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How to Make Funny Family Photos

Are you still viewing your fiends’ funny family photos? Maybe it is the time to make funny family pictures by your own. Actually, there are many ways to create a funny picture. Capturing an awkward moment, for example, is the easiest way to produce an interesting family picture. However, awkward moments will not happen every day. So, we are going to show you another way to make a funny family photo, combine photos. You may already have several family photos on your computer. And if you combine two or more photos together, you will discover unique effects. To help you make a funny family picture quickly and easily, we are going to show you how to do that on Windows, Mac and online.

Funny Family Photos

Top 10 Funny family photo ideas

Top family photo idea: Imitate your favorite movie

There are several popular movies every year. And imitating your favorite movie is one of the best family photo ideas. Movie posters, for example, usually include important scenes and actors. You and your family members could imitate the movie poster or memorable scenes to shoot a family portrait. Or you can just makeup and cosplay the actors in your favorite movie topic, like zombie. This is the most interesting idea about family photos. And the preparation process is memorable too.

Family Photo Cosplay

Top family photo idea: Picture in picture

Picture in picture is a feature of some television models. One program is displayed on the full screen at the same time one or more other shows are playing in inset windows. If you use this family photo idea, you will discover that making funny family portrait is rather easy. Firstly, take several photos about your family members. And then you can hold their photos and create a family portrait. Of course, you can use your laptop or tablet to capture the portraits of your families without paper photographs. Anyway, you can enjoy funny moment with this family portrait idea.

Picture in Picture Family Photo

Top family photo idea: Break the tradition

While the regular family photo is probably good enough, you certainly want to do something that out of the ordinary. Traditionally, we take a family photo and then add a frame on it. But if we hold a frame in the family photo, we have broken the tradition. As you can see, this family photo idea is the easiest one. All you need is a frame. And the result is cool.

Top family photo idea: With your pet

Today, many families have pets, such as dogs, cats, or other animals. And they treat pets as family members too. So, if you have a pet, you might want to include it in your family photos. Simply taking photos with pets seems too boring; so many people add special effects into their family photo ideas. Thank for powerful photo editing software, such as Photoshop, now you can try various effects and filters in your family photos.

Family Photo with Pets

Top family photo idea: Shoot a part of bodies

We usually capture the whole bodies of family members in family photos, although no one forces us to do so. Actually, we can break this rule and shoot a part of our bodies to display the family ties. Hands, feet and portraits are most commonly elements to show relationship in family photos. The biggest advantage of this family photo idea is that no extra props are needed.

Family Photo with Partial Body

Top family photo idea: Kiss time

A good family photo idea is not only related to how and where, but also involved with when. As one of the happiest moments, shooting kiss time is apparently a good family photo idea. It does not need preparation or guise. When you and your family members are kissing each other, take out your digital camera or smartphone and shoot it. That is all.

Family Photo with Kiss

Top family photo idea: Levitation

Don’t worry! We do not ask you to learn about levitation from David Copperfield. Actually, this family photo idea is easy to understand and achieve. Take a family photo and then use a photo editor to transparent the background. Blend the processed family photo with a sky picture or any background image. And you can add balloons in the family photo to make levitation more realistic.

Levitation Family Photo

Top family photo idea: Include your hobby

Some people fall in love since they have the same hobby. When you take photos for your family, you should consider to adding the same hobby into the photos. Photography, for example, is a very common hobby. Decorate each family member with a camera and take a photo in beautiful natural environment. That is a wonderful family photo idea.

Hobby Family Photo

Top family photo idea: Use props

Props are important in all photos. If you use it correctly, it will help you create a perfect family photo idea. On the other hand, props could damage your family photos in a second. About how to use props, there are several rules: make it natural, use it special, not include too many props, and make it meaningful and make sense. If you follow these tips, you can take a good family photo with props easily.

