How to Make a Photo Montage – The Concrete Guide with 3 Stunning Methods You Should Try

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A photomontage is a series of individual photos and images. You can take several photos about the same subject from different aspects or times, and arrange them together to create a single picture.

How to make a stunning photomontage? Besides choosing the best photos to make the desired photomontage, you should also create some creative templates. Whether you need to choose some presets from photomontage makers, or customize one as your requirement, you can learn more about the 3 methods from the article.

How to Make a Photo Montage

Part 1: How to Make a Photo Montage with a Customized Shape

WidsMob Montage is a powerful photomontage maker. When you need to make one photomontage with your logo or customize one with a car shape, it should be the desired program you can take into consideration. It supports both JPEG and PNG as the background. Moreover, there are some presets for stamps, flowers, and more.

  1. Make a photomontage with the customized shape and background.
  2. Customize the frames, stitching mode, column count, and tile size.
  3. Support commonly used image formats, such as JPG and PNG.
  4. Generate photomontage to a large printable size for wallpaper.
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Step 1: Launch WidsMob Montage after you have installed the program on your computer. Click the Select Background button to add a PNG image as the background. Moreover, you can also add any background image for the theme. Click the Next button to move on.

Add Background Collage

Step 2: Click the Select Tiles button to open the photo tiles that you want to use in the photomontage. There is no maximum number of photo tiles for the same theme. Then click the Next button and the photomontage maker will do the job automatically.

Note: To delete unwanted photos from the collection, select them and hit the Move button. Moreover, you can also click the Select Tiles button to add more photos to the photomontage.

Add Tile for Collage

Step 3: Move the slider to zoom in on the photomontage as well as view the photo tiles in detail. You can select the desired Frame, adjust the stitching Mode, and change the Column Count option and the Tile Size option. To view the original color, uncheck the Match Color option.

Export Mosaic Collage

Step 4: Once you are satisfied with the photomontage, click the Save button to trigger the export dialog. Enter a filename in Save As field, pull down the Format option, and set the output format. Then click the Save button again to make the photomontage.

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Part 2: How to Create Christmas Photo Online with Fotor

Fotor is an online photo editor as well as a photomontage maker. It provides dozens of templates and backgrounds for different scenarios, including various holidays. Just learn more about the workflow to make a Christmas photomontage as an example.

Step 1: Copy and paste into the address bar in a web browser and hit the Enter key on your keyboard. Click the Get Started button to make a photomontage for free. But you have to pay for a plan to unlock templates and remove the watermark.

Step 2: Search for Christmas in the search bar on the left side, scroll down and find your favorite template. Go to the Photo tab on the very right side and click the Import button to upload several photos that you want to use in the Christmas photomontage.

Step 3: Drag one of your photos and drop it on the desired position on the template. You can also edit the photo with the toolbar above the template. When you make a photomontage, you can choose to save to cloud, share to social media, or export to your hard disk.

Fotor Montage Maker

Part 3: How to Design a Baby Photo Montage via Canva

Canva is another photomontage creator online. Similar to Fotor, it allows you to upload several photos from your computer or cloud account. Then use a template to make a baby photomontage and more. However, when you want to remove the watermark, you must pay for a plan.

Step 1: Search for Canva photo collage maker in Google and open the online photomontage maker. Sign in to your account with a password or sign up with your email address.

Step 2: Enter baby into the search bar under the Templates option and click on an appropriate template. Click the Upload button on the left toolbar and upload the selected photo tiles.

Step 3: You can crop each photo according to the template online. Then you can replace the photos on the template. All elements on the template can be removed and replaced with text, stickers, and more.

Step 4: After that, click the More menu at the upper right corner with a three-dot icon, and decide to download the baby photomontage to your computer, share it as a link, or send it to your email.

Canva Montage Maker

Part 4: FAQs about Creating Photo Montage

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1Can I make photomontage in Photoshop?

Photoshop is not a good choice to make photomontages. When you need to have a collage maker or photomontage maker, Adobe Spark can meet your need. It is a web-based service with some stunning presets and elements for design your photos.

2Is photomontage the same as photo collage?

The photomontage is more complicated than a photo collage. The former can contain unlimited photos, but the latter can only put several photos together. You cannot see the detail of small photos on montage, but the photo collage just merges several photos.

3How to make a photomontage on iPhone?

The iOS operating system does not provide any built-in feature related to photomontage. It means that you have to use a third-party photomontage maker app on iPhone, such as photo collage apps, photo mosaic apps, and more others.


Based on the guide above, you should learn how to make a photomontage on a computer. Web-based photo editors, such as Fotor and Canva, are portable ways to make photomontage online for beginners. But you have to pay for a plan to unlock the limits and get the full features. WidsMob Montage, on the other hand, is a powerful photomontage maker. It is not only easy to use, but also offers some advanced features to design photomontage according to your requirements.

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