How to Make Funny Photos on Windows/Mac/Online

Last Updated on March 9, 2022 by Peter Wood

A funny photo is always attractive on social media or in magazines. If you have gotten a little bored with how your images are displayed online, you should try injecting some humor into it. And you do not need to learn about professional-level photo editors, such as Photoshop, to add humorous effects to your photos. We will show you how to make funny photos using simple ways on Windows, Mac, and online. Follow our guides to add humorous effects to your images with existing templates. The best part is that most of them are freeware or have free trials.

How to Make Funny Photos

Part 1: Make Funny Photos on Windows 11/10/8/7

It is hard to create a humorous effect on your own, but many sites provide funny effect templates, such as Pinterest. And to make a fun photo, you need to blend your images with your favorite templates. Of course, you will need a photo editor as well. GIMP is an open-source project. So everyone could use it for free. And it can blend your photos with humorous templates.

How to make a funny photo within GIMP

Step 1: Import your photo and the funny template

Run the GIMP desktop application. Drag and drop both your photo into the editing window. Then go to File-> Open as Layer to import the template from your hard disk. Put your photo on the top layer and the template on the background layer.

Step 2: Remove unwanted parts of your photo

Focus on the top layer and choose the Free Select tool on the left toolbar. Outline the subject you want to keep on the photo and click Invert in the Select menu. Once press the Del key, you can wipe the unwanted area from your image.

Step 3: Combine your photo and the template

Put your photo in the correct position on the template. Right-click on the top layer and press Merge Visible Layers to make a funny photo. Finally, you can save the result to the local hard drive and post it to social media at any time.

Besides GIMP, MS Paint, Paint.Net, and other simple photo editors have similar capacities.

GIMP Photo Editor

Part 2: Create Funny Photos on macOS

Compared to Windows, there are fewer photo editors available to Mac. That is because Apple has integrated such abilities into Mac OS X. Preview is a pre-installed utility that can blend two images, so we will use it the show you how to create a funny photo with humorous templates.

Step 1: Deal with your image

Go to the folder containing the photo you want to use and open it with Preview. Locate to the top ribbon and click the toolbox icon to unfold the editing toolbar. Then use the Instant Alpha tool to draw on the unwanted part to make it transparent. Then hit the Delete key to remove the unwanted part.

Step 2: Merge your photo with the humorous template

Convert your photo to PNG. Or the background color will fill the removed part. Open the template in Preview in a separate window. Copy and paste the left part of your photo on the template. Then resize and move it to the right place.

Step 3: Export the funny photo to your computer

In the end, you can save the funny picture to a hard disk in JPEG, PNG, or other commonly used image formats.

As you can see, Preview is excellent enough to help you create funny photos on Mac.


Part 3: Design Funny Photos Online

Another way to make a funny photo is to use an online photo editor. Many people prefer online photo editors, especially multi-device users. You do not need to consider the compatibility problem or install anything on your computer when using online photo editors. Moreover, some web-based photo editors offer extensive effects to help you design funny photos easily. We use Fun Photo Box as the example in this part.

Step 1: Discover your favorite template

Visit in any browser and browse a fun template in Photo Effects, Animations or Face Effects pages. Then click on the template to go to the editing page.

Step 2: Upload your photo

This funny photo editor supports uploading a photo from your Disk, Webcam, or Facebook. If your image is too large, Fun Photo Box allows you to crop parts from it.

Step 3: Create a funny photo

Once press the Go button, Fun Photo Box will blend your photo into the fun photo template. After processing, you can click on the SAVE TO DISK button to download the result to your computer.

Of course, online photo editors also have shortcomings. Output formats, for example, are usually limited. Fun Photo Box only supports exporting photos in JPEG.


Recommend: WidsMob Photo Retoucher

Whether you prefer to make funny photos with desktop programs or online, a high-quality image is a preperation for a perfect result. So, we suggest you enhance your pictures with WidsMob Photo Denoise before making funny photos. Its key features include:

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1. Photo Denoise can remove noises from your photos caused by various factors.

2. It can deal with hundreds of imperfect photos in one click. If you have many photos to enhance, this application could save you a lot of time.

3. This photo editor uses an advanced algorithm to analyze your photos in any image format.

4. The built-in face recognition technology could detect faces on the photo and soften it automatically.

If you want to explore more features, you can try it by yourself.

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We have summarized how to make funny photos on Windows, Mac, or online above. The humorous template is the easiest way to create a funny image. There are many sources you can discover fun templates, like social networks, movie posters databases, or effects by screenshot. And the guides shared in this article could help you merge your photos with the templates on Windows, Mac, and online. We also recommended a powerful tool to enhance your images before making a funny photo. WidsMob Photo Denoise streamlines the process of photo enhancing.