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How to Beautify My Portrait with Golden Ratio Face Analyzer – Here is Best Tips You Should Know

Have you even analyzed your portrait with the golden ratio face analyzers? If you want to know whether you have a perfect face, you may have heard of these questions. A face analyzer is usually used to analyze whether a face is beautiful. It is well known that the golden number is Phi, which is 1.618. How do you take advantage of the golden ratio to have a face symmetry test or beauty your portrait? Just learn more about the information from the article and make a perfect portrait image now.

Face Analyzer

Part 1: What is A Golden Ratio Face

According to the investigation of human facial proportions, the most important features that define a human face include an oval head and the positions and dimensions of the eyes and the mouth.

Every face is unique, but how to discover the standard of beautiful face. The secret is the golden ratio, which is also known as the Golden Section or the Divine Proportion.

In brief, when vertically dividing a face into five equal parts, each of them should be approximately the width of one eye, and the width of the base of the nose should be equal to the distance between two eyes. From the horizontal, a face can be divided into three parts: the top part is from the hairline to the top of the brows, the middle part is to the bottom of the nose, and the bottom part is the rest. These three parts on a well-balanced face are even.

The golden face ratio is available to both male and female, though there are some minor deviations since the facial symmetry is a bit different.

Golden Ratio Rule

Part 2: 2 Best Face Beauty Analyzers

It is impossible to analyze your face without professionals. If you want to learn how attractive you are, you will need a face analyzer. We tested the popular services on market and tell you the best face beauty analyzers below.

Top 1: Pretty Scale

Pretty Scale uses the traditional method to analyze your face. When you upload a portrait image and select the gender, you can get the score of your face based on the golden face ratio automatically.


1. It is a face analyzer free of charge for fun with body tests.

2. It analyzes female and male separately to get a score automatically.

3. Upload a portrait from PC or take a picture with your Webcam directly.

4. The face symmetry test relies on the fifth-rule and third-rule analyze.


1. It is just a simple tool to make fun, but not for professional usage.

Pretty Scale

Top 2: Anaface

Anaface is another method to get face beauty analysis on your computer. It uses more complicated algorithm to score your face online with 17 dots on your face with a facial beauty analysis within a few seconds.


1. Allow you to upload your selfies or any portrait for performing face analysis.

2. Built-in Zoom and Pan tools to adjust your portrait to suit the points easily.

3. Several steps of adjustments and analysis, you will get the score simply.

4. Displays the score of your face on the right side immediately after analysis.


1. This face analyzer does not work in some browsers.

2. It does not offer a mobile version to analyze the portraits.


Part 3: How to Beautify My Portrait Based on Face Analyzer

How to beautiful portrait image based on the golden face ratio? Is there a method to optimize the portrait with face beauty analysis? In order to optimize the portraits with the desired golden ratio, WidsMob Portrait Pro is the desired solution to optimize skin, enhance portrait or even make up face. Moreover, you can also batch process the photos and export the photos with a desired quality with ease.

1. Integrate the face attractiveness analyzer to scan your face automatically.

2. Optimize selected skin, enhance portrait image and even make up face.

3. Make up blush, lipstick, eye and more with the built-in portrait makeup tools.

4. Contain presets to beauty portrait with a combination preset in one click.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

How to Beautify My Portrait Based on Face Analyzer

Step 1: Download and install face beauty analyzer, launch the program on your computer. After that, you can click the Select Photos button to load the portrait into the program, or even click the Select Folder button to import the whole folder.

Portrait Pro Interface

Step 2: When you want to analyze face beauty, you can click the Adjust key point button to check the facial points of the portrait. Of course, you can tweak and adjust the facial pint to retouch, enhance and even make up the portrait image accordingly.

Face Beauty Analyzer Portrait Pro

Step 3: If you need to adjust the golden face ratio, you can take advantage of the Deepen Smile, Slim Face, Enlarge Eyes, Remove Shine and more others within the Enhancement menu. Choose one of the presets, or even adjust the parameters manually to make a perfect face.

Portrait Pro Adjust Golden Ratio

Step 4: Moreover, you can also go to Makeup menu to touch up portrait with Blush, Lipstick, Colored Contacts, Eye Color, Eye Lashes, Eye Shadow and more other parameters. It will optimize the face beauty with the advanced face detection algorithm.

Makeup Portrait Golden Ratio

Step 5: After that, you can click the Export button and name the edited photo. It will tweak the size of the file, change the photo format, or even adjust the photo quality. If you are satisfied with the output, you can click the Start button to get the photo.

Export Image Portrait Pro

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version


Am I beauty? Am I ugly? When you want to learn more about face beauty or golden ratio, you can learn more about the face beauty analysis in this post. Just learn more about the best face analyzers and how to optimize the portrait with ease from the article.