10 Best HDMI Video Recorders to Capture 4K Videos for Gameplay

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When you need to record gameplay on a Nintendo Switch, what is the best HDMI video capture to record videos with 1080P or even 4K?

The HDMI is the main connection standard used in the AV environment. An HDMI video capture device is useful in various situations, such as uploading camcorder footage to the Internet, making gameplay recording on game consoles, and more.

Just learn more about the 10 best HDMI recorders to capture 4K-gameplay videos, as well as the best HDMI recording software.

best hdmi video capture

Part 1: The Best HDMI Recorder Software to Record 4K Videos

Most game consoles can cast games to a large screen, like Xbox One, PS4, and more. To capture the gameplay videos in 4K, you can connect the device to a computer via an HDMI cable. Then choose HDMI recorder software to capture 1080P/4K videos, WidsMob Capture is a versatile way to capture 4K videos from an HDMI cable.

To capture video tutorials, gameplay videos, and more others with 1080P or 4K-resolution, you should choose an HDMI IN desktop with the HDMI video recorder. It enables you to record 4K videos with 120FPS, grab sound from speakers or microphones, and even add your reactions to screen recording via webcam and microphone easily.

Moreover, there are some basic edit features for the recording, such as add annotations, shapes, lines, arrows, and more others. You can also manage the recorded files, view, delete, add to folder, and share with others.

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How to Capture Screen without HDMI Recorder

Step 1: Download and install WidsMob Capture, launch the program make sure the Capture mode is set to the Game option. After that, you can connect Nintendo Switch to a desktop via an HDMI. It will transfer the gameplay videos from the device to the computer.

Step 2: If you want to overlay your face and voice to the video capture, you can turn on the Webcam option and the Microphone option. Switch to the Web Camera tab to adjust the webcam capture settings, such as size, video resolution, position, and frame rate.

adjust capture settings hdmi

Step 3: To capture 4K videos via HDMI, you can set a 120FPS frame rate on the Video tab. You can select the Original option from the Resolution list if you want the resolution of the actual game to be preserved in the output video. A lower frame rate is a way to save space on your hard drive.

adjust video settings hdmi

Step 4: Now click the Start Recording button before you run the gameplay via an HDMI. When your screen recording is done, click on the Stop button and video capture will be saved to your media library within the HDMI video capture software.

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Part 2: 10 Best HDMI Video Capture to Record 1080P Videos

Top 1: Magewell HDMI recorder


Price on Amazon: $299.00

Compared to other HDMI recorder devices, the Magewell HDMI recorder is more towards streamers seeking to turn their camcorders into webcams. Though it is a bit pricy, it is popular due to ease of use and consistency.


1. Plug and play devices with no driver required.

2. De-interlace source feeds automatically.

3. Compatible with various USB 3.0 devices.

4. Lightweight and portable.


1. This HDMI video capture device is expensive.

2. There are some audio related issues.

Magewell HDMI recorder

Top 2: Cloner Alliance HDMI Recorder


Price on Amazon: $160.00

The HDMI recorder comes with a handy remote for checking on what you capture in real time. Cloner Alliance works well on both video capture and game recording. It won’t split up your recordings into segments.


1. Make schedule up to 4K recordings at one time.

2. Keep the original video quality including 4K inputs.

3. Instantly play videos with remote control.

4. Save videos as MP4 files to USB flash or an external HDD.


1. It might get very hot while in recording high quality videos.

2. The microphone port is poorly designed.

Cloner Alliance HDMI Recorder

Top 3: Blackmagic Design HDMI Recorder


Price on Amazon: $145.00

Blackmagic Design HDMI Recorder is featured for a Thunderbolt output. It enables you to record gameplay or camcorder in 4K-resolution. Moreover, it can operate with both compressed and uncompressed videos.


1. Work with a lot of devices including iPod and iPad.

2. Save videos in standard DPX and MOV format.

3. Portable for using with cameras.

4. UltraStudio even includes a developer SDK and QuickTime.


1. The configuring requires some technical skill.

2. There is latency issue when recording video signal.

Blackmagic Design HDMI Recorder

Top 4: ClearClick HDMI Video Capture Box


Price on Amazon: $105.00

ClearClick HDMI Video Capture Box is a pretty affordable device to capture video files. It is easy to configure, record and manage the recorded video. It also provides various video qualities for game streaming.


1. Provide a blazingly fast 10 Gb/s connection.

2. Burn videos to a standard DVD directly.

3. Capture high quality videos up to 1080P.

4. VideoPad Video Editing Software Included.


1. The output files are very large.

2. It cannot record video with HDCP.

ClearClick HDMI Video Capture Box

Top 5: Mirabox 4K HDMI Recorder


Price on Amazon: $110.00

The Mirabox 4K HDMI recorder is another good choice if you are using various applications. It is widely compatible with most of the programs. Moreover, it supports both game recording and streaming.


