The Ultimate Guide to Make Good Profile Pictures on Grindr like Professional

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How to make a good Grindr profile picture? Whether you need to choose a profile, or take a photo as headshot, it is important to know the sizes and guidelines for the Grindr profiles. Moreover, you can also get some ideas about how to choose the photos for hookup and make the Grinder profile picture look good from the article.

Since launched in March 2009, Grindr, the new dating app, has impacted gay culture, hookup culture, and dating culture generally. Unlike Match, Lavalife, and OkCupid, Grindr becomes popular in large part to its location-based functionality, which made short-term, casual meet-ups not only possible, but also easy.

Grindr Profile Picture

Part 1: What are the Sizes and Rules of Grindr Profile Picture

The size limit of the Grindr profile picture is smaller than 1MB or 1028 x 1028 pixels. Both JPEG and PNG are compatible photo formats. To avoid any distortion or stretch, you should resize the photos beforehand.

Besides the size limitation, here are some important tips and guidelines you should know for choosing the desired Grindr picture.

  1. Minors, even if they’re in the background or blurred.
  2. Violence, weapons, offensive or illegal content.
  3. Drugs, including implied drug use & drug paraphernalia.
  4. Spam, advertising, or sell goods or services
  5. Sexually explicit content or nudity

Grindr utilizes the mix of automated and human reviews of your profile picture. Also, you can report any profile that violates the rules.

Part 2: Grindr Profile Pictures are All about Hook up

How do you present yourself on Grindr’s profile? What does the selected photo say about you? Are there differences in the ways to present yourself? What are some of the driving forces behind it?

Both straight and queer men use costly signals to attract the mate. However, the presentation of the signals is different.

Let’s learn the brief history of the dating app, Grindr. As mentioned above, it is the first geosocial-dating app launched in 2009 to help queer men to go out to gay adult venues. Moreover, it is primarily working on a smartphone, it will visit your location and produce potential matches around you. It is most often referred to as a hookup app.

The costly signal means people engage in behaviors that seem to be costly, partly because they hope to show honest to a potential mate. It is something that cannot be copied and you cannot cheat on it.

The classic example of that costly signal theory is the peacock’s tail. When the male peacock wishes to attract the attention of a female and display the honest signal of fitness, it will show the quality of the tail.

For the human being, the quality of physique and physical fitness is the honest signal and cannot be cheated. Therefore, it is a good idea to use your physical fitness photos in Grindr’s profile and present your healthy lifestyle and good genes.

Hookup Grindr App

Part 3: How to Make You Look Good on Grindr Profile Picture

How to make you look good on Grindr’s profile picture? When you want to choose a portrait image as a profile, you should enhance and retouch the picture instead. WidsMob Portrait Pro is an AI-based versatile avatar editor to manage the skin, enhance the portrait, or have virtual makeup. Moreover, you can customize presets that apply a series of portrait editing filters within one click.

  1. Detect the skin and facial points with advanced AI technologies.
  2. Personalize the presets for touching up Grindr’s profile within one click.
  3. Touch up skin, eyes, lips, nose, shine, teeth, cheek, blemish, etc.
  4. Export the photos to the desired photo format and quality for Grindr.
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How to Make You Look Good on Grindr Profile Picture

Step 1: Launch WidsMob Portrait Pro after you install the program on your computer. Click the Select Protos button and add the Grindr profile picture to the profile maker. Moreover, you can also drag and drop the images into the program in batch.

Add Man Portrait

Step 2: Once you have imported the Grindr profile, you can go to the Preset tab to choose a proper preset, such as Slight Smoothing, according to your portrait. You can also personalize a preset with multiple portrait editing filters according to your requirement.

Choose Preset Grindr

Note: To compare the retouched photo with the original one, go to the View menu and choose the Before/After mode. Then you will see the comparison instantly.

Step 3: As for queer men, you can touch up the skin color, remove the eye circle, brighten eyes, deepen smile, lift cheeks, enlarge eyes, remove shine, whiten teeth, and more. Of course, there are some basic makeup filters you can apply for the Grindr profile.

Makeup for Grindr

Step 4: If you are satisfied with the Grindr profile, you can click the Export button. Then you can name the output file, tweak the photo size within 1MB and change the photo format. When you get the desired Grindr profile, you can upload it to the Grindr app accordingly.

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Part 4: FAQs about Grindr Profile Pictures

1Is It Possible to Post Underwear Picture as Grindr Profile?

Yes. According to the latest guideline, it allows you to post a photo of yourself in your underwear on your Grindr profile. Since 25% of photos uploaded on Grindr were being rejected and over half of those were being rejected for being too sexual, Grindr has a new guideline to allow the underwear pictures as Grindr profile.

2How to Edit Grindr Profile Picture?

Go to the Profile menu within the application, tap on the Edit button and choose the Camera icon. After that, you can choose between taking a new photo, or uploading an existing photo to your device. It enables you to rotate, flip and crop the Grindr profile picture. When you are ready, you can click the Done button to save the file.

3How to View the Grindr Profile Picture?

You can scroll through the grid and navigate on profiles with Multiphoto. Then select a profile and tap left or right to scroll through their gallery. Tap on the center area of any photo to enter fullscreen mode. You can tap again and you'll exit fullscreen mode.


You should learn more details about what a good Grindr profile picture should look like and how to make a great one. When you want to polish and touch up the headshots for Grindr, WidsMob Portrait Pro is the best Grindr profile editor you can take into consideration. You can contact us or leave a comment if you have other questions.

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