Convert HEIC to BMP, Here are the Differences between HEIC and BMP

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Should you convert HEIC to BMP? As a new file format of iPhone, HEIC is a file format intended to reduce the size of photographs while maintaining the original quality. But the HEIC is not compatible with Windows, Android and more other devices, when you need to view HEIC files on Windows. Should you choose BMP or JPG? What are the differences between HEIC and BMP? Just learn more about the details from the article.

How to Convert HEIC to BMP

Part 1: What are the Differences between HEIC (HEIF) and BMP

Why should you convert HEIC to BMP? BMP is more than a photo format that works with all Windows programs, but also compatible with all major browsers, such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari. Here are the differences between HEIC and BMP.

File Format HEIC BMP
Usage The default iPhone Photo format and Apple Live Photos image format. Windows picture format, available all Windows-compatible machines.
Compression Provide superior compression algorithm to make images smaller in terms of data while retaining high quality, which has supplanted the JPEG format. Uncompressed raster picture made up of a rectangular grid of pixels. Each pixel in the file includes a distinct color.
Channel Depth HEIC can store images up to 16-bit, lossy or lossless, which makes HEIC similar in its potential to the original RAW file. Choose 8-bit channel depth and choose RLE compression option is also available for 4 and 8-bit pictures in the Windows format.
Compatibility macOS and iOS Windows

Individual images and image thumbnails, sequences of images;

Post-processing instructions;

Image metadata, such as EXIF data.

Includes the bitmap identification, file size, file width, and file height.

Part 2: How to Open and Convert HEIC to BMP

When you need to open and convert HEIC to BMP, especially the large number of photos from iPhone, WidsMob HEIC is the best HEIC to BMP converter that not only converts HEIC to BMP in batch, but also previews HEIC files in two different modes. Moreover, you can also resize HEIC files, add watermarks, rotate photos and more before conversion.

  1. Convert HEIC to BMP, JPEG, PNG, GIF, and more file format in batch
  2. Tweak the photo quality, resize the BMP, or even enlarge small photos
  3. Add text watermarks to the HEICs in different parameters within clicks
  4. Rotate the photos, resize the HEIC, and more other editing features
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Step 1: After starting WidsMob HEIC on your computer, click Import button to pick up the appropriate HEIC photos or a folder. Once you have imported the HEIC files, you may see thumbnails of the photographs along with the names and sizes. It also zooms in on HEIC files.

Rotate HEIC Files

Step 2: To view the EXIF information or explore multi-layer HEIC files, double click on any HEIC file. You may use the slider to move to another HEIC file. It allows you to see the intricacies with the zoom option. Click the Export button to save the chosen photographs to your PC.

Resize HEIC Free

Step 3: Select the images you wish to convert when you need to convert HEIC files to BMP file format. Moreover, you can resize the photos, add watermarks, rotate HEICs, and even adjust BMP photo quality before clicking the Export button to convert HEIC to BMP.

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Part 3: How to Convert HEIC to BMP Online

CloudConvert is a web-based HEIC to BMP converter to change the photo format. When you convert the photo format, you can also adjust the photo quality, resolution, and file size. It also collaborated with a variety of software providers to provide the best possible outcomes.

Step 1: Go to the CloudConvert on your browser and select HEIC to BMP format to convert the files. Upload the desired HEIC files online from your computer by clicking the Select File button. Moreover, you can select from Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or even an URL.

Step 2: It allows you to customize the HEIC photos, which optional, you may stay with the original options. If you wish to use the custom feature, you have to indicate the width, height, and even the mode of resizing the output image according to your requirement.

Step 3: After uploading and adding your desired options, click on the Convert button to convert HEIC to BMP. All of your files will be accessible only to you. They make money by selling API, not by selling your personal information to other parties.

Note: Some Cloud services will convert the HEIC files to JPEG automatically. Just like the OneDrive HEIC will convert to JPEG within the built-in converter. But as for the BMP files, you have to convert the files manually.

HEIC to BMP Online

Part 4: FAQs about HEIC V.S. BMP

This is the title

1Which is better between HEIC V.S. BMP?

In depends. Using BMP files, pictures may be extremely high quality but also quite huge in file size since there is no compression or information loss. That's why HEIC outperformed this format because it can compress images with a small file size.

2Should you convert HEIC to BMP or JPEG?

BMP is a pixel-based picture format that may be used for any sort of image. BMPs are massive files, yet their quality is unaffected by their size. When you use the photos on Windows, you can convert HEIC to BMP instead of the JPEG file format.

3Do you lose quality converting HEIC to BMP?

Yes. Because of the different compression algorithm, there are a lot of works involved in transferring and altering HEIC files. When it comes to converting HEIC to BMP, you choose the professional software that does it without sacrificing quality.


When you need to convert HEIC to JPEG, there are some Cloud services or apps will convert the files automatically. But when you need to convert HEIC to BMP, you can learn more about the differences between the two file formats as well as the best photo converters from the article.

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