


You should understand how to edit senior pictures with the above information. WidsMob Portrait Pro is the best way to retouch your senior pictures since it is easier to use than Photoshop, Lightroom, and other professional photo editors. Moreover, it equips a lot of presets, which helps you to retouch portraits with clicks simply. Moreover, it can batch process unlimited senior pictures at the same time.

Win Download Mac Download

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