Exiv2 Review – Here is a Simple Guide and Best Alternative to Manipulate MetaData

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How do you manipulate meta-data within a photo? Exiv2 is a nice choice to view and manage the EXIF information on Linux. Is it possible to use Exiv2 for Windows and Mac? How to view, delete, and manage the meta-data with it for free? What should be the best alternative to view the important information in a batch process? Just find the answers related to Exiv2 from the article.

Exiv2 Review

Part 1: A Simple Review of Exiv2 You Should Know

Exiv2 is a C++ library and command line utility for reading, writing, deleting, and modifying image metadata on different platforms. It provides fast and easy read/write access to EXIF, IPTC, and XMP metadata and ICC profiles embedded in digital images of various formats. A single picture can reveal all related information, such as the device to take photos, the parameters for the camera, the location, the detailed time, and others. If you need to send and share a private and important photo, you need to check or revise the meta-data with Exiv2 beforehand.

Just as mentioned above, Exiv2 is a command line utility to manipulate the meta-data. Multiple cloud services that use the Exiv2 service to read the meta-data, such as Google Drive and Dropbox. When you need to manipulate private photos, you have to be familiar with the codecs to view, delete, and change the related information. Moreover, it is essential to set up the related environment to run Exiv2 on Windows and Mac.

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Part 2: How to Set up Exiv2 to Manipulate Meta-Data on Win/Mac

When we need to use the Exiv2 service to manipulate meta-data on Win/Mac, the prerequisite is to install the program beforehand. There are multiple ways to set up and configure your platform.

How to Set up Exiv2 on Mac

To set up Exiv2 on your Mac, you have to install Xcode and Xcode command line tools. Just install both libexpat and zlib to brew, macports, or use conan. After that, you can use CMake to consume Exiv2 to manipulate metadata on your MacBook.

CMake Exiv2

How to Set up Exiv2 on Win

You do not have to set up Exiv2 on Windows. Simply use Conan to build up Exiv2 using Microsoft Visual C++. It requires a C++11 compiler with Visual Studio versions 2015 and 2017. Besides, you also need to install CMake, Python3, and Conan.

Visual Studio Code Exiv2

Part 3: How to View and Clear EXIF with Exiv2

Once you have built up the environment and launched Exiv2, you still need to be familiar with the command lines to manipulate meta-data. After that, you can manage the EXIF, which is a method of embedding camera settings and location information at the time of shooting into an image.

1. Strip EXIF Data with Exiv2

When you need to use Exiv2 to strip and manipulate the meta-data, you have to strip the program beforehand with the command line.

sudo apt install exiv2

2. Modify the Meta-data via Exiv2

To modify the meta-data of the desired image via Exiv2, you can simply use the command line to get some changes for the original image.

exiv2 -m cmd.txt image.jpg

3. Remove EXIF with Exiv2

Exiv2 provides a simple command line to remove and clear out the EXIF data for the image without reconverting the images.

exiv2 rm path to image

Part 4: Easy Exiv2 Alternative to View EXIF

What should you do if you are not familiar with the command lines of Exiv2 to view and delete the information? WidsMob Viewer Pro is the best Exiv2 alternative to view and remove private information before saving. You can simply view all images with the mouse cursor and shrink the photo to remove the EXIF files. Moreover, you can also manage the photos or share them via different social media sites.

1. View the EXIF information and meta-data of images on Windows/Mac.

2. Remove the EXIF in batch to shrink the photo size in a batch process.

3. Provide 4 different modes to view, delete, edit, and manage the photos.

4. Select desired photos via the Favorite folder, sort the images, and more.

Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Download and install WidsMob Viewer Pro, you can launch the program on your computer. After that, you can double-click any image to view the photos within the same folder. It will provide the thumbnails of the imported images in the program.

View Media by Folder Viewer Pro

Step 2: Select the image to enter the full screen of the file and click the View button. Click the Show Info button to find the pop-up EXIF window, including the Camera Maker, Camera Model, F Number, ISO, Focal Length, Resolution, Taken Date, and more.

View EXIF Image Viewer Pro

Step 3: To remove the EXIF as Exiv2, you can click the Batch button from the Edit menu. Just select the destination folder and choose the Batch Resize option, which you can tick off the Keep alpha option to remove the metadata for all the images before clicking the Resize button.

Remove EXIF Info Viewer Pro

Note: Different from Exiv2, you cannot manipulate the meta-data and EXIF with the program. When you need to change the information, you can use an online EXIF editor instead.

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When you need to manage the EXIF and meta-data with Exiv2, here is the ultimate guide you should know. Just learn more about how to set up the program on Windows and Mac, and use the command line to view and delete the EXIF. But if you do not any background in codecs, you can simply use WidsMob Viewer Pro to manage the meta-data easily.