GIF Slideshow Maker Review, Here are The 6 Best Ways to Make Stunning GIF Slideshows

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The GIF slideshow is an effective way to tell a story or showcase a series of events or products in a visually engaging way, especially for business. Since the animated GIF plays in a loop, which is popular for Ads and banners. But making a suitable GIF slideshow is usually finding the right balance between visual appeal and file size. A high-quality GIF slideshow can quickly become large, making it difficult to load and share online. Just learn more about the 6 best GIF slideshow makers from the article.

GIF Slideshow Maker Review

Part 1: 5 Best GIF Slideshow Makers to Create GIF Slideshows


GIPHY is a popular online GIF slideshow maker for creating, sharing, and even discovering GIFs. It allows you to create a GIF slideshow by uploading multiple images and arranging them in the desired order. But it lacks some essential features, such as customized GIF quality, control over the size, and others. It is not suitable for making some complex or professional-level GIF slideshow projects.

GIPHY GIF Maker Online


When you need to make some complex slideshow in GIF, Imgflip should be the desired choice with advanced features. Just upload multiple images, set the delay time between each image, and customize other settings to create your desired file. The GIF slideshow maker lacks advanced customization features or editing features, such as adding a watermark to GIF slideshows, providing basic editing features, etc.

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If you need to edit photos for making a GIF slideshow, Canva is an all-in-one design platform for GIF slideshows from images, text files, stickers, and other elements. It provides powerful editing tools to polish multiple images or video clips imported. Because it is used to design photos or videos, you have to convert the downloaded slideshows into a GIF, which will reduce the file size or lose the original quality.

Create GIF from Canvas

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark should be an excellent GIF slideshow maker with advanced features. It allows you to animate text, images, and other elements to create some stunning slideshows, or even choose from various animation styles and customize the timing and duration of the animations. But you may not have full control over every aspect of your design, such as precise positioning or advanced typography options.

Adobe Spark


As for converting video slideshows to animated GIFs, Animoto should be a popular video creation platform. It provides a range of templates and design options, adds text overlays/titles/captions to GIF slideshows, provides context, tells a story, and highlights specific details. The online GIF slideshow maker has fewer options for advanced transitions, complex visual effects, or fully customizing the appearance of your text.

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Part 2: How to Make GIF Slideshows from Photos/Videos

When you need to make GIF slideshows from photos or videos, WidsMob GIF is an all-in-one GIF maker that enables you to create GIFs from photos, videos, and animated files. It enables you to adjust the frames for the GIF slideshow, customize GIF size, tweak GIF settings, and more. You can also find more advanced features to save animated GIFs with a max resolution of 320 pixels and 50FPS in frame rate.

1. Import frames with different photo formats, including JPG, PNG, and GIF.

2. Set up the desired duration time, adjust the HSL parameters, and others.

3. Make a high-quality GIF slideshow with thousands of colors per frame.

4. Apply slow motion, fast motion, reverse, loop effect, and other settings.

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How to Create a GIF Slideshow from Photos

Step 1: Click the Photo to GIF button and click the Add Frames button to import a series of photos you want to make a GIF slideshow. After that, you can preview the animation with the Play button and adjust the order of the frames to get the desired effect.

Import Frame to GIF Maker

Step 2: Go to the Frame Adjustment menu to tweak saturation, contrast, and brightness. Click the Duration menu to enter the playback duration of the GIF animation. Moreover, you can also click the Text button or the Sticker button to add multiple elements to the GIF slideshow.

Edit Frames for Slideshow GIF

Step 3: To export a high-quality animated GIF, you can tweak the slider under the Quality menu or enter the desired parameter directly. Enter the loop count number for the GIF animation before clicking the Export GIF button to export the GIF slideshow to your computer.

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How to Turn Slideshow Videos into GIF Slideshows

Step 1: Click the Video to GIF button and select the slideshow video from the pop-up dialog box to import the file. Once you have imported the file, you can play it automatically within the timeline. Moreover, you can cut out the desired part of the GIF animation through the selection boxes.

Video to GIF Slideshow

Step 2: In the Video Adjustment menu, you can tweak saturation, contrast, and brightness. When you need to make a GIF slideshow for social media sites, you can click the Options button under the GIF Size menu and select the desired one, such as Instagram, Tiktok, and more.

Tweak GIF Size for Social Media

Step 3: When you need to export high-quality GIFs with temporal dithering that can achieve thousands of colors per frame, you can maximize the quality and choose 50FPS as the output. After that, click the Export GIF button to save the animated GIF slideshow.

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When you need to make a GIF slideshow with a large number of images or video clips, here is the ultimate guide you should follow. Of course, you can simply choose the online GIF slideshow makers to get the files within a few clicks. Whether you need to create high-quality animated GIFs or convert a video slideshow to GIF format, WidsMob GIF is the advanced GIF slideshow maker you should not miss.