8 Free Photo Mosaic Software to Make Montage Photo Free

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If you are looking for methods to create montage photos free, you should use some photomontage makers to create different types of montage photos free. The article explains some open-source and free photomontage software to make your desired montage photos.

Photoshop Picture into Picture

Part 1: Best Alternative Method to Create Mosaic Photo Free

When you need to create Mosaic Photo, you have to find photo mosaic software, WidsMob Montage should be your right choice. The mosaic photo creator can make montage photos or mosaic photos in both PNG and JPEG. Besides, you can also make collages from scratch, add stickers and text files with advanced settings, tweak the HSL parameters, and more. It supports most file formats, including WebP, APNG, AVIF, and more.

  1. Turn everything into mosaic photographs, create a mosaic photo in both JPEG and PNG.
  2. Multiple editing features, to add frames, modes and customize the column count and size.
  3. Combine more than 2,00 mosaic tiles in a breathtaking result.
  4. Support tile mosaic, shape mosaic and other photo mosaic types.
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Step 1: Download and install WidsMob Montage. Choose the Montage button to make photo mosaic files. Click the Select Background button to select the primary image from the photo album. Once you have imported the image, you can also adjust the brightness, sharpness, tint, and temperature for the background image.

Import Background Image Montage

Step 2: Click the Add Tiles to add the desired images as the micro-images to combine the mosaic photo. Of course, you can also use one image to combine the montage photo. Moreover, you can also click the Remove Tiles button to get rid of unwanted photos. After that, click the Next button to continue the process.

Add Tiles for Mosaic Montage

Step 3: Go to the Mask button at the upper-right corner to choose a template or select a local mask, it enables you to make photo mosaic for any shape without any charge. It enables you to stitch photos with tile or interlace. Moreover, you can also check the details of the tiles with the Fit-in button or the 1:1 button.

Check Details for Mosaic Montage

Step 4: When you need to create a photo mosaic with high quality, you can adjust the Column Count slider and the Tile Size slider. Check whether you need to remove the background color with the Match Color button. After that, you can simply click the Generate Mosaic button to make the funny photo effects.

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Part 2: Best Method About How to Make Photo Collage Free

If you are looking for free montage photo programs for photo collage, you can use iPiccy Free Photo Collage Maker. It does not only enable you to create montage photos free but also provides some editing features. The cool effects of iPiccy Free Photo Collage Maker are also very attractive, filter, textures, add text, and stickers. It should be one of the best online photo collages for you.

Step 1: Click the Make a Collage to enter the online free montage photo program. You have to upload one image at a time.

Step 2: And then you can edit the photos with provided editing tool or the multiple effects to perfect the photos you uploaded.

Step 3: Select the free photo montage layouts or customize the montage effects according to your requirement. You can choose from the 60 collage layouts or purchase the paid ones.

Step 4: When you finished your work, you can upload the free montage photo online to Facebook, Twitter or save it to your computer accordingly.


It is an online montage photo-free maker that you can use on different operating systems. And you can also create an account for the photo collage maker.

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Part 3: Best Method About How to Blend Photos Free

As for combining two photos into one sophisticated picture, you can use the Pho. to as the montage photo-free creator. The program uses the double exposure effects to blend two images. The double exposure effects express in such an artistic way to blend two images into one surreal abstraction. It should be a nice and funny montage, photo-free maker.

Step 1: Upload the photo from the computer, by URL, or from Facebook. There are some sample photos that you can use freely.

Step 2: And then choose the Process button to make the montage photo free. It takes a few seconds to composite the photos.

Step 3: After that, you can crop the photos, add text, frame or make some adjustments for the free montage photo according to your requirement.

Step 4: You can share the free montage photos online to social media websites or save the file to your computer.


Pho. to is a free online montage photo maker, which enables you to enjoy some fun effects, face retouch, editor, instant fix, and cartoon effects. As an easy-to-use program, you can use your photos to enjoy yourself.

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Part 4: 5 Free Photo Mosaic Software

When you need to make mosaic photos for free, you can also check the listed 5 free photo mosaic programs as below.

Top 1. AndreaMosaic

AndreaMosaic is free mosaic photo software to create stunning photos in different sizes. You can adjust the DPI for the mosaic photo to get a high resolution, automatically adjustment of color, crop the automated images, and on the fly creation. It should be a versatile program to compose mosaic photos with your own in many tiled photos.


Top 2. PhotoMosaique

PhotoMosaique is another photo mosaic software for free to create mosaic photos with a collection of photos. Just upload main images and 40 thumbnail images to make the mosaic photos, or use own photo folder with similar colors. There are 4 different types of pixel size for Mosaic tiles: 10,15, 20 and 40 pixels. But is should be limited to make a mosaic poster for wall.

photomosaique Win Download Mac Download

Top 3.Mosaic

iMosaic comprises different tools to make mosaic images for the Windows operating system. The photo mosaic freeware can create a stunning poster, mosaic for movie theatres, and other multiple artistic photo mosaics. What is more important, it will be a web application that will permit the creation of photo mosaics using a database of categorized images.


Top 4. Wordaizer

Wordaizer is a free photo mosaic program that tunes your word cloud to any size, color, font, and shape. Just select the photos that you want the final mosaic to look like. This text mosaic maker fits defined text according to the image or mask and converts your image into word mosaic.


Top 5. Richmosaic

Richmosaic should be a free photo and video montage software. It can create a photo mosaic from your own set of pictures or frames of a movie. What is more, the free photo mosaic software has five menu options for various settings to create a photo mosaic for free.

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Part 5: FAQs about Free Photo Mosaic Software

1What are the types of mosaic?

There are glass mosaics, metal mosaics, natural stone mosaics, natural wood mosaics, and mosaics mix.

2What are the benefits of mosaic?

It is beautiful for it has frost-resistant tiles in over 20 colors. It is long-lasting because the colors will not fade. It is also inclusive because any age or ability can take part from design to completion. It is near vandal-proof because the most likely vandalism is tagging, which is easily cleaned.

3How is a mosaic made?

Mosaic art is the creation of patterns or pictures using small pieces of materials such as clay, marble, glass, tiles, or stones. The pieces are often glued or cemented to a surface such as a wall or a floor.


Of course, you can also use other professional montage photo makers, such as Photoshop to edit the photos to a perfect status. But it might be time-consuming and difficult. Just download these free montage photo programs to have fun. When you need to create some stunning photo mosaic for free, WidsMob Montage is the desired choice.

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