10 Best DIY Tips about How to Take a Good Headshot Photo at Home for Non-Pros

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How to take a good headshot photo at home with limited resources? When you need to refresh a headshot for a business profile, resume, or others stimulate the interests of others, your headshot is the first impression for others. But when you need to take a good headshot at home with a smartphone, use a self-timer, select the desired background, and more, it should be much more difficult. Just learn more about the best tips you should know.

Take Good Headshot Photo at Home

Part 1: 10 Best Tips to Take a Good Headshot Photo at Home

Tip 1: Select the Right Clothing at Home

When you are at home, you can choose any cloth for the headshot. The formal clothes are the bases of taking a good headshot photo at home that make you look more energetic. Choose a nice skirt or a fleece instead of suits and shirts. Moreover, you should wear clothes that have no more than three colors, and the solid colors should be better.

Choose Color Clothes

Tip 2: Make a Suitable Hairstyles at Home

If you have enough time, you can also make a suitable hairstyle, which is also importance to affect others’ temperament. It should be neat, not messy. When you need to refresh you headshot, a simply change in the hairstyle will make a big difference. Try other hairstyle at home to show your personal style evolves for the DIY headshot.

Choose Another Hair Style

Tip 3: Have Makeup Naturally and Light

Natural, light makeup makes you look approachable and will show your face to the fullest, leaving others with a deeper impression. Makeup is only used to enhance your look and slightly embellish your flaws for taking a good home headshot photo. Of course, you can also try other makeup style to enhance headshot photos.

Makeup Portrait Home

Tip 4: Low-Profile Accessories for Headshot

Keep the accessories to a minimum as possible as you can and don't be too flamboyant. Instead of showing accessories, others will pay more attention to your presentation. Of course, if you sell jewelry, that's a different story. Of course, you also need to check out the headshot requirements for the certification and others.

Accesssory Headshot

Tip 5: A Good Background at Home

To take a good headshot photo at home, you have to clean up your house. A mess and untidy house will have a bad impression on others. If your house has a solid color wall, that will be the best background for you. Moreover, you can also take advantage of the window to diffuse and tweak the light for the background.

Background for Headshot

Tip 6: Have Great Lighting for Headshot

Natural light is the best choice to make your headshot photo more bright and delightful. Plenty of natural light will make your photos look much clear. It is the reason that the background is important for a good headshot at home. If you do have to use artificial light, you can try to face to the light and turn on the light around you for shooting.

Good Light for Headshot

Tip 7: Practice Photo Poses and Expression

Do you just say ”yeah” every time you stand in front of a camera? You can practice your poses and find the desired pose that works for you. When you find a right angle, take a few more shots, then move a little bit to get the best photo. Moreover, you can make a slight different in expression to try out the suitable headshots.

Pose for Headshot

Tip 8: High-Resolution Headshot Photos

Pixels should be as high as possible on the premise that you don't cost anything. You should use your digital camera, which is better in photo quality than smartphone. Even if you are using iPhone to take a good headshot at home, you should remember that the rear camera of iPhone has a higher pixel than the front one.

Take Headshot Camera

Tip 9: Use a Self-Timer to Take Headshot

Compared with taking photos by others, taking photos by yourself with a self-timer makes you more relaxed and results in better pictures. If you were a very self-conscious in front of the camera, you might have difficulty to get a good headshot at home. The camera's countdown gives you time to pose. A phone stand can also help you get a better angle.

Self Timer

Tip 10: Play Music While Shooting

Playing some music while taking a headshot photo at home can help you feel more inspired and relaxing. It also makes the process of taking pictures more enjoyable and makes you less afraid to take pictures. Of course, you can also try other things that make you relaxing and enjoy yourself, such as cooking, yoga, and more others.

Play Music Headshot

Part 2: How to Polish the Headshot Photo Taken at Home

Just as mentioned above, take a headshot photo at home is only the first step, you can learn more about how to enhance the portrait for headshot photos at home. WidsMob Portrait Pro is an easy and professional portrait editor that enables you to manage your skin, enhance your portrait, and even have a makeup naturally. Moreover, you can touch up all the headshot photos within a batch process and choose the desired one easily.

  1. Apply a series of portrait editing filters for headshot photos with one click.
  2. Enhance all facial points, such as nose, eye, cheek, lip, skin, and more.
  3. Manage the headshot skin, enhance the portrait and have a makeup.
  4. Export the photos in desired photo quality, photo format, and resolution.
Win Download Mac Download

Step 1: Download and install WidsMob Portrait Pro, you can launch the program on your computer. You can click the Select Photos to import the home headshot photos. Moreover, you can also drag-n-drop them into the portrait editor directly.

Portrait Pro Interface

Step 2: Once you have imported the desired home headshot photo, you can simply choose a preset to enhance the photos, such as slight smoothing, remove freckles, remove shine, slim face, deepen smile and even multiple portrait editing features.

Choose Preset for Headshot

Step 3: To edit the home headshot photos in detail, you can choose the Edit menu and select the Skin option. Choose the Adjust Skin Area button to select the desired skin area you need to touch up. Then you can smooth the skin, change the color tone, or brighten skin accordingly.

Manage Skin Headshot

Step 4: When you need to have some natural touchup, you can simply choose the Enhancements option. It enables you to remove eye circles, remove your blemish, brighten eyes, deepen smile, lift cheeks, slim face, enlarge eyes, enhance nose, remove shine, and more.

Enhance Portrait Headshot

Step 5: Moreover, if you want to have a different headshot photo, you can have a virtual makeup via with the Makeup option. There are different templates for blush, lipstick, colored contacts, eye color, eyelashes, eyeliners, and even eye shadows.

Makeup Portrait Headshot

Step 6: Once you are satisfied with the home headshot photos, you can click the Export button to save the files for social media websites. Then you can choose the desired photos, formats, resolution, and even rename without replacing the original one.

Export Portrait Headshot Win Download Mac Download

Part 3: FAQs about How to Take a Good Headshot Photo at Home

1How to Diffuse the Light for Taking Good Headshot Photos at Home?

If you have light and sheer window covering, yon draws the coverings closed to diffuse the light. Moreover, you can also use a white sheet to diffuse light and close blinds to avoid direct sunshine touching your face. Choose the brightest part of the room is a good position to take a good headshot at home.

2How to Pose and Increase Your Confidence in Headshot Photos?

Crossed arms, or holding a notebook or purse in front of you makes you look blocked and closed. Just show your full face to the camera and be careful with ornaments. When you are not satisfied with the poses, you can also copy the poses from others in the home headshot photo.

3Should I Update the Headshot Photo Frequently for Social Media Sites?

No. You only need to update the headshot photo in one or two years. But when you have a big change, such as losing weight successfully, or change another life style, you can update the headshot photo and share more related information accordingly.


When you need to take a good headshot photo at home, here are the 10 best tips for your reference. You do not have to be a professional photographer, simply follow the best tips and choose the professional portrait editor to get the desired headshot for social media websites.

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