10 Best Animated GIF Editors to Make GIFs on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

Last Updated on August 31, 2023 by Peter Wood

Is there a method to edit animated GIFs? When you have found a beautiful GIF, especially some low-quality animated files, a high-quality GIF editor is the desired choice you should choose. Since the animated GIF is a 256-color file, when you edit the GIF files and export them, all you find is a blurry GIF. How to choose a GIF editor? What are the best GIF editing programs for different platforms? Just learn more about the 10 best animated GIF editors, covering various devices such as Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.

Best Animated GIF Editors to Make GIFs

Part 1: 5 Best Animated GIF Editors for Windows and Mac

WidsMob GIF is a versatile GIF editor and maker, which enables you to create animated GIFs from photos, videos, and other animated files. It applies the best palettes with temporal dithering and achieves thousands of colors per frame. You can determine the segment of the GIF animation by intercepting the video segment and the number of photos. Moreover, it also enables you to add text/image watermarks, adjust GIF speed, and more.

1. Make GIFs from photos, videos, and animated files with the original quality.

2. Custom GIF size, set up scale proportionally, and choose multiple presets.

3. Tweak frame rate, loop count, sequence, GIF quality, and other settings.

4. Split the desired parts, combine multiple animation files, and enhance GIFs.

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Step 1: Download and install WidsMob GIF, you can launch the program on your computer. Choose the GIF Editor button from the multiple options. After that, you can choose the desired GIF animation you want to edit from your computer for further editing.

Choose Photo to GIF

Step 2: Split the desired part of the GIF animation by the selection boxes at both ends of the progress bar. Go to the GIF Adjustment menu, you can adjust the sliders of saturation, contrast, and brightness. Preview the instant effect within the left-side windows for a satisfied output.

WidsMob Contrast GIF

Step 3: Click the GIF Size button, in the drop-down menu that appears, click the Options button to choose the presets for social media sites. The GIF editor also enables you to adjust the size of the animated GIF, change the background, or even add text files/stickers.

WidsMob GIF Size

Step 4: To make high-quality GIF files, you can choose a 50FPS frame rate and adjust the slider of quality in GIF Settings. It enables you to apply the desired loop count and different sequences before clicking the Export GIF button to export the GIF animation.

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GIF Brewery

GIF Brewery is a Mac-based GIF editor that allows you to create, edit, and share animated GIFs. Besides the video-to-GIF conversion feature, you can also find screen recording, color adjustment, text overlays, and frame editing. If you are a Mac user looking for a user-friendly and feature-rich GIF editor, it should be a nice choice.

1. Provide built-in compression to reduce the size without losing the quality.

2. Crop, resize, adjust color, and add text, stickers, and effects to your GIFs.

3. Manage the frames, rearrange them, and adjust the timing of each frame.

4. Adjust frame rate, dithering, and other settings to create the desired GIFs.

GIF Brewery 3


GIMP is a powerful open-source image editing software, which can also be used to create and edit GIFs. Of course, you can use the features to touch up photos, image composition, and graphic design, which is useful to work with GIFs, including importing/exporting GIF files, creating/editing frames, and adjusting the timing and playback of animations.

1. Support layer editing, which is essential for creating complex GIFs.

2. Provide a range of export options by adjusting the quality, file size, etc.

3. Apply multiple effects to GIF files, like blur, sharpen, colorize, and more.

4. Add text, shapes, and freehand drawing with the text and drawing tools.

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When you need to record a screen to an animated GIF, ScreenToGif should be a free and open-source screen recorder and GIF creator for Windows. You can record your screen and create GIFs from the recording or import existing videos and images to create GIFs. For basic GIF creation and editing needs, is a useful and convenient option.

1. Record your screen activity and save it as a video file or an animated GIF.

2. Provide editing tools to crop, resize, adjust color, and add text, stickers, etc.

3. Manage frames of GIFs, rearrange them, and adjust the timing of each frame.

4. Adjust transitions, filters, frame sizes, loop counts, frame slides, and others.



If you need to make a 3D GIF animation, Blender is a free and open-source 3D animation software that can also create and edit animated GIFs. It has a steep learning curve, but it offers a wide range of features. The GIF maker is primarily designed for 3D modeling and animation with its powerful tools and flexibility to make it a GIF editor for 3D animations.

1. Create keyframe animation by setting keyframes for objects or properties.

2. Manipulate and edit objects in 3D space to create complex GIF animations.

3. Apply effects such as smoke, fire, and explosions before generating GIFs.

4. Make realistic or stylized looks for animated GIFs via lighting and shadow.

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Part 2: 5 Best Animated GIF Editors for Android and iOS


GIPHY is more than a popular animated GIF search engine, which also offers a GIF maker and editor. It works on both Android and iOS devices, in which you can add text files/filters/effects. Moreover, you can also use GIPHY's GIF Maker tool enables you to convert the uploaded videos or images to animated GIFs directly.


GIF Maker

When you need to have a GIF Maker free for Android, GIF Maker is a great choice to create and edit GIFs from videos, images, and camera recordings. It offers a range of editing tools, including trimming, cropping, and adding text. It enables you to get intuitive GIF animations without watermarks, save them on the Gallery app, and share them anytime, anywhere.

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GIF Studio

GIF Studio is a free app for iOS that lets you create and edit GIFs from your camera roll or record new ones. It provides a range of editing tools, including trimming, cropping, and adding filters and text. Moreover, you can select the desired photos or videos from your camera roll or even record a new video to create an animated GIF.

GIF Studio Combine GIFs


When you need to create some funny meme in animated GIF, ImgPlay is the desired free GIF maker for iOS, which offers a range of editing GIF features, including trimming, adjusting playback speed, and adding filters and text files. What is special about the GIF maker is the reverse playback, the frame-by-frame editing, and the adjusting of individual frames.


Pixel Studio

If you need to create some classic anime in GIF, Pixel Studio is a free GIF maker app for Android you can choose. It supports layers/animations and has a ton of useful tools to create cool projects. The GIF maker and editor enables you to Create frame-by-frame animations, which you can save them as save as GIF or sprite sheets.

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When you are choosing the desired GIF editor to create GIF animations, then the 12 GIF editors are the choices you should know for different platforms. If you need to create some high-quality GIFs from other media files, such as photos and videos, WidsMob GIF should be the all-in-one GIF editor you need to consider. When choosing a GIF editor, the most important thing is whether you can adjust and edit the GIF smoothly and export it perfectly. Obviously, WidsMob GIF is a very good choice and it is worth your try.