Funny Engagement Photos

How to Make Funny Engagement Photos

Contrary to traditional belief, engagement photos do not have to be dull and awkward. In fact, the best ones are funny engagement photos. But many couples are camera shy. Moreover, partaking in an engagement photo shoot can be uncharted territory for most couples. Fortunately, technology could help you to make funny engagement photos easily. In this tutorial, we are going to share the easiest ways to add humor in engagement photos on Windows, Mac and online. No matter you are camera shy or professionals, you can learn how to easily produce an attractive engagement picture on various platforms.

Funny Engagement Photos

Best idea to create funny engagement photos

Different Angles

We usually take photos in front of subjects. Boring? You can try to capture engagement photos in different angles, like downward. Put your camera or smartphone over your head and shoot from upward to downward. If you take such photos by yourself, you can use the time-lapse photography feature.

Engagement Photos in Different Angles

Aerial photo

If you want to utilize technology in your engagement photos, aerial photo is a good idea. There are many drones support to capture aerial photos. You can buy or borrow a drone and take an amazing engagement photo. You’d better ask your friends to help you control the drone during taking engagement photos.

Aerial Engagement Photos

With pets

When you shoot engagement photos, do not forget your pets, for they are family members too.

Engagement Photos with Pets

With animals

Or you can include some animals in your engagement photos, like a couple of swans, which symbolize faithful love. But you should remember that you and your lover is the focus of engagement photos.

In nature

The benefit of shooting engagement photos in nature is the light, which is the most important factor when taking photos. The warm sun light could create a fairyland for you and your lover. If you want to take engagement photos in nature, timing is important. Before taking photos, you should check the weather forecast.

Engagement Photos in Nature

Underwater photography

Underwater photography is the most fashion way to take engagement photos. You may need a waterproof camera and some diving skills. But the outputs are really amazing. If you share underwater engagement photos on social media, others will be attracted immediately.

Underwater Engagement Photos

Silhouette photos

Silhouette photo is a kind of photography skill. You can use such skill to capture engagement photos. When take Silhouette photos, turn off your flash and make sure there is more light shining from the background than the foreground of your shot.

Silhouette Engagement Photos

Capture dynamic

Compared to static postures, dynamic is more attractive. Do not pose in front of your camera. Put your camera on a tripod and turn on the automatic shoot feature. You can dance or play with your lover and let the camera does it work alone.

Show happiness

A picture is good way to express emotions, so let your engagement photos deliver your happiness. Show your happiness and pleasantness in your engagement photos. Others will be affected.

Display specialty

Many people become couples, because they have the same interesting or specialty. If you want to create a unique engagement photo, displaying specialty is a good idea.

Black and white

Black and white is a traditional photo effect. Utilizing black and white effect to engagement photos could make them romantic. Moreover, there are many photo editors could help you to create black and white effect easily.

Black and White Engagement Photos

Take black and white in the rain

When you take black and white in the rain, it will add some special effects for your photos. And then you can discover the magic of the photos with the noisy with the rainy effect.

Black and White Raining Engagement Photos

Enhance engagement photos

There are many creative methods to take engagement photos; however, most are difficult for ordinary peoples without the instructions of professional photographers. We have collected hundreds of engagement pictures on social media and discovered that photo emerging is the best idea to create funny engagement photos. You can search for the poster of your favorite film and then blend your photos with the poster to create a funny picture. There is an important thing you should know: film posters are usually in high quality. So, you’d better enhance your photos with WidsMob Denoise first. It is able to detect faces in your photos and automatically enhance them with advanced algorithm.

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How to enhance photos for making funny engagement photos

Step 1: Import photos

After shooting some photos according to your favorite file poster, run WidsMob Denoise. Click on Import button to open your photos into the photo editor.

Tip: You can import multiple photos in batch.

Open Denoise

Step 2: Enhance multiple photos at once

Photo Denoise is able to analyze photos automatically. Then you can change the value of Luminance and Chrominance to reduce noises. To highlight the details, you can adjust the value of Sharpness. If there are faces in your photos, the Face Soften feature will detect and process the blemishes and winkle in the portraits.

Denoise Image Process

Step 3: Save the outputs

Finally, click on the Export button and then hit Save button to download the results for editing in future.

How to make funny engagement photos on Windows

Though MS Paint is able to blend two pictures simply, GIMP is more powerful. So, we will use GIMP to make a funny engagement photo with your favorite film poster. GIMP is an open source project and you can use it for free.

Step 1: Start GIMP desktop program and go to File-> Open to open the film poster. And then click Open as Layer option in File menu to open your photo.

Step 2: In the Layers toolbar, choose the layer contains your photo and use Free Select Tool to draw the area to keep on the photo. Go to Select-> Invert and then press the Delete key to remove the unwanted parts. Use the Eraser Tool to deal with the details.

Step 3: Move the top layer to the right position. Right click on the top layer and choose Merge Visible Layers. When the dialog pops up, click Merge to blend two layers together. Go to File-> Save As to export the result to local hard drive.

GIMP Photo Editor

How to create funny engagement photos on Mac

Photoshop is the most popular photo editor on market. And now Adobe has released the Mac version to help you edit photos on Mac computers. Of course, you can use it to create funny engagement photos.

Step 1: Run Photoshop on your Mac computer and drag and drop both the film poster and your photo into editing window. Make sure the poster is on the top layer and the photo is on the second layer.

Step 2: Select the top layer and add a new layer mask on it. Choose Gradient tool from the left toolbar and set the foreground and background in black and white respectively. Use the Gradient tool to draw on the top layer, a part of the second layer will appear.

Tip: You can try the linear gradient tool and the ellipse gradient tool to achieve the effect you want to.

Step 3: After you get the satisfactory result, go to File-> Save As and export the funny engagement photo in a commonly used image format.

Use Blur Effect on Photoshop

How to produce funny engagement photos online

Compared to desktop programs, online photo editors have some unique advantages. Portability, for example, allows multi-device users to get the same experiences crossing platforms. Pixlr is a powerful online photo editor that has the ability to produce funny engagement photos.

Step 1: Visit in any browser and go to File-> Open Image to upload your photo into Pixlr. And open the film poster by click Open image as layer in Layer menu. Make sure the poster layer is on top of the photo layer.

Step 2: In Layers panel, highlight the top layer and press the Add layer mask icon to add a new layer mask on the template. Use white color Brush tool to draw on the photo; then unwanted part of the photo will be removed and the template will show up.

Tip: Press Ctrl + Z keys to undo if you make any mistake.

Step 3: When your funny engagement photo is done, go to File-> Save to download it to your computer or export it to Pixlr Cloud.

Tip: Pixlr allows you to save the images in JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF or PXD.

Pixlr Portrait Editor


In this tutorial, we have showed you how to make funny engagement photos on Windows, Mac or online. Today, people attempt to get rid of traditional believes, especially young people. They want to create funny engagement photos to attract others’ attention. Combining personal photos with popular film poster is a good idea to make funny pictures. And you can use the guides above to merge your photos with your favorite film posters easily. To create a perfect engagement picture, we suggest you to enhance your photos with WidsMob Denoise. The face soften feature is able to make your portrait as beautiful as pop stars.

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