Family Photo with Props

Top family photo idea: Ask photography studio for help

The last family photo idea is to ask help from professional photography studio. Though it is expensive, studios usually have professional equipment. And you do not need to prepare anything else in addition of check. But before contact to the photography studio, you should be clear about the topic you want to use in your family photo.

Make funny family photos on Mac

As you can see, the two photos are not funny separately. But when you stitch them together, it becomes humorous family picture. How to make such humorous family photos? WidsMob Panorama could help you a lot. It is a dedicated photo editor to combine photos together. The biggest advantage of Photo Stitcher is to combine photos without quality loss.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

How to make a funny family photo

Step 1: Prepare the application

Download and install the latest version of WidsMob Panorama to your computer. Drag and drop the family image into the editing window.

Panorama Interface

Step 2: Combine family photos

Photo Stitcher supports to combine photos in Horizontal, Vertical, 360 degree and Tile. You can choose a mode according to your situation. Click on the Align Points button to show the control points. Then you can move the points to stitch the family photos together and hit the Apply button to confirm it.

Stitch Photo to Panorama

Step 3: Adjust the blending details

Click on the Adjust Blend button, you can adjust the border area of the photos. After adjusting, press the Done button to save the changes.

Adjust Point Panorama

Step 4: Save or share the humorous family photo

You can also add some words or frame on the funny family photo.

Finally, tap on the Save button. Pick up a name and location to save the output. Or you can Share the photo to social media.

Adjust Effect Panorama

Tip: Photo Stitcher allows you to set tag, quality and format before exporting the combined photo.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

Create funny family photos on PCs

There are several professional photo editors for Windows PCs. And sometimes, Microsoft Paints seems too simple to use. Actually, the simple features of Paints are enough to create a humorous family photo on PCs.

How to create a funny family photo on PC

Step 1: Open a family photo with Paints

Locate to your family photo folder, right click on the first family photo you want to use and choose Paints in the Open With menu. Unfold the Select menu and choose Select All. Copy the first photo by pressing Ctrl + C.

Step 2: Load another photo

Go to the File menu and choose Open to load the second family photo. When Paints ask you whether to save the previous photo, choose No to open the second photo.

Step 3: Stitch two photos together

Go to File-> Properties to open the Image Properties window, then select Pixels in the Units panel. If you want to combine two family photos horizontally, you have to broaden the Width. And if you want to stitch the two pictures vertically, you should increase the Height.

Then paste the first photo to the editing area by pressing Ctrl + V. Once you drag and drop the first photo to the right position, they will stitch together.

Step 4: Save the stitched family photo

Unfold the File menu and choose Save As to export the funny family photo to hard disk.


Produce funny family photos online

Another way to combine two pictures to make a funny family photo is to use an online photo editor. As its name said, Quick Picture Tools is able to stitch photos together quickly. And you do not need to install any software on your computer.

How to produce a funny family photo online

Step 1: Upload family pictures

Visit in any browser and choose Combine Images from the list. When the home page opened, click on the Add button in the first section to upload a family photo from hard drive. Then you can hit the Add button in the next section to upload another family picture.

Step 2: Adjust the sizes of the pictures

Reset the values of Width and Height in each section as you wish.

Tip: If you want to add text on the photos, you can input and set it in the bottom area.

Step 3: Download the output

Unfold the format drop-down list at bottom right corner and adjust the quality. Once you click on the Generate Image button, the online photo editor will save and download the combined funny family photo to your computer.

Quick Picture Tools


In this tutorial, we have showed you how to make funny family photos on Windows, Mac and online. There are many methods to create a humorous family picture. And we focused on how to use technology means to make a funny family photo, simply combine two family photos to make a comparison or analogy. MS Paints is the simplest tool to stitch two pictures and generate a humorous family photo on PCs. And Quick Picture Tool is the best choice to produce a funny family photo online. For Mac OS X, WidsMob Panorama is a smart photo editor to create interesting family photos.

Download for Win VersionDownload for Mac Version

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