1. Support the type-c USB connection.

2. Integrate a carabineer for portability.

3. Include microphone input.


1. The setup is pretty complicated.

2. It does not work with QuickTime sometimes.

The Mirabox 4K HDMI recorder

Top 6: Mypin Game Capture


Price on Amazon: $80

Mypin Game HDMI recorder is definitely a budget option for gamer recording. It enables you to get functions similar to other HDMI capture devices, such as USB 3.0, 4K video support, live stream and more.


1. Great for meeting screen sharing.

2. Compliant with most HDMI outputs.

3. Record video and audio from external devices with 1080P.

4. Integrated microphone for commentary over gameplay.


1. The colors are a bit off when recording files.

2. It may have issues with video feed using USB 2.0.

Mypin Game HDMI recorder

Top 7: PANMAX HDMI Capture


Price on Amazon: $58.00

PANMAX HDMI Capture is an easy game HDMI video capture device. It works with HDMI to USB 3.0 in full HD 1080P 60FPS for PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 Game streaming live broadcasting.


  • 1. HDMI signal loop out function when capturing video.
  • 2. Does not require any external power supply.
  • 3. Live streaming to Twitch, Youtube, OBS, and Potplayer.
  • 4. HDMI video capture card does not need an extra drive.
  • Cons

  • 1. Cannot always show the footage from Xbox One.
  • 2. It is not fully compatible with USB 2.0.
  • Panmax HDMI Capture

    Top 8: Elgato HDMI Video Capture


    Price on Amazon: $120.00

    Elgato 4K HDMI Recorder enables to record via DSLR, camera, or Action Cam. You can broadcast in stunning quality up to 1080P 60FPS or 4K at 30 FPS, and record footage without time restrictions.


  • 1. Shoot and produce 1080P or 4K videos with HDMI.
  • 2. Go live on any platform with ultra-low-latency technology.
  • 3. Camera appears as a webcam in all-favorite apps.
  • 4. Polish scenes on the spot in real-time.
  • Cons

  • 1. Cam Link cannot power the web camera.
  • 2. Limited to 30 minutes due to sleep/battery saving mode.
  • Elgato Cam Link 4K

    Top 9: Razer Ripsaw HD


    Price on Amazon: $160

    Razer Ripsaw HD is a capable HDMI video capture device that supports 4K 60FPS, which allows you to enjoy the full visual capabilities of your Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Xobx Series, and PC.


  • 1. Compatible with audio mixing and microphone input.
  • 2. Work with most of the capture software, PC, and Mac.
  • 3. Includes separate headphone and microphone jacks.
  • 4. Allow you to stream, edit, or polish 1080P 60FPS videos.
  • Cons

  • 1. Does not come with packed software that requires 3rd party tools.
  • 2. It requires a Windows-based PC only, but not Mac.
  • Razer Ripsaw HD

    Top 10: Y&H HDMI Video Capture


    Price on Amazon: $60

    Y&H HDMI Video Capture is a video capture card that supports 1080P 60FPS. It works with PS4, Xbox one, 360, Wii U and Switch. There is not requirement for driver or external power supply.


  • 1. Low latency for game recording, Zoom Skype and more.
  • 2. Real-time feedback, shoot and produce within your favorite tools.
  • 3. Broadcast in stunning quality up to 1080P 60 FPS.
  • 4. Support 30 days free return and 12 months warranty.
  • Cons

  • 1. There are slow and lag for recording the movements.
  • 2. Does not work with OBS and other screen recorders.
  • YH HDMI Video Capture

    Extended Reading: More Things You Need to Know about HDMI Video Recorder

    1Can You Record Videos from Nintendo Switch via HDMI with a Laptop?

    No. Because the laptop only uses the HDMI OUT port, you cannot receive the content from Nintendo Switch and other devices. To capture HDMI videos from another device, you should choose the desktop instead.

    2Why Should You Choose HDMI Video Capture?

    Different from the other methods, HDMI video capture cards are very useful methods to avoid the recording screen and make sure the original screen is not synchronized to make a game live streaming.

    3Which is The Desired HDMI Video Capture?

    Which is the best HDMI video capture? Each of these capture cards offers something a little bit different for users that are looking to record high-quality gameplay. Just learn more details and choose a suitable one.


    Here are the 10 best HDMI video capture devices you should know to record the videos and gameplay files. What you need to do is to pick your favorite device according to your situation. Of course, you can also turn your computer into a video recorder to capture a high-quality video, WidsMob Capture is the desired HDMI video capture software to get the desired file.

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