Headshot Retouching

How to Retouch Headshot –10 Essential Tips and Tricks to Enhance Portraits

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Headshot retouching is an essential step to enhance portraits and has a satisfying appearance. To have a vibrant tone with cleaning the impurities, what are the best headshot editors? When you need to create some portrait profiles or make a headshot for your resume, you can go through the best headshot retouching app, as well as the detailed process.

Headshot Retouching

Part 1: Best Headshot Retouching Software

You might take it for granted that Photoshop is a professional photo editor to retouch headshots and portraits. Not to mention the expensive price and complicated to use, Photoshop has limited features to enhance the portrait. Moreover, you cannot apply the headshot retouching features with only one click.

WidsMob Portrait Pro is an all-in-one portrait editor that enables you to apply dozens of portrait filters, customize the different parameters for each filter, or even enhance headshots within one click. It enables you to manage the skin area, enhance the portrait, or even have virtual makeup. Moreover, you can export the retouched headshots with the desired quality.

  1. Personalize and apply multiple presets to retouch headshots in one click.
  2. Equip retouching features, including face, eye, teeth, smile, nose, lips, etc.
  3. Touch up the portrait filters with different colors, positions, and templates.
  4. Export the headshots with multiple formats, qualities, and sizes in batch.
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Part 2: How to Retouch and Edit Headshot

Just as mentioned above, it is the all-rounded portrait editor, just identify the 10 essential ticks and show you how-to. Learn more details about headshot retouching as below.

Step 1: Open headshots

Launch the WidsMob Portrait Pro once have installed the program on your computer. Then click the Import button to add the headshots that you want to polish further.

Import Headshot

Step 2: Retouch headshots

Go to the View menu and enable the Before/After option to check the effect in the comparison mode. Go to the Preset panel and pick the desired effect within one click. Head to the Edit panel to retouch headshots manually.

Apply Preset Headshot

Tick 1: Smooth face

Enable the Skin option and click the Adjust Skin Area button to choose the desired skin area you want to polish. You can also turn on the Smoothing option and adjust the smoothing level until your headshot looks better. Then choose the Change Skin Tone option and the Brighten Skin options to enhance and retouch headshot skin quality.

Manage Skin Area Headshot

Tick 2: Apply blush

If your face in the headshot looks pale, you can apply the blush effect. Go to the Edit menu and choose the Blush option under the Makeup section to enable the feature. There are dozens of templates, colors, and more others. Pick the desired blush template, the favorite color, the intensity, and add the blush effect to polish the headshot quickly.

Apply Blush Headshot

Tick 3: Slim face

The headshot is two dimensions, but our face is three dimensions. It makes sense that your face looks larger in the portrait. Fortunately, the headshot retouching software enables you to slim your face. Find the Slim Face option under the Enhancements section. Enable it and manually adjust the parameters for a skinny face further.

Slim Face Headshot

Tick 4: Remove blemish

When there are some spots and scars on the face, especially when you take the HD headshots in digital cameras. To remove blemish, enable the Blemish Removal option from the Enhancements section. You can use the Auto slider to remove the blemish automatically or use the Manual tool to remove the blemishes from the headshot.

Remove Blemish Headshot

Tick 5: Enhance checks

Another way to get a better tone of your headshot is to enhance your checks. Moreover, it can retouch headshot and make looks younger with the desired effects. You can enable the Lift Checks option under the Enhancements section and apply the effect based on your headshot.

Lift Cheek Headshot

Tick 6: Remove red eye

Due to light and photography skills, you should find the red eyes for the headshot. To remove the red eyes and correct the eye color when retouching headshot, enable the Colored Contracts option under the Makeup section. Select your eye color and adjust the Intensity option. You can also change your eye color in the Eye Color option.

Change Eye Color Headshot

Tick 7: Makeup eyes

It is said that the eyes are the window of the soul. In addition to eye color, the eyelashes and eye lines are also important elements to touch up a headshot. To make up your eyes further, go to the Makeup section, enable the Eye Lashes option and choose the desired style and color. Then enable the Eye Lines option and select your favorite style.

Makeup Eyes Headshot

Tick 8: Enhance nose

The nose is the center of headshot retouching as well as the portrait. If you want to enhance your nose in headshot, enable the Enhance Nose option under the Enhancements section. Then adjust the parameters until you get the desired effect. It also enables you to remove shine, brighten eyes, and optimize more other settings.

Enhance Nose

Tick 9: Retouch lips

When there are some imperfections, you can retouch the headshot to enhance your headshot. The headshot editor provides a full set of makeup tools. Enable the Lipstick option under the Makeup section. Select your favorite color in the palette and adjust the Intensity option and the Gloss option until your lips look perfect.

Lipstick Color Headshot

Tick 10: Whiten teeth

The last but not least tick about headshot retouching is your teeth. Everyone won’t refuse white teeth. You should enable the Whiten Teeth option under the Enhancements option. Then adjust the parameters to get a natural effect for the output.

Whiten Teeth Headshot

Step 3: Export headshots

After headshot retouching, you can save the settings as a new preset and use it for other portraits quickly. After that, click the Export button, set the file name, destination folder, image format, and photo quality. Click the Start button to save the retouched headshots.

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Part 3: FAQs about Headshot Retouching

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1Where I Can Get Digital Headshots Retouching?

The professional portrait editor enables you to retouch your headshots on your own on your computer with advanced effects. Some online services can help you do the job, such as headshotretouching.net that can touch up the headshots online.

2What Should I Wear to a Headshot as a Man?

A sweater or pullover with a zipper neck that adjusts to an excellent casual look for men. A well-fitted shirt that frames the face is also good. Moreover, men look better in darker colors that tend to photograph with more impact and masculinity.

3Can I Have a Headshot Retouching Preset for Multiple Filters?

Yes. If you have to touch up some headshots frequently, you can choose the edit option and adjust all the parameters according to make the headshot or portrait perfect. After that, you can save the preset that can apply the multiple filters within one click.


Based on sharing above, you should understand how to retouch and edit your headshots so that you can use them in various situations. As a headshot editor, WidsMob Portrait Pro can help you simplify the job and produce high-quality results easily. Moreover, it can batch process headshots with presets.

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