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3 Best Face Slimming Apps to Get a Virtual Makeover Portrait Retouch for Slim Face

Do you want to make yourself look thinner in photos? A skinny face without a double chin should be a favorite portrait for everyone. It is the reason why the face slimming apps are increasingly popular on any platform or device. It will reshape your face to make you look skinny and slim. Whether you want to slim the photos as a profession, or just check the effects on smartphone, here are 6 best face slimming apps to get a virtual makeover portrait retouch for slim face with ease.

Slim Face

Part 1: The Professional face slimming app on Windows and Mac

WidMob Portrait Pro is more than a face slimming app for your computer. It provides the whole series of portrait touchup features, including the skin management, portrait enhancement and makeup. Besides the basic face slim features, you can also makeup the portrait to get a skinny face.

1. Provide slim face features with 3 preset level or tweak the degree manually.

2. Make up filters for touch eye, nose, brows and blush to make face skinny.

3. Customize preset for a series of touchup to make skinny faces in batch.

4. Save and export the skinny face with the desired quality and file format.

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How to Slim Face with Multiple Methods as Profession

Step 1: Download and install Widsmob Portrait Pro and launch the program on your computer. Click the Select Photos button to add the portrait photos you want to edit. Of course, you can also click the Select Folder button to load images from a whole folder.

Portrait Pro Interface

Step 2: Once a portrait is detected, you can choose the Smoothing + Slim Face option to make a skinny face directly. The preset just contains some basic face slim effects as well as the face smoothing effects. You can apply it within one click.

Portrait Preset Skinny Face

Step 3: When you want to manually adjust the parameters for face slimming, you can go to the Edit menu to choose the Enhancements option. Enable the Slim Face option to choose the desired preset, or even manually adjust the parameters for a skinny face.

Face Slim Feature Portrait Pro

Step 4: Just want to remain the natural portrait, the makeup features enable you to enlarge eyes, highlight nose, and choose blush, eyelashes and more others to make a slimming effect for your face. Of course, you can combine all the features as a preset.

Makeup Fat Face Portrait Pro

Step 5: If you want to save the photos to your computer, select the Export button. On the popup dialog, input filename into the Rename to box, pick up the proper image format from the Format dropdown menu and adjust the Quality. Click the Start button to export the images.

Export Skinny Face Portrait

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Part 2: 2 Best Face Slimming Apps for iPhone and Android Phone

Top 1: Slim & Skinny -Thin Face Photo for iPhone

Slim & Skinny is a quick method to make your face thinner. Just as the name of the face slimming app, it not only makes the face skinny, but also enables you to slim the shape of you body. But it lacks of the professional parameters for tweak the portrait, or even make the photo unnatural.

Step 1: Download and install the face slimming app, launch the program on your iPhone and select a photo from your album or take a new selfie. Then you will be presented a toolbar below the picture with five options.

Step 2: Use the options related to face thinner, head thinner, chin thinner and more to make a slimming face. Of course, the body slimmer will make the photo to get the desired effect within clicks.

Step 3: There are some simple and pretty easy controls that you can tweak the features manually. You just need to touch on a slide bar and adjust it to your desired value to get a desired effect.

Step 4: Then tap the checkmark at the top left corner to confirm the changes. Tap the box in the top left corner and share the selfie to social media, such as Facebook. You can also save it to your camera roll.

Note: The face slimming app is lightweight and compatible with iPhone and iPad running iOS 7.0 and above. It is available in multiple languages, like English, French, Spanish, and more.

Slim & Skinny

Top 2: Retouch Me -Skinny app for Android

As its name said, Retouch Me is the best face slimming app for Android users. You can get extensive simple features to make your face and body slimmer in your photos. Moreover, it includes plentiful functionalities to retouch your face, such as whiten teeth and more.

Step 1: Open the face slimming app from your app tray and select the photo you want to retouch from photo gallery. Move to the bottom area and go to the “Face” tab. Then all options related to face retouch would show up.

Step 2: Swipe left and right to find the “Thinner face” option, and then app will remove face fat, double chin, change your face shape, or even the underline cheekbones immediately.

Tip: After tapping the option, it may take a while to process the photo. Moreover, it requires the Internet connection the complete photo process.

Step 3: If you are satisfied with the result, save it to your photo gallery or share it to your social account.

Note: Though this face slimming app is free to download from Play Store, it does cost you some money for retouching tasks. If you want to make your face thinner and export your portrait in the original quality, you have to pay for it.

Retouch Me


This tutorial has shared the best face slimming apps for Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android. If you want to make your face thinner in your selfies, read our reviews carefully and discover your favorite tool. Then all you need to do is following our guide to get what you want.

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