How to Open, Save, and Edit WebP Photos with GIMP and Best Alternative

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GIMP does include support for the open-source WebP format, which was introduced by Google a few years ago. This format offers similar quality to JPEG but at a much-reduced file size. So, how do you open and edit WebP images in GIMP? Fortunately, there are only simple steps in GIMP that enable the addition of this functionality. Read further to know how to open, save, and edit WebP images with GIMP as well as its best alternative.

Edit WebP Photos with GIMP

Part 1: How to Save and Edit WebP Photos with GIMP

GIMP is currently open-source software that can save and edit files in WebP format. It is a good thing about this application because not all software can do this natively, such as Adobe Photoshop. You can simply save WebP files using GIMP with just simple steps.

Step 1: Download and install the free GIMP software on your PC. GIMP is vital to keep in mind that, despite being a free piece of software, the power and functionality it delivers are undeniable.

Step 2: Import the images, such as GIF, JPEG, and more that you want to save as WebP files. Then go to the File section and select the Export As… button from the drop-down menu.

Import File for WebP Conversion GIMP

Step 3: Moreover, you can also edit the WebP files as the other file format in GIMP. After that, select the WebP as the output format from the drop-down menu when the export window opens.

Step 4: Then, tweak the quality of the image before finishing the process. It is recommended to check the Lossless box to save the WebP in GIMP with better photo quality.

Step 5: To save your image as WebP in GIMP, click the Export button and you are done with the process. After that, you can go to the destination folder to find the WebP files.

Export WebP GIMP Win Download Mac Download

Part 2:Best GIMP Alternative to Open and Manage WebP File

Is there a better GIMP alternative to open, edit, convert and manage WebP files? WidsMob WebP is a versatile WebP viewer and converter for Windows and Mac. It provides different browsing modes to view the WebP files, check the photo properties, edit the WebP files, convert WebP to another file format, or vice versa.

1. Browse and convert the WebP (animated) with the original quality.

2. Edit, rotate, resize, flip, and manage the WebP files in bulk or individually.

3. Convert JPEG, PNG, and GIF to WebP, or vice versa in batch process.

4. Add text watermarks and adjust the different parameters to WebP.

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Step 1: After installing WidsMob WebP on your computer, you can import the desired photos, including WebP, JPEG, PNG, and animated GIF. Moreover, you can also preview the WebP or animated WebP directly. Double click the photo to view the details.

Import WebP Files

Step 2: Simply click the Add Photos button to add other files from your computer. By choosing the Remove Photos button, you can effortlessly erase unneeded photos. Moreover, you can check the histogram and the properties accordingly.

Add WebP File

Step 3: Click the arrow adjacent to the Start convert button, select the Convert Selected Photos option or the Convert All Photos option to manage the WebP files as GIMP. Moreover, you can also rotate, flip, and add a watermark to the WebP photos.

Select WebP to Convert

Step 4: To specify the destination folder for the output photographs, click the Select button. Adjust the photo quality before conversion. You can select the Overwrite existing files option and click the Convert button to convert photos to WebP format.

Convert JPEG to WebP Win Download Mac Download

Part 3: FAQs about GIMP WebP You Should Know

1Can you edit animated WebP in GIMP?
Yes. Understanding how to edit animated WebP in the free source image alteration tool GIMP enables you to crop, rotate, resize, and conduct other animated WebP-related edits. Additionally, GIMP allows you to further and advanced edit animated WebPs.
2Should you use WebP images?
WebP is a fantastic file format that combines performance and functionality. It allows both lossy and lossless compression, as well as transparency and animation, unlike other formats. Despite these advantages, WebP routinely produces smaller files than its competitors.
3Can you open WebP images on all websites?
According to caniuse, the WebP image format is presently supported by 79.2 percent of browsers. Chrome, Firefox, and Edge are all examples of this. But not all browsers now support the WebP format, it's crucial to note that if your website is set up properly, your audience can find the photos broken.


When you need to use WebP files, you can use GIMP to manage the photos, including converting GIF to WebP. WebP is a modern file format that keeps a high-quality image with a reduced size, and now the number of browsers that support this format is increasing. It is practical to convert images to WebP format for better website performance or to save space for the device. To open, convert, and edit the WebP files easily, WidsMob WebP is the best GIMP alternative to edit and manage the WebP files.

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