Make a Good Face Profile Picture – Here are the Secrets You Should Know

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Whether you need to hunt for a job online, or make friends online, the face profile picture is the first and foremost way to attract others. When you are planning to make a headshot photo profile, what should be the secrets that determine the success? Face profile picture creates the first impression with visuals before others open your channel or posts. Just learn more details about how to make a good face profile picture from the article.

Face Profile Picture

Part 1: The Secrets to Make a Good Face Profile Picture

How to Choose a Good Face Profile Picture

  1. Choose a Recent Photo. You’d better use a photo took recently to make a good profile picture. It is the basic and first step. If you do not have one, just take out your camera or smartphone to have a shoot.
  2. Select Profile Looks Natural. A profile picture that looks effortless will look more genuine and inviting to your audience. As for girls, you can choose the photos with natural makeup.
  3. Show Your Face. Do not choose a selfie for a face profile picture, but you should show your face in it. It is difficult to show your face perfectly in selfies unless you are professionals.
  4. Same Picture for All Platforms. No matter your social account is personal or for business, the same photo will help you maintain the cognition across all platforms that make you instantly recognizable.
  5. Switch for Different Profiles. When you have several face profile pictures but cannot decide the best one, you can switch to different photos, or make a test among your friends or even online.
Choose Face Portrait

How to Take a Good Face Profile Picture

6: Take Pictures with Good Cameras. When taking a good face profile picture, you should use a digital camera unless you have a high-end smartphone with a pro-level lens that make your face look better.

7: Frame Your Picture. The distance between you and the camera is important when making a good profile picture. The right rule is that your face fills most of the picture, but the audience can see a bit of background.

8: Smile and Happy. No one will refuse a smiling face. In the small profile picture, you can rely on your micro-expressions to express more information, such as happiness, fun, and more.

9: Use a Simple Background. Though your face is the leading role in your face profile picture, the background is also an essential element. You can decide the background picture, color, topic, and more.

10: Try Color Contrast. It is a good idea to use color contrast between your face and background, so your face will be highlighted. This is a simple and obvious tip that can make you stand out.

Taken Face Profile

Part 2: How to Enhance Face Profile Pictures for Social Media Sites

When you want to polish the headshot picture, or try makeup effects for face profile photos, WidsMob Portrait Pro is the all-in-one face editor to manage skin, enhance portraits, and have virtual makeup. It has AI technology to detect all facial points and different templates to apply virtual makeup. You can also apply a series of touchup filters within a preset.

  1. Detect and manage all facial points with advanced AI technology.
  2. Apply a series of touchup filters to enhance portraits within one click.
  3. Personalize the different filters with templates, colors, sizes, and more.
  4. Choose the desired output format, photo quality, and others within clicks.
Win Download Mac Download

How to Make a Good Face Profile Picture by Retouching

Step 1: Launch WidsMob Portrait Pro once you have installed the program on your computer. Click the Select Photos button and add the desired photos that you want to use as the face profile picture for social media accounts. It detects all the facial points automatically.

Import Face Profile

Step 2: Go to the Preset tab from the right side and select a preset that you want to retouch, such as Smooth + Slim Face. Moreover, you can also save a personalized preset with a combination of your favorite filters that you can apply within one click.

Apply Face Preset

Step 3: You can also choose the Edit tab to customize the face profile picture in detail. It enables you to manage the skin area, whiten teeth, slim face, or even remove the blemish. Just turn on the Before/After mode to view the effects for face profile photos easily.

Makeup Face Profile

Step 4: Once you have a satisfactory face profile photo, you can click on the Export button to save the file. You can write down the file name and choose a destination folder, decide the format and quality, and then click the Start button to apply the natural effects.

Export Face Profile Win Download Mac Download

Part 3: The Face Profile Picture Size for Different Social Media Apps

It is important to learn the size of a good face profile picture for each social platform. Otherwise, your photo will be stretched and distorted. Here are the sizes for different social media accounts you should know.

Facebook Profile Picture Size: 180 x 180px

Twitter Profile Picture Size: 400 x 400px

Instagram Profile Picture Size: 180 x180px

YouTube Profile Picture Size: 800 x 800px

LinkedIn Profile Picture Size: 400 x 400px

Pinterest Profile Picture Size: 240 x 240px

Snapchat Profile Picture Size: 1080 x 1920px

WhatsApp Profile Picture Size: 192 x 192px

Twitch Profile Picture Size: 320 x 200px

Tiktok Profile Picture Size: 200 x 200px

Part 4. FAQs about Making a Good Face Profile Picture

1How to Nail Your Face Profile Picture on All Social Media?

If you want to nail your face profile picture for Facebook as well as other social media websites, you should use the same headshot for all these accounts. When someone sees you on Facebook, he can connect in another easily with the same picture.

2How to Add Your Brand into a Face Profile Picture?

When you need to have a business headshot profile, just add your brand by wearing a shirt with your company logo, putting your office in the background, or even live the brand. But using a company logo as a profile picture might be a missed opportunity to be human and personable.

3Which Matters More, Face Profile or Bio?

According to the study of OkCupid online dating website, the text is less than 10% of what people think of you. If you need to have a good impression on social media accounts, you should always know how to make a good face profile picture.


Based on the sharing above, you should understand how to make a good face profile picture for almost all social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitch, Instagram, etc. Now, you can start making the best art on your own following the tips and secrets. When you need to enhance your headshot photo profile, WidsMob Portrait Pro should be a nice choice. If you have any query, you can feel free to leave a comment.